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Fighting Chemtrails in Germany: Update on Gifting July 17, 2007
July 17, 2007

Fighting Chemtrails in Germany: Update on Gifting July 17, 2007

Subject: Fighting Chemtrails in Germany: Update 17.07.07
From: Anthony
Date: Tue, July 17, 2007
To:   Editor

Hi Ken,

Thanks for your comments about firing the grid! I had already read the message by by Engtovo Bhodsvatan, which I also found very interesting.

It's just a few short months since I first wrote to you, but so much has happened. I am the proud owner of a chembuster and I've been gifting with orgonite in the area around my home. The effects have been very encouraging. My goal is to gift as many targets as possible within a 30Km radius (about 25 miles).

To all your readers who get involved in gifting orgonite, I can give the following tips from my personal experience:

1) Don't be discouraged if your first efforts bring even heavier spraying. This means that you really achieved something!

2) Work systematically. Use maps to chart your progress. Work in all directions to build an ever increasing circle (your home does not have to be the focal point and it doesn't matter if you gift more in some directions than others, but be aware that when you gift a tower, the bad guys will more than likely boost other towers to compensate). Don't be disheartened! They simply show you where you have to concentrate your next efforts!

3) At the beginning, it's a good idea to focus on "big" targets wherever possible and gift them generously! Add an earth pipe and /or HHG to your TBs which helps to transform a negative tower into a positive tower. HHGs also have the benefit that they can be buried at a greater distance. Bury your orgonite as deep as you can and be creative!

4) When you have got the big targets, fill in the gaps wher smaller towers or buildings need to be gifted.

5) Especially when you are starting to make some progress, you will notice any patches of HAARp in the sky that might indicate DOR sources you missed.

6) Be positive! There are now many, many people gifting orgonite throughout the world and every one of us makes a difference. For example, when you gift a big target in your neighbourhood, remember that some of these towers have massive ranges! You are helping gifters in surrounding areas!

7) Try to have fun! You'll get to learn a lot more about the place you live than you ever thought possible! You'll learn about ley lines, places of power, crystals, sylphs, and so much more.

8) Be proud of yourself!

9) Pray to God for strength and courage, wisdom and understanding, and divine protection for you, your loved ones and your home.

10) Visualize how beautiful this earth will be when we have removed the parasites. Picture your future in a world where justice, tolerance and respect will be given to all men, women and children!

I wish you all the best Ken!



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