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The Fatal Flaw?
April 22, 2004

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From: Lee Carbone <>
Sent: Thursday, April 22, 2004 9:29 PM
Subject: The Fatal Flaw

If what you say in your article is so, then does it not seem that all of this can be done because the masses are quite happy to exist in their worlds as they see them interpret them.

If they were half awake, would they not see the inconsistencies themselves?

Are you not expecting a blind man to see.

There are those who try to see the truth but also know that it is an activity which results in an awareness arising from their endeavours and that they cannot really share with just anyone, particularly the masses.

Are you angry because it is seemingly done with total disregard of the values you believe in.

Sheep get fleeced and they get fleeced time and time again. Which sheep are you hoping to enlighten in order for them to become other than what they are?

That's why Shepherds came to pass, to take advantage of the sheep.

I admire your passion, your idealism, not for any other reason than I know it comes at a cost.

Good Luck
Aurelio Carbone

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From: Editor
To: Lee Carbone <>
Sent: Friday, April 23, 2004 10:52 AM
Subject: Re: The Fatal Flaw

Hello Aurelio,

I you really feel this way, then you have a LONG, long way to go before you will be free of this earthly incarnation cycle. A Long way.

Regards, Ken

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From: Lee Carbone
To: Editor
Sent: Friday, April 23, 2004 3:10 PM
Subject: Re: The Fatal Flaw

And that is the point, each must travel their own road just as I am travelling mine and you yours. If the Incarnation Cycle is your reference then you must know that the path is a circle, not a straight line, and that must be travelled by all in their own way.

There are no short cuts.

As a man once said to me.... and I pass on to you
'If you want to make a difference, help alleviate the pain of those who suffer.'
'If you want to effect change, develop an organisation that runs contra to those that inflct suffering.'

And so I continue my long journey....I have come far, but have further to go......


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From: Editor
To: Lee Carbone
Sent: Friday, April 23, 2004 7:16 PM
Subject: Re: The Fatal Flaw

Hi Aurelio,

I can partially agree with you except for a couple of points: Spiritual development is a straight line, not a circle. Sometimes we move forward and at other times we move backward, but's it's a linear progression or regression of soul development. Reincarnation is called the Wheel of Life because you have to repeat the physical life on earth school until you learn all of the required lessons properly. Then you can graduate and incarnate on a higher frequency planet and have a much more pleasant life.

There are definitely shortcuts to the process!

A perfect example was Paramahansa Yogananda. He advanced so rapidly and so completely in his last earth life that he was able to move right up to the highest Loka (advanced worlds) that exist in which you still possess a body. More than that, he was able to CONSCIOUSLY exit his body when he decided to leave. He sinply departed his body after finishing a farewell speech at a banquet he had arranged on March 7, 1952. His body was not embalmed or preserved in the usual way, yet there was no signs of decay or degeneration, even after three weeks when they laid him in his crypt at Forest Lawn in Hollywood. Undoubtedly, his body is still prevered in perfect condtion to this very day if one were to open his crypt and take a look.

The advice your friend offered is EXACTLY the sort of behavior that will advance your soul and short circuit karmic debt. Karma is he lowest common denominator spiritual "JUDICIAL SYSTEM" that exists for those who are unconscious, unaware, and spiritually undeveloped, BUT those who are more aware and knowledgable about spiritual advancement can definitely reduce and even eliminate all karmic debt in a single lifetime. This is especially true NOW, in this day and age. Yogananda was known to take on the suffering (disease condtions and painful afflictions) of some of his aspiring monks in order to burn off their karmic debt for them, saving them from that misery and pain so they could pursue their development with less distractions. An advanced Avatar like Yogananda could do that.

As always , the best, single rule to follow in this life is the Golden Rule taught by Christ and others: Do unto others as you would have done unto you.

Keep up the good thoughts, as you seem to be moving in the proper direction.

Sincerely, Ken



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