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Feedback on "The Few, The Proud, The Psychotic"


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From: Paul W. Baker
Sent: Tuesday, September 20, 2005 12:46 PM
Subject: Kudos to Mr. Ken Adachi's rebuttal to Steven Robertson

Good evening Ken,

This will be brief and to the point. Want to congratulate you on your excellent rebuttal to Steven Robertson. I served in the American navy during the last couple years that the UNITED STATES was involved in Vietnam. I didn't like being in there and was sort of prodded into going into a military branch by my parents and my aunt and uncle, parents who lost their son in Vietnam a couple of weeks before

I graduated from high school in Austin. I read Marine Major General Smedley Butler's criticism of 'why' wars like World War One were fought, he exposed the truth that all too many people refuse to even listen to it, let alone read it.

Keep writing your very insightful and informative articles Ken! Thank you!


Paul W. Baker; 'Republic' of Texas senator; district 3


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From: Steve L
Sent: Tuesday, September 20, 2005 7:52 AM
Subject: The Few, The Proud, The Psychotic"


I have to say that your in-depth answer to The Few, The Proud, The Psychotic here was fantastic and I admire you for taking so much time and effort to give this guy the honest benefit of your experience! I totally support your words. My God, it's so sad!

Steve L


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From: Philip Ledoux
Sent: Tuesday, September 20, 2005 10:53 PM
Subject: A recent posting on main events page prompted this "story"

21 September 2005


I must comment on the developing mind and the wisdom of age; vs the looking down of one upon the other. The letters in: "The Few, The Proud, The Psychotic" prompted this reply.

You know that my military was Navy. And in that “Canoe Club” it is rare to find even a captain with wisdom of handling human beings. I was assigned under one of those rare individuals which I used as a bellweather to compare other men to. So many of “rank” look down upon what they consider to be lacking in their expertise, be it “spit and polish”, patriotism, outlook on life, or whatever. I had been assigned from a big nuclear missile sub to a submarine tender that was being updated to handle nuclear subs, my job would be fairly obvious so I’ll save you the agony of my boasting for paragraphs.

Transitioning to “spit and polish” was difficult for myself. At inspections that involved big wigs I had received a few “dressing downs” for what I thought was a near perfect uniform. This day we were having “the works” and I was beside a fellow technician who in reality had a perfect uniform but his posture could draw attention. Some inspecting officer with enough brass on his shoulders to weight himself down, started chewing ass on this fellow. The fellow saluted smartly, informed the officer that he would return promptly, and marched stiffly away. The officer was totally confused, but stood there and waited.

Sorry that I didn’t give you the background sooner. This fellow had been the “captain” (I think the proper term is coxwain) of a landing craft. He had made many a landing in the Pacific. On bringing in a load of soldiers, he assumed his division officer knew the tides and it was reported rising. He dropped anchor to pull himself back off the beach, dropped the bow and his crew of men were off and running in a hail of bullets. His problem was that the tide was going out and he was stuck high and dry. He joined the men he had discharged at Okinawa. That invasion is nothing like the history books tell us. As you know that’s were the famous statue of the flag raising by soldiers originated. It was pure hell all the way. The Japanese were fanatically dug in. This fellow was locked with the troops on the beach for 7 days under continuous small arm and mortar fire. When you woke someone up to relieve you when you were ready to drop, you first wrapped your hand over the guy’s mouth and then woke him up. The enemy was that close! When I knew the fellow, he had been “cross trained” into electronics. A fair technician, reliable, but very different. Anyone new in the division, he would make friends with to warn them not to touch him or come up behind him; he just might kill them – left over reactions of being locked down on that Okinawa beach. He also had developed a muscular spasm that would jerk his whole body. The docs told him he’d have to learn how to live with it. Back to where I left off.

This fellow returned promptly stood in ranks back beside me, stood at attention. The highly pompous officer’s eyebrows raised skyward, took a snappy step backwards, gave a snappy, proper salute to this fellow, who returned it, and promptly marched away never completing his inspection. Just in case you publish this, an explanation is needed for your civilian readers: Purple Hearts are rarely given in the Navy, and this fellow had gone to his locker, extracted his Purple Heart award (for Okinawa events), pinned it on properly, removed all his other ribbons and returned to the inspection. He had had a full chest of ribbons, these now conspicuously missing with only the Purple Heart drew attention to it. Protocol is that when ANYONE meets a military man wearing a Purple Heart, he is saluted by others FIRST regardless of rank, be it a seaman or an admiral. The wearer then returns the salute. We were kind of friends and later he explained to me: I never wear that thing, it embarasses me somewhat, but that asshole needed to be taken down several notches. It was only the 3rd time he had worn the horribly earned award.

If only there were something similar for wisdom and unseen bravery. Hmmm. Although I find that most people recognize it quickly as they mature in the middle ages of life.


Philip N. Ledoux


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From: David B
To: <>
Sent: Wednesday, September 21, 2005 4:38 PM
Subject: The Few


Your observations on "The Few, The Proud" were excellent. Experience is everything, as it brings with it wisdom and discernment, and I could not have written a better reply. What is sad is that this young person probably will not listen, and so much misery could be avoided it the wisdom that comes from experience were heeded.

David B


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From: Edward S
Sent: Thursday, September 22, 2005 4:14 AM
Subject: the few, the proud

Hello Mr. Adachi,

I just read your article as posted on I liked it enough to forward it to all my friends. I have one small suggestion. America was not under a genuine threat during World War II. (At least not from the Third Reich and the Japanese Imperial war machine.) WWII was as phony as the Vietnam war. It just took place on a grander scale.

It is common knowledge that Roosevelt had extensive prior knowledge of the Pearl Harbor attack and concealed that information from the base commanders, setting them up to take the fall. He needed an entry into the war in Europe and got it by giving the Japanese no choice other than to attack Pearl Harbor. He backed them into a corner until they struck and then called it an unprovoked attack. Please watch the Alex Jones video, Martial Law, available at Near the end of the video there is a ten minute interview with a journalist, I can't think of his name, who uncovered the Library of Congress documents proving that Prescott Bush was the main point man in America for Fritz Thiessen, the driving force who put Hitler into power. Thus the grandfather of the current idiot prince was largely responsible for starting WWII as a service to his banker masters.

Also view the video, Monopoly Men, which can be rented from blockbuster online. It gives a very good account of how the international banking cartel has created every war and funded all sides as a means of consolidating their control. With all due respect, you've been fooled about World War II as well as the Vietnam war. You've gone beyond some of the lies. Please go beyond a few more of them. All the best, Edward Safranski.

Visit the Pre-Paid Legal websites of Edward Safranski


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From: Tim Cowan
Sent: Thursday, September 22, 2005 4:26 AM
Subject: The Marines

Ken Adachi:

After I read your article on the Marines, I was reminded of the Marine General Smedley Butler who correctly called the Marines the ''bagmen for corporations' and this is clearly what the United States Military has been transformed into with frightening savagery. This is no where more apparent when you listen to Kay Griggs interview describing in great detail her experiences being married to Marine Corp. Col. Griggs, a trained assassin of the United States Military. This now retired bureaucratic killer syndicated fucking thug is now collecting a pension and will never be confronted with the unbelievable acts of brutality, human misery and killing he was responsible for during his 'illustrious military career.' And there is no telling how many more of these types are still buried deep within the labyrinth of the military aristocracy that has grown up around corporations in America. What a sickening ugly description she gave of the military, essentially the Marines, that have been turned into a criminal syndicate for the perpetuation of war so that a few psychopaths at the pinnacle of this 'Fourth Reich' can prosper while humanity suffers untold brutality and savagery at the hands of this elite hierarchy who are all compromised by homosexuality, pedophilia, drugs, sex and blackmail. In fact, it can all be summed up with the aerial picture taken over a US Navy installation in California where Seals are trained, a building constructed in the shape of a Nazi swastika.

I have a nephew in Afghanistan as I email this who does not have a clue as to the reasons why he is there or what he is supposed to be doing other than 'killing bad guys.' He is probably there because the United States of Israel has been so politicized and militarized that few can understand their relationship to this brutal 'killing machine' that's been built buy these nefarious anti-humanity corporations. It has gotten so out of hand now that American taxpayer paid for elite soldiers coming out of the US Army and Navy, Seals and Rangers, are now hired guns for corporations and private interests. Guns for hire. Professionally trained killers that have no compunction to kill without even the slightest thought of what the Constitution means, the rule of law, honor, human dignity and compassion. Killers for monetary reward, like bidding on any ordinary business contract except these people kill and get paid for it. "Clause 4: Shoot to kill with extreme prejudice or your contract is recinded." This has totally moved out of the realm of human comprehension. Like a world where we are no longer human beings but mere post-apocalyptic savages psychologically addicted to killing as an intellectual ploy to extend our psychopathic personalities. My nephew, 21 years old, a Ranger in the US Army in Afghanistan, armed with deadly weaponry killing people who are so far removed from the events of 911 and 'the war on terror' that it can only be understood in the context of a surreal nightmare.

What is the response to all this? Who do we blame? How do we as civilized people get control of this 'killing machine' and destroy it before it destroys us - permanently. Do we blame the scientists who invent this weaponry and go after them? It can't be the generals, as Henry Kissinger said, they are the dumbest fucks imaginable. I spent a number of years in the military like you and under similar circumstances getting my education the hard way, through the military part time. I left the military with a college degree and an honorable discharge and the real reason I left was because of the incompetency, officer career builders and the entire bureaucratic blind expediency to a degenerate level of supreme irresponsibility. The system is contrary to my personal belief in a system of meritocracy.

So where do we go from here? I am encouraged by the work of Captain Eric May. If you do a Google search, "Ghost Troop Captain May", you will find some amazing things happening there. I personally want the entire American military to be taken down and brought back under the Constitution and the law. There can be no other recourse. Get these out-of-control military types operating in an area of unrestricted activity under severe restrictions and totally cut off from the FBI. The second order of business would be to take a detachment of 3,000 military personnel from the reformed military out from Jewish control, send them on an armed detachment to Israeli occupied territory in whitewash-ington and immediately summarily execute members of congress who have prostituted themselves for mammon worship and Israel. I call it the ''British-Yiddish axis based in New York." These are our real enemies, not terrorists.

What a nightmare.


TR Cowan


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From: ". Schreiber
To: <>
Sent: Thursday, September 22, 2005 5:06 AM
Subject: Join The Marines - The Few, The Proud, The Psychotic

In regard to your article currently up on, let me say this. I have indeed educated myself, over a period of many years and have found that anytime anyone invokes images of "Nazi robots" and denigrates the German soldier of WW2 with comments like "The German Soldier of WW2 would never entertain the notion of defying orders, no matter how cruel, how immoral, or how insane they might be", it is almost always a sure sign of the author's own delusion or, what's more likely, of the author being nothing less than yet another agent provocateur.


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From: Tim
Sent: Thursday, September 22, 2005 10:49 AM
Subject: Join The Marines ...


I was surprised with all you appear to know that you think WWII was legit. All wars to this point excepting maybe the American Revolution were BS. General Smedley Butler said as much. We were drawn into WWII by the treachery of Roosevelt. All of these wars had a future goal of New World Order.

I am with you as far as defending our country. My dad is a retired Colonel and I spent 6 years in the USAF much of it overseas. Both of us have revised our stance on the military and what we do. It is very surprising that he did more so than I.



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From: Larry Adams
Sent: Thursday, September 22, 2005 11:59 AM
Subject: Marines Are Psychotic


Quite the the slur you have cast upon all current and former Marines. Your last name is Adachi, surely you realize that slurs are not necessary when trying to make a point. I am a former Marine and take it as a personal insult. If I called you a ---- would you like it? No, I ddn't think so. Please avoid the slurs.

Semper Fi,

Larry Adams


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From: Lone Eagle
Sent: Thursday, September 22, 2005 12:04 PM
Subject: Have you read the Kay Griggs interview? If not, I'll send you a copy. I agree with your view of the military. G. Nelson, Col. USAF ret.


You'll likely get a lot of hate mail from your Rense article, but from those who know the dark inside, you'll get compliments and thumbs-up encouragement. Kay Griggs is the ex-wife of Col. George Griggs, an alcoholic, programmed, psychotic, US Marine assassin.

The interview is 8 hours on DVD. If you haven't seen it, I'll be glad to burn you a copy. If I didn't know better, I'd say her story is unbelievable, but she's candid and believable. She tells it all, with names.

(I had a 34 year career with the USAF. The first 4 1/2 years were enlisted)

George Nelson


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From: David <>
To: "Educate-Yourself" <>
Sent: Friday, September 23, 2005 6:31 AM
Subject: some thoughts


My brother Bill had the choice between accepting an offer to play oboe for the New York Philharmonic or going to Nam. He became a young Lt. and forward observer (not an easy job in the Army). Meanwhile I was on a three year probation for drugs, and my P.O. was constantly attempting to get me in the military.

My brother didn't mince words to me ("Don't you fucking dare"). He learned very quickly what Nam was about, though he would not discuss it other than telling me once about weapons and drugs being shipped back in the place of bodies.

[Editor's Note: The issue of drugs being shipped back to Fort Bragg (and other US military bases) inside the body cavities of dead solders killed in Vietnam, was revealed in great detail to Ted Gunderson in a video taped and signed confession made by Helena Stoeckley on May 21, 1982. Helena was found dead later that same year. Helena was one of a group of satanic cult members who had entered the home of Green Beret Dr. Jeffrey MacDonald (who lived on base at Fort Bragg, North Carolina) on February 17, 1970 and were responsible for murdering MacDonald's wife and two small children. MacDonald was framed for the murders and is now serving three consecutive life sentences in prison. Helena said that there was a huige drug smuggling operation going on involving the CIA and many other covert elements in the government and the military. She was prepared to name names very high up if the government would give her immunity from prosecution. Of course, they did no such thing. They used the judge in the MacDoanld case to belittle and marginalize her testimony and put her life in jeopardy. Contact me by e-mail if you wish to obtain an audio tape ($10) or video tape ($18) of Helena's ]

He was very much like me, not materialistic at all. His career interest was to manage a wine store. Nobody would hire him for this because he was "overqualified". He was my oldest brother, a man of integrity, honesty and compassion whom I looked up to.

He was not the same when he came back, something inside was tearing him up. He would break into tears at any time for several years afterwards, got divorced, and worked as a hospital administrator.

He went on vacation in Reno and drove his car at a high speed into a wall and was comatose for nine years before crossing over. He grew up influenced by movies in which fighting for country was an honorable duty. He wrote many poems when he returned. One always stood out to me, perhaps because it seemed to be when his eyes started to open. You can read it at

I believe even he would have been surprised at the extreme evil that has been exposed in the last several years.

Ken, I want to be optimistic, I went from a close minded skeptic to an open minded one, and even according to Dr. William Tiller ( our focused intent can alter "reality". At the same time, I can't seem to shake the feeling that we aren't going to be around for five more years. I'm not psychic, but I see major events occurring, extreme undersea earthquakes, and major ecosystems dying off (the plankton in the oceans which create most of the oxygen and are basic for life are dying off) that seem ominous.

David Brandt



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