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Comment on; "The Few, The Proud, The Psychotic"
September 19, 2005

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From: Steven Robertson <>
Sent: Monday, September 19, 2005 8:40 PM
Subject: Comment on; "The Few, The Proud, The Psychotic"


Ken Adachil,

A friend of mine joined the Delayed Entry Program midway through his Senior year in high school. A shock to his friends and a blow to the chest to his family, his stated reason was that he felt obligated to join the Marine Corps based not only on his patriotism to his country, but because since, in supporting the current war, he supported other people being shot at - he felt he should be willing to make the same sacrifice. Whether you support the current occupation or not, a nod needs to be given to anyone that supports what they see as the bringing of freedom so much they are willing to die for it.

This selfless notion.. a kid that went into the Marines because of something he believed in.. turned into a worst case scenario late last month by a knock on the door. I have never seen a father, a seasoned former Marine, cry. A man so tough.. that any person in their right mind would never push.. crying. There is nothing more heart breaking than witnessing such a tough barrier broken down.

This kid felt for the Iraqi people. He requested friends and family to send clothing inside his aid packages to give to the Iraqi children. Not candy bars.. not a new t-shirt.. not the things most people in that situation would be begging for; instead gifts he could give to children that fell victim to war time circumstances.

"I'm disgusted with what the American military has devolved into thanks to the satanic infiltrators."

"There is no act of cruelty, inhumaneness, mistreatment, excessive force, torture, murder, defamation, deceit, 'false flag' sabotage, or atrocities committed against innocent civilians that is beyond the pale for today's 'Semper Fi' or 'All You Can Be' pawns in the game."

"The Marine Corps talks about breaking men down before "rebuilding" them as new men--as marines! Well, that is exactly what they do, the same way a cult breaks its people down and rebuilds them as happy flower sellers on your local street corner."

"American military fighters are no longer known as defenders of freedom, but rather are now members of a Killing Machine consisting of former human beings who are converted into Nazi robots."

"Don't allow your children or loved ones to be hoodwinked by phony recruitment psycho-garbage. Stay out of the military at all costs."

That was you speaking Ken.. those are the things you have either directly stated or promoted through your reference. Despite the one line on your entire website in which you claim that a few people are rebelling, you are ultimately spitting on our selfness Marines like Greg, the person I spoke about above. For you to do that is absolutely disgusting on levels that I associate with terrorism itself. In particular reference to the last three of the above quotes, you may want to know one more thing about Greg and the Marines' effect on him; he wrote a letter home saying that his experiences are shaping him as a person, as a human being. He talked about how a friend of his he had only known a few weeks went to fend off an armed assailant attacking two or three troops with the byproduct of killing innocent children; that solider lost his life to save children that may one day be the ones shooting at people like himself. The Marines transformed him into a self proclaimed disciplined and responsible young man; things that many people do not achieve in a life time.

Greg and other people like him have done more for our country than a loud mouthed, "I'm going to stand no the side lines and criticize" coward like you ever will. If I ever meet you in real life, consider my presence a threat.

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From: Educate-Yourself
To: Steven Robertson <>
Sent: Tuesday, September 20, 2005 3:11 AM
Subject: Re: Comment on; "The Few, The Proud, The Psychotic"

Dear Steven,

I don't have to ask you your age because the tenor of your remarks have already told me your age. You are a young man, perhaps in your late teens or early twenties. You are emotional, self assured, and full of bravado- common characteristics of a young man eager to make the world right and unafraid to speak your mind -as least in letter writing. You're quite sure that you know everything, of course, and likely don't seek out the opinion of older and wiser people-not on this subject anyway.

You know the score. You can tell right from wrong, up from down, and inside from outside- and no one is going to tell you any different from what you KNOW to be true. You can see things with your own eyes and can spot valor and integrity from a mile away. That's why you had to write me this letter. You read what I had to say and you sizzled inside, so you had to get your patriot speech off your chest. And dressing me down seemed like an easy way to do it.

You recognize admirable attributes in the conduct of other people (your friend) and you wish to tell me off, good and proper, because I don't KNOW what you know, you assume. I'm a blowhard in your opinion. A feckless, spineless critic who throws critical darts at unsung heroes, but never has to face any real danger myself. I'm sitting up here in my ivory tower hurling insults at people that I don't even know, you're thinking, but I haven't got a clue about their REAL motivation, intentions, or the humane impulses which tend to spring from the hearts of courageous people-like your friend.

Have I got it about right so far?

I could go on explaining YOUR feelings and attitudes on this topic for another 4 or 5 paragraphs. It's easy for me or anyone else who is my age and has had the same experiences as I. It's easy for me to second guess what you're thinking because I've already been where you are now. I've been on the same ground that you currently find your opinions and attitudes perched. In fact, I've been in the EXACT same spot, although I'm sure you would think that is not possible.

Also, I'm sure you don't like me saying this because you bristle at the thought of any 'connection' between you and I -especially on this subject! You are the stout hearted lion, or at least a flag waver and cheering committee of one for said lion. And woe be to anyone who should dare compare your staunch, incorruptible vision of reality and your recognition of the stout hearted- against the words of a lame "coward" like myself.

Although I'm sure you don't like me playing the 'experience' card, it's the only game in town because experience is what TEACHES us things about ourselves (and those who affect our lives) and that's what brings us greater INSIGHTS and KNOWLEDGE, and that in turn leads us to greater WISDOM.

Wisdom is what ultimately guides us on the journey through life and the more you have of it, the more meaningful your life will become because you can AVOID making the SAME ERRORS over and over again and you can MOVE ON to new territory, where NEW insights and NEW understandings are made known to you. .

But on this topic, you have NO WISDOM because you have NO INSIGHTS and NO KNOWLEDGE about this game of warfare, of militarism, of uniforms, of medals, of rank, of saluting, of "Yes SIR!", of flag waving, of marching music, of mindless military jingoism and misplaced patriotism. Your friend Greg is a PAWN in a VISCIOUS GAME, but he doesn't KNOW IT yet-- nor do you. He will eventually discover it for himself. It may happen while he is still in the Marine Corps or it may happen some years after he has left the Marine Corps, but he will eventually REALIZE that he was USED as a COG in a KILLING MACHINE that serves the interests of- not the American people or the interests of freedom- but rather the interest of evil and corrupt oligarchy manipulators whose ONLY goal is the ever greater accumulation of wealth and power over others. Of course, Greg may not have the opportunity to realize that he's been used as a pawn because he might get killed or severly wounded before that realization occurs. His family will have to bear the grief of his death however, regardless of what realizations they may or may not have about his pawn-like role in an UNJUSTIFIED INVASION by a grossly superior military force over a weak country that presented NO THREAT to the United States.

That's what Cindy Sheehan realized after her son came home in a body bag. She realized that Bush and company had LIED through their teeth every step of the way in order to DUPE the American people into believing that there was an imminent and genuine THREAT to the security of America when NO SUCH THREAT existed. I, and other Americans, some of us veterans of earlier wars, were bellowing the fact that there was no evidence of a threat from the very beginning of the Bush cabal saber rattling following the government orchestrated production known as 9-11. You were likely in high school at the time.

Don't give me this 'defense of freedom' crap when the plans for the Second Iraq invasion were laid out to the nth degree YEARS before September 11, 2001 came up on the calendar! What do you know about the Bush crime family and their history? Nothing. What do you know about Big Dick Cheney and his dark "secrets" (but well known to "presidential model' MK Ultra mind control victims)? Nothing. What about Rice, or Rumsfeld, or Colin Powell, or Pearle? Nothing, nothing, and nothing. If you did, then you wouldn't have written me your 'holier than thou' critique. No one in their right mind is gong to put their life on the line for people that they KNOW are New World Order TRAITORS whose goal is to facilitate the DESTRUCTION of America, its sovereignty, and its people!

Greg wouldn't be worrying about defending other Marines in Iraq, nor would he have to worry about helping desperate Iraqi kids-if America NEVER invaded Iraq in the first place! You really can't see the forest from the trees.

You are not sophisticated or mature enough to recognize that my words were aimed at the military apparatus itself and the politicians who use it and not the kids who are sucked into joining that military apparatus. If I didn't care about the UNJUSTIFIED and UNNECESSARY loss of life among young people like your friend Greg, then I wouldn't have written the article.

You are SO dumb. You don't realize that the things I write are an attempt to save blind Americans like you from destruction at the hands of the lying criminals who are sending kids like Greg to their death in order to promote an imperialist agenda. The destructive agenda of the satanic elites who THRIVE on death, torment, and chaos because it brings them ever more lucrative and bloated 'reconstruction' contracts, oil, access to oil, oil pipelines, greater spheres of influence, power blocs, .etc., etc. Perhaps you don't know that we also 'reconstructed' Europe and Japan after the Second World War. That made a lot of money for those firms who carried out that reconstruction. Any idea who might be behind those firms?.

Reconstruction is the second phase of the War Game. War is a Money Maker. You make a lot of money building up a war machine, then you make a lot of money feeding replacements into that war machine, and finally you make a lot of money 'reconstructing' the rubble from an unnecessary war that was contrived in the first place. Of course, the LOSS OF LIFE among young, believing, and trusting American boys-like Greg (to say nothing of the greater death toll from innocent civilians)- is of NO CONSEQUENCE to the elite manipulators who conspire to plunge America into war. US Marine Corp Major General Smedley Butler wrote a book in 1935 called "War is a Racket". He recalls in that book how he and his men were USED by wealthy and elite families (the same Illuminati families who run America today) to secure land, power, and hegemony over rightful peasant land holders in South America, Central America, and Cuba. He said World War 1 was utterly contrived into existence by the Rothchilds and British elites to take over most of the Ottoman empire from Turkey, and especially so to secure Palestine in order to create the future Israel in 1948; all planned and contrived YEARS before even World War I (by the British Round Table around the turn of the century). Just like the Second Invasion of Iraq was planned long before 9-11.

William Carr was a Canadian Admiral who wrote a book in the mid 1950's called "Pawns in the Game" What do you suppose he had to say about the war racket and the military apparatus that makes it all possible? He said pretty much the same thing that Gen. Smedley had said in his book, except he carried the story through World War II.

So now you mouth off to me about something that got your emotional MoJo in high gear. You even had the stupidity to threaten me. That's a good way to get yourself arrested. Recruiters definitely depend on pulling in emotional, flag waving dummies like you. You make the perfect military robot and that's just what they are looking for-unthinking, flag waving, trusting, believing robots. You'll fit right in. Do you think that you'll be joining soon? If not, don't be concerned about it. Bush and company will soon force the decision for you when they bring back the draft.

In your youth and dumbness, you have confused the increased sense of self worth that normally comes about when any young person goes through military training. The enforced discipline, the buildup in physique and stamina, etc, the assignment of responsibilities and duties, the acquisition of rank, specialized schooling, etc. makes young military recruits feel good about themselves. That's a normal reaction that millions of young men have experienced by going through military training. It doesn't mean that the military organization that applied that training and discipline is necessarily of good and noble character and is therefore interested in the betterment of mankind and its charges. No, it doesn't work that way. The military is interested in getting you to follow orders-quickly and without hesitation, and without thinking. That's the REAL purpose of the training: unquestioned OBEDIENCE.

The critique you level at me has already been leveled by other dumb, young Turks like you of another generation. They heartedly sang "Over There" to the bright and stout hearted music of George M, Cohen in 1917. Everything was grand right up to their first mustard gas attack among the hedge rows of France. Then things seemed less grand. By the time they got trench foot and had to cut off their own feet in order to survive, no one was interested in singing patriotic George M. Cohen tunes any more.

Mrs. Sullivan's five boys were eager to sign up together for the Navy the day after the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, December 8, 1941. She received five Gold Stars all on the same day because all five sons were killed on the same day on the same ship. She didn't know that Roosevelt, the President of the United States, KNEW the Japanese were going to attack Pearl Harbor at least SIX WEEKS before December 7, 1941. His friend Winston Churchill also knew of the impending Japanese attack, but they didn't do anything to prevent the attack or warn our troops because Roosevelt needed an excuse for declaring war on Japan and their Axis ally, Germany. And so it goes, the war racket. Using up the lives of young men to feed a killing machine that only brings benefit and power to the weathly and the elite who engineer the war into existence and never the poor, dumb slobs who pay for it with their lives.

Don't write to me again. Save your bravado and tough talk for the Marines. They need another robot like you to take the place of those coming back in body bags-unseen and unheralded--'bad' for morale you know. .

.Ken Adachi

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