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Fighting Chemtrails in Germany:
The Power of Focused Intent & Emotions

[Editor's Note: There are many comments posted at this web site that expound on the idea that one can steer or change the course of events by using the mind coupled with focused intentions from the heart. Traditionally, most people refer to this approach as prayer. A significant part of the "power of prayer" lies in the emotional intensity that is fused with the prayer. Emotions act as a sort of "carrier wave" for the prayer thought to ride upon. Simply stated, the more powerful the emotional commitment involved in praying (the bigger the 'wattage' of your carrier wave transmission), the more powerful the outcome of that prayer. Another significant consideration is the number of people involved in the effort. A group prayer or meditation bears more fruit than a solitary prayer-all other considerations being equal. After reading the letter posted below, you will see what can be achieved by a single determined individual.

Think of what might be accomplished by a dedicated group of individuals who meet on a regular basis in chat rooms and focus their emotion-charged intent on dismantling, breaking down, and ruining the entire gamut of operations involved with chemtrail spraying: from chemtrail supply trucks-and their drivers, to airplane maintenance -and their crews, to flight operation planners, to air traffic controllers, to the bosses on high-both human and alien who direct these genocide operations, etc. Everybody and everything involved with any aspect of chemtrail spraying gets pounced on again, and again, and again-until they can't even stand up-let alone do their job. I'm only guessing, but I have the feeling that a large number of chemtrail sprayer planes are drones. Even so, they are subject to mechanical failure. Spray nozzles can become gummed up with a gelatinous goo that is made to form within the mixture of poisonous chemicals being pumped out into our blue skies, Mother Earth's blue skies. For those sprayer planes with human pilots, they are even more vulnerable. If they are human, they can get sick, so sick, that they couldn't fly-for weeks on end. They might develop a chronic intestinal condition that gives them such severe colitis that they have to go to the bathroom every 15 minutes. Use your imagination.

Don't wait for me to organize a chat group in your area. You inform me of the group you've taken it upon yourself to organize and  send me the link for your chat room, when you meet, how to join, etc. People from every country who read these postings need to get busy in this regard. You can defeat chemtrails (and the New World Order) -if you make the effort to join the fight. Begin today..Ken Adachi]
March 9, 2007

Fighting Chemtrails in Germany: The Power of Focused Intent & Emotions (March 13, 2007)

Subject: Fighting Chemtrails with Righteous Anger
From: Anthony
Date: Fri, March 9, 2007
To: Editor

Hello Ken,

We had a busy chemtrail day here in Heidelberg, Germany at the weekend, but I was too busy with my 3 young kids to really focus on blasting them. Yesterday, Thursday, I was at home all day with my 3 children and what should have been a beautiful blue sky day was threatened early in the morning by a several ugly chemtrails. I tried chasing away the chemtrails with the help of my eldest daughter (aged 4), but nothing seemed to happen. While my 2 daughters were playing, I went to my bedroom to pray to God, to thank Him for His creation, thank Him for this day, for my life, for the blessing of my children, for my wife and family. I then asked Him for the strength, wisdom and courage to do His work to protect His beautiful creation. I asked him to protect me, my family and all his children from evil. I prayed that He would help us to stop those seek to do evil, to stop those who are perverting and doing harm to His creation, to His children. I asked again in the name of Jesus Christ that I would be given the strength and courage to do God's work. I asked to be filled with the Holy Spirit and again I thanked God for this life, this creation. Amen.

Then my 9 month old son woke up. I went to him and took him downstairs. Now I had a dream about my son before he was born, before we even knew his sex. I dreamt of a beautiful baby boy who then changed into the face of a strong, determined man with a square jaw and a glint in his eye. In the dream he seemed to be telling me that I shouldn't worry, we're going to be very close. When my son was born, I recognized him from my dream and since then I cherish the vision of him as a man and see us together. Anyway, I heard another plane approaching, so I stepped onto our balcony with my son in my arms. I looked up to the plane that was streaming a chemtrail behind it and I spoke out loud that if they were doing evil and didn't stop spraying right now that they would face the judgment of God, that the plane would experience mechanical problems and crash. The chemtrail stopped instantly. It was amazing, but of course, there no witnesses (although my wife had seen the first chemtrails before she left the house). I had the feeling that the pilot had the fear of God in him. I then said out loud that anyone who dared to spray our blue skies would have to answer to God. I said that anybody who tried to harm me or my family would have that evil turned back against them and magnified a thousand times.

There was no more spraying that day. In fact there was hardly a plane in the sky, which convinced me again that we don't live under a regular flight path (or at least there are very few regular flights). I wanted to share these details to encourage those readers who feel helpless in the face of evil. I believe that we have vast, untapped resources that we can reach through absolute faith in God and His powers. I can be God's vessel, which means that the powers available really are unlimited. I pray to God every day now, to give thanks, to ask for strength, wisdom and divine protection. I have also found some inspirational stuff on your site and some of the links you have provided. here are some examples that I think are especially helpful to beginners (in the sense of being an etheric warrior) like myself:

First of all, we need to prepare ourselves for the fight.

Lilly gives some great tips here, and I think this is "must read". Don and Carol Croft had a great discussion recently on reclamation not war.

DonebyDooney also has some great information for beginners who need to prepare themselves physically, mentally and spiritually for the good fight. This article is very interesting, but read all of this site. It's inspirational.

The Montalk articles posted on your site are very deep, but they provide a thought-provoking introduction to topics such as freewill, etc. As you, Don, Carol, Dooney, Lilly all say. Boosting is just part of the battle. We need to be out there gifting. Boosting without gifting seems to be like praying to God for beautiful teeth without going to the trouble of brushing them. A final thought. I have recently noticed that I have becoming incredibly tolerant. I have learned to judge people only by the quality of their hearts. This is a wonderful experience and I think that in the past decades too many people have replaced old prejudices with new ones. On that note, I wish you a wonderful weekend and thanks again for your work!

Best regards,

Subject: Interesting Links and Thank You, Ken
From: Anthony
Date: Mon, March 12, 2007
To: Editor

Hi Ken,

I read this article today and thought you might be interested. I think it offers hope for a peaceful transition if the neocons continue to weaken:

The following link is to the India Times and lists a number of short, easy-to-read tech/science articles (the titles are very descriptive). I found it interesting that the Indian mainstream media are so prepared to mix western science and esoteric wisdom:

** My letter below got longer than I had planned, but writing to you is a big help to me (I don't expect replies, but when they come, I am happy, of course). **

** And finally, I would like to thank you again for all the ground work that you and others have put in to enable newcomers like myself to get up to speed to quickly. I find it very difficult (occasionally impossible) to share my new knowledge with my wife, close family, friends and colleagues. Having read your page and others, I can now start to identify the skeptics, cynics, etc. and I've learned that time is too short to spend talking to those who don't want to believe for whatever reason.

Your "Rethinking Noam Chomsky" articles helped me to give up on a very well-read colleague who simply would not accept that 9/11 was an inside job despite all the evidence to the contrary. I also had a big argument with my brother about 9/11 following the recent BBC documentary. For him, the BBC clarified everything, end of discussion. When I tried to counter this (by telephone) he started firing questions at me as if I was a criminal and had to prove my innocence. This conversation triggered something in him, which I believe was an absolute unwillingness to accept uncomfortable truths. My wife is very esoteric, with a strong faith in God, but she disapproves of my "obsession" with topics such as NWO, 9/11, chemtrails, etc. I have to believe that she means well, but she keeps on throwing sand in the works with her comments about my ongoing revelations.

These are some of the negative examples, but there are also positive ones, including a sister who has always had "strange" experiences, seeing ghosts, feeling presences, etc. She dabbled with the occult in her teens and lived a goth lifestyle for a couple of years. we never really saw eye to eye, but ?n the past couple of years I've given her the feedback that I believe her experiences to be true (she gets mocked by the rest of the family, apart from my mother, who is a Jehovah's Witness, and believes any spirits are demons). We've talked about God, about good and bad energy, about positive and negative thought forms and I believe that my sister has cast off a lot of negative energy that was surrounding her. I believe that she always had a gift, but opened herself up to the dark side in her early years with her rebellious and cynical attitude. I like to think that I've helped her to clean out the negative energies and she is now very much a force for good in the world. She's very receptive to energy. In fact, she is one of the reasons why it's so easy for me to accept stories that would be too far fetched for most.

My mother is a JW [Jehovah's Witness], but of the more harmless variety. She did, however, subject her 4 children to the Armageddon cult of the JWs, so that I, for example, never felt that the future was going to happen. As you know, the JWs really get off on doom and gloom. This was a contributory factor to my depressions in childhood and later I had suicidal thoughts for many years. Thankfully, those dark years are behind me (without any medication) and I thank God for every day (even for the dark days that with hindsight have taught me so many lessons).

Despite the terror of the NWO, I am blissfully happy. My faith in God has become rocklike and I am learning so much, so quickly. I am a part of the "reclamation" movement. Reclaiming God's earth for his people.

Thank you, Ken and all the other warriors out there!



Hi Anthony,

You are playing the role of a catalyst for those around you, especially with your skeptical brother. Calm and patient discourse is the way to win people over. Don't go head to head. Keep calm and provide evidence that can't be denied. Just present the evidence, don't expect a surrender. Slow and steady. You have so much evidence on the internet, it's ridiculous.

Inspire by example.

Yes, just about all rank and file JW's are completely unaware of the darker agenda at the top. A deeper understanding about the true character and ulterior motives of the founders of JW does not in any way lessen one's connection to Jesus or His teachings. You don't need to belong to an organized religion in order to belong to Jesus, anyway, but being involved in a productive and well intentioned capacity is OK too.

Yea, it's unfortunate that you had to go through the Armageddon stuff at such a young age when we are the most vulnerable and the least capable of defending ourselves. Read the book The Gods of Eden by William Bramley and you will see how the Armageddon Doomsday play has been used over and over again down through the centuries to terrify the gullible and keep the fear juices pumping and feeding those hidden reptilian alien vampires.

Nothing has changed today. Same phony plot, same phony manipulators behind the curtain feeding on the fear.

If mom only knew the Real Story!

Regards, Ken


Subject: Fighting Chemtrails in Germany
From: Anthony
Date: Fri, March 16, 2007
To:   Editor

Hi Ken,

** This mail follows on from the UFO dream mail that I sent you on Wednesday, so let me know if that mail got through **

Following the very lucid UFO dream that I had earlier in the week (a small, black triangular UFO with a powerful, white spotlight in the center that hovered at my bedroom window) , I had a couple of strange experiences where I felt that I was being observed by strangers. I decided not to tell any of this to my wife, because I didn't want to her to worry unnecessarily. Maybe it was just any old dream. Maybe I was a little jumpy after reading Don's hair-raising tales of daring do.

Anyway, all of this inspired to read up more about psychic protection (Women Warriors, DonebyDooney, etc). One very important tip is to avoid any negative thoughts before going to sleep. I pray to God before I sleep and the past couple of nights have been fine). My wife also found a necklace of lapis lazuli crystals, which I have read are a good addition to orgonite devices, because they promote truth. I put on the necklace and it felt good.

Yesterday, I was at home looking after our 3 young children. Up to 10:25am, the sky was clear and blue. Then the planes started coming. I didn't have the righteous anger feeling, but I did have the absolute conviction that I was doing God's work. I thanked God for His creation and asked Him to clear the chemtrails. I also prayed for Him to open the hearts of the pilots, mechanics and all those involved in this scheme. The results were excellent. The chemtrails didn't spread and most of the were shriveling up pretty fast. There were dozens of planes involved (unless of course some them were looping back again). This went on for a couple of hours, during which I had take care of the kids. We then decided to go for a walk to the local playground.

We were alone. The baby was sleeping and my 2 daughters were playing. We hadn't been there long when I noticed two middle aged women who were walking very slowly with a small dog. My instinct told me that there was something wrong here and I felt that they were reading my mind. I think
my reaction was textbook. I realized that if they were psychics, then there was no way that I could stop them so I decided to talk to them in my head. I prayed to God to give me strength, courage, wisdom and protection.

The 2 women dawdled along. They were both in their mid-fifties. One of them was European with dark hair and sunglasses. The other was a small gypsy woman. For me, this was another clue that my original instinct was right. They stopped a few yards further down the road and dawdled back
again. This time, I addressed them directly. I told them (in my head) that I believed in God and that I was doing His work to protect His creation. I told them that I had asked for His divine protection in the name of Jesus Christ. I "said" that as psychics they should understand better than most how powerful the Creator was and I told them that they should stop persecuting one of God's servants and ask for His forgiveness. I told them that they should fear God's wrath and that their souls would pay for any crimes they committed against His children.

The women seemed shocked by this and they moved round the corner and crossed the road, where they were out of sight. I wanted to see where they went, so I told my daughters that I would be back in a few seconds, but when I looked, there was no sign of the women, so either they had scuttled into one of the houses or they had disappeared into thin air. I'll be watching out for them in future.

I had been continuing my Chembusting at the playground and on our subsequent walk. As the day progressed, it was again noticeable that one half of the sky was turning a milky white (toward the Rhein Plain), while the other half (over the Odenwald forest) was much bluer. ** today, I'm at work in the Rhein Plain and the sky has been a whiteout all day. The good news is that I'll be able to watch out for any improvements when I get my orgone delivery from Switzerland. I decided to buy my first batches of HHGs and TBs, because I feel that there's no time to waste. I'm also ordering a CB, plus a few protective gizmos (HPs, SPs, etc).

I've been reading up on how to gift. Which targets to pick out. How much to use, etc. One important recommendation is to start off close to home and work out from there. I want my home base to feel as secure as possible. I'll let you know how get along!

My wife has been using reiki on me and on the house. She also asked me if there was any reason why I was asking her to do the house, so I told her about my dream and the observations I'd made. She knows enough about my previous experiences to know that my God connection is very strong.

I also asked my JW mother to pray to God for protection for all my family and our house, garden, etc. She always prays for us, but I felt that we needed every prayer we could get.

It's been a difficult few days, but my faith in God and my conviction that we are doing his work is growing all the time.

** I'm still reading Don's adventures and I'm continually amazed by the"synchronicity" of his experiences and mine.

Best regards from Germany,


Subject: Fighting Chemtrails in Germany: Update 17.07.07
From: Anthony
Date: Tue, July 17, 2007
To:   Editor

Hi Ken,

Thanks for your comments about firing the grid! I had already read the message by by Engtovo Bhodsvatan, which I also found very interesting.

It's just a few short months since I first wrote to you, but so much has happened. I am the proud owner of a chembuster and I've been gifting with orgonite in the area around my home. The effects have been very encouraging. My goal is to gift as many targets as possible within a 30Km radius (about 25 miles).

To all your readers who get involved in gifting orgonite, I can give the following tips from my personal experience:

1) Don't be discouraged if your first efforts bring even heavier spraying. This means that you really achieved something!

2) Work systematically. Use maps to chart your progress. Work in all directions to build an ever increasing circle (your home does not have to be the focal point and it doesn't matter if you gift more in some directions than others, but be aware that when you gift a tower, the bad guys will more than likely boost other towers to compensate). Don't be disheartened! They simply show you where you have to concentrate your next efforts!

3) At the beginning, it's a good idea to focus on "big" targets wherever possible and gift them generously! Add an earth pipe and /or HHG to your TBs which helps to transform a negative tower into a positive tower. HHGs also have the benefit that they can be buried at a greater distance. Bury your orgonite as deep as you can and be creative!

4) When you have got the big targets, fill in the gaps wher smaller towers or buildings need to be gifted.

5) Especially when you are starting to make some progress, you will notice any patches of HAARp in the sky that might indicate DOR sources you missed.

6) Be positive! There are now many, many people gifting orgonite throughout the world and every one of us makes a difference. For example, when you gift a big target in your neighbourhood, remember that some of these towers have massive ranges! You are helping gifters in surrounding areas!

7) Try to have fun! You'll get to learn a lot more about the place you live than you ever thought possible! You'll learn about ley lines, places of power, crystals, sylphs, and so much more.

8) Be proud of yourself!

9) Pray to God for strength and courage, wisdom and understanding, and divine protection for you, your loved ones and your home.

10) Visualize how beautiful this earth will be when we have removed the parasites. Picture your future in a world where justice, tolerance and respect will be given to all men, women and children!

I wish you all the best Ken!



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