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FBI Releases UFO Files (Aliens Are Coming! Pysops Getting Closer)
May 29, 2011

FBI Releases UFO Files (Aliens Are Coming! Pysops Getting Closer) May 29, 2011

Date: Sun, May 29, 2011
To: Ken Adachi

Hi Ken

The UFO Files from the FBI was made available April 5 2011. Finally the release official documents regarding alien contact & research and investigation almost 2000 documents and a lot regarding Roswell finally confirm


They did not made any publicity to this in main stream media only on the internet. We all know why, but is funny that in other country they is all over TV. Here ion Mexico there is a show called "Tercer milenio in Spanish," They made a full hour program that air today May 29 2011 regarding teleportation,

Andrew Basiago was interviewed on Mexico cable TV network call Galavision by journalist Jaime Mausam , they also made available on "TERCER MILENIOS SITE " the release of the A FBI Web Application call VALUT that contains a lot of eyes only documents regarding UFO .

Here is a link regarding the show article

I think this is very important , since that news regarding Ben Laden's death , know the war on terror
is over , the attention will focus on the aliens since know it will be official that they exist , people will start getting scared and will demand security following the patterns problem-solution. It's obvious what is next.

Please excuse my writings ,
Sending my regards , thanks.

Edwin Arias


Project Blue Beam


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