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What to Do to STOP the Globalist Takeover of America?

[Editor's Note; The author of this letter is a well known TV and film actor of the 1950s, 60s, and 70's. I won't reveal his name without his OK, but his concerns tell me that not everyone in the Hollywood disinformation ministry is bought, sold, and/or mind controlled to toil on behalf on the NWO. ...Ken]
February 5, 2009

What to Do to STOP the Globalist Takeover of America? (Feb. 6, 2009)

Subject: globalists
From: Ty
Date: Thu, February 5, 2009
To: Editor


Just a quick note. How much time in your accesment do we have before they close shop? The masses are getting nervious as they have no idea what's going on.

Ken, I feel so helpless as a retired patriot, officer, and actor, I just wanted to live my life out peacefully and be with my Lord BUT I can't, knowing my nation is under attack. They control the airways and everything else and I'm sure they read your mail. They are well prepared.

What is the proceedure or program to survive? I started the Arizona patriots years ago and everybody thought I was some kook. Just looking to secure our freedoms. I had a church their ********* ******, but ******* closed me down as I was a radical and still am.

God bless you and keep safe,



Hi Ty,

Things are moving fast now since they kicked off the phony and contrived "economic collapse" back in September 2008. Wholesale robbery of the American taxpayer to "bail out" Wall street robber barons and banksters. Right. That makes lots of sense to "save" the economy.

Now we have the Rockefeller/Obama infil-traitor proposing the equally phony "economic stimulus package" which will further bring us to our knees economically and usher in greater Big Brother impositions and kick off the Obama/Hitler Youth movement.

My guess is that things will get real bad this year and maybe lead to wide scale riots by 2010, that will bring in police state goon patrols, even if they don't pop off another major false flag operation in this country.

The wisest course is to get busy locally and organize whoever is listening into groups and plot a strategy to get your state reps to push Big Time for state sovereignty. Naturally, the governor and many in the state senate (being controlled NWO minions) will fight it, but there's a chance to push through a bona fide Sovereignty bill if enough citizens yell like crazy and get in the face of their state reps. With a state sovereignty law in place, you can then LEGALLY organize a state militia to oppose the imposition of martial law by the federal traitors-and REFUSE other dictates of Homeland Security or FEMA, etc. . It is then much EASIER to convince AND TO DEMAND that local police and local National Guard remain loyal to the state, and NOT join in with the feds, so they will fight on YOUR side when --and if-- the time comes. THEN we have a real chance to stop the snowballing towards Armageddon. We could then-state by state-start dismantling and tearning down those disgusting FEMA concentration camps

Everyone wants to lead a peaceful life and not have to face this, but doing nothing will only hasten the destruction of America. We must organize and fight on the political and court fronts while we still have these systems in place.

The entire NWO takeover plan will fall like a house of cards IF enough people get involved locally and push for state sovereignty and use court actions to slow down Big Brother impositions. Just TALKING about it is NOT going to change anything.

Regards, Ken


Subject: Sovereignty
From: Geoff
Date: Sat, February 21, 2009
To: Editor

Regarding "Ty" and your response to his concerns and encouraging state politicians to work towards "state sovereignty" issues. If we each had not been lied to from Kindergarten on we would know that each one of us IS sovereign and that the government has no authority over anyone EXCEPT those individuals that volunteer into its political jurisdiction. If you understand the breadth of the 13th Amendment prohibition of involuntary servitude you know that the gov't has to prove you volunteered; and, it can't without your own ignorant acquiescence to its presumption of political jurisdiction.
The following links teach the truth: show ID# 27767 M-F 8 pm Central


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