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"A Few Questions for You"
January 25, 2009

"A Few Questions for You" (Jan. 25, 2009)

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From: Whitney
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Sent: Sunday, January 25, 2009
Subject: A Few Questions for You.

Mr. Adachi,

I am currently taking a rhetoric class, and in this class we're talking about conspiracy theories. For an assignment we're supposed to find a certain conspiracy theory article and analyze it. I stumbled across your article written in sept.2008, titled "THe New World Order (NWO)- An Overview." and, was wondering if you could answer a few questions for me.

- I see that you go under the name "Ken Adachi", I couldn't help to notice that it's the very same name as a writer and literary critic from Canada who wrote a book about Japanese Canadian history. Is this really your real name? Or your pseudonym? If so, what is your real name?

-How did you come to believe the NWO is a real organization? How did you learn about it?

-Did you research all of that information yourself, or get it from a different. or different sources? If so, are those sources the books that you mention at the end of the article?

-Do you really believe that aliens and other NWO members live in cities underneath us? If so, what is your opinion on, or what do you know about how and when the aliens got here in the first place?

-I noticed that you barely have any information about yourself on the writer's page of small bio. of themselves and their credentials showing their authority in the matter. Thanks for taking time to read this email, please write back soon, if possible.

Thank you,



Hello Whitney,

The article you refer to was written in 1996, not 2008. The date you saw just referred to the last time the page was opened up in my html editor. .

I don't write about conspiracy theories. I write about genuine conspiracies that will ultimately affect you and everyone in that class-including the teacher who gave you this assignment.

I reference the books of David Icke and Dr John Coleman as a good start in learning about a very complex and highly convoluted conspiracy. There are THOUSANDS of books in print on the New World Order. It's better to start with a few books that relay the story accurately, rather than list too many that will only overwhelm new readers

I don't believe in trumpeting ones credentials or academic background, as these things have little to do with the quality or merits of ones writings. "Authority" is not bestowed by degree letters placed after your name, nor is it derived from the institution who gave you those degrees, although those institutions would much prefer that you assume that was the case (it helps to keep the money rolling in, you see). It's also an absolute necessity for those who play the Credential Game to keep up the illusion of their assumed "authority" so you'll keep on kowtowing to them and never dare to question their presumed authority (what a convenient priesthood!).

Authority or more importantly, RESPECT for the truth, can be obtained by anyone who has the drive and determination NOT to be hoodwinked by academic institutions, the media, the Pentagon, or the debased and loathsome individuals we call our "national leaders" and congressional representatives-who LIE to the American people CONSTANTLY. Those of academia who depend on grants and government funding or government largess of one sort or the other, are usually in bed with the aforementioned liars and have been led down the primrose path by their Fabian Society infiltrated 'leaders' to dumb down and brainwash the youth of America into believing that, what is truly transpiring on the American landscape is merely "conspiracy theory," while a fanciful load of horse manure is fed to you as honest history and unassailable scientific "truths".

If you really want to discover "rhetoric" and "conspiracy theories", then just look around your campus and see what the faculty has to say on the following topics:

1. 9-11 . What really happened? Did 19 Arab hijackers who were not even listed on the flight manifests really do it? How about Building 7 of the World Trade Center? Why did it come down? How about the Pentagon? Hit by a passenger airliner or something else?

2. The Murray Building in Oklahoma City. A Ryder's truck full of fertilizer did that much damage? How about the UNEXPLODED bombs found in the building by rescue workers and reported by local TV stations?

3. The Bali bombing: Al-queda?

4. The London subway and bus bombings: Al-queda?

5. The Madrid train bombing: Al-queda?

6. Hurricane Katrina: Why didn't the government HELP those people instead of treating them like "enemy combatants" in a war zone? Was something MORE going on than we were told?

In fact, if you put your mind to it, I bet you could come up with many more relevant, significant, and important questions to put to your teachers and the faculty of your school, rather then worry about my name or my academic "authority."

It's only YOUR life, the life of other young Americans, and the very republic of America itself that are now at stake. I've already lived the best part of my life in America free from government tyranny and the iron hand of police state oppression, but can you say you will enjoy the same bounty as I?

If you think you will, then you're a damn fool.

Sincerely, Ken Adachi

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