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Thoughts on Fire the Grid and Matthew's Comments on Chemtrails
July 17, 2007


Subject: this and that
From: Kyra
Date: Tue, July 17, 2007
To: Ken Adachi

Hi Ken:

Thanks for speaking out against fire the grid. I echo your sentiments, although I also tune in to the fact that no major damage occurred, because positive ETs neutralized the potential of firing any negative grids.

Here is something interesting for you on orgonite and chemtrails, from

You may know of a mother-and-son channelling team, the mother here on earth and the son on the other side, who died in a car crash at age 17. Fourteen years after his death, he began communicating with his mother. As with a lot of these things, some is disinfo, and some is remarkable. I was impressed to hear that Matthew (from the spirit world) confirmed deliberate blasting of certain levees by New Orleans soldier-of-fortune types working for NWO to cause flooding in certain"unwanted" sectors. However, he also supports NESARA, which I don't support. Hmmmmm. However, to be fair, Matthew says there are TWO which is true and one which is entirely false. Here is a recent posting from Matthew on that topic:

December 5, 2006

MATTHEW: NESARA has been relentlessly besieged by intentionally false information, misleading information, and widespread misunderstanding. It is infinitely more than is thought by most who believe in it, and correctly understanding this joint endeavor between light workers on and off-planet is vital for every soul residing there! NESARA is nothing less than ALL the changes that have been underway for more than six decades as the light has been exposing the ages of hidden darkness so Earth can be healed and restored to her Eden self. You chose to embody there now to participate in this unprecedented process—the physical and spiritual ascension of your homeland planet and your SELVES! This is why it is essential that you consciously know what you know at soul level: What is transpiring is not to further the materialistic third density—it is soul evolution into the fifth density!

June 2, 2007

S: A writer asked if orgonite products shield against pollution, mind control and “dark spirits” in general; if so, he wants to know if it is more a matter of belief than actual performance.

MATTHEW: Orgone is a natural element, or form of energy essence that has the potential to neutralize not only toxic pollution in acid rain or chemtrails, for example, but also entities, or energy eddies, of low vibration that hover near the planetary surface and create havoc for all life forms, including some types of mind conditioning in humans. Although Orgone products cannot be given an “across the board” approval rating, to be sure, this is an instance where belief in an achievable goal holds more sway than with the electrical stimulators and cell phones insofar as natural laws superseding beliefs.

If you search his messages on the word chemtrails, Matthew says a lot of interesting things, such as:

September 11, 2006

MATTHEW: Mother, it is a diabolical plan, indeed, but in truth, the intent and the results of this anthrax matter are much less harmful long-term than the virtually unquestioned regular ongoing pollution of your air, ground and water from the “chemtrails,” as you have termed this practice of seeding the atmosphere with toxins. All of these vicious acts are desperate measures to extinguish the increasing light or at least diminish the number of souls who are awakening. Fear and frenzy can throw those awakening souls right back into their cocoon of spiritual slumbering, and THAT is the plan, the purpose behind these acts, seen and unseen.

May 23, 2006

MATTHEW: The toxins called Morgellons disease are a recent addition to the solution in chemtrails. Until Earth reaches the frequencies where no disease can exist because nothing of dark nature can, the best counter to these new toxins as well as the many others in chemtrails is taking all sensible measures to maintain sound health and strong immune systems. I am not a medical adviser, but I can suggest that if a day is sunny and there are no chemtrails, do absorb the sun’s rays using pure aloe as skin protection—the sun is not the menace that the medical establishment makes it out to be! This seems a simplistic aid, but during and after the trails are laid, stay indoors if you can, and if you can’t, cover your body completely. Use natural rather than chemical products to reduce or relieve symptoms and try simple topical remedies such as vinegar, hydrogen peroxide and pure aloe.

And pray. Never underestimate the power of prayer! Remembering that prayer is your every thought and feeling, thinking and feeling positively about staying healthy is your best fortification against disease. Boost your positive outlook by frequently saying “Thank you!” to our diligent ET family who are diminishing the effectiveness of chemtrails’ most toxic elements.

January 19, 2006

MATTHEW: If I may, yes, I’d next like to address what is to you, a surprising number of questions about chemtrails. You are inured to these because they fill the local area skies whenever weather permits, and you often hear of the same from people in many other states and countries. But we know that the majority of the world’s population does not distinguish these from contrails, the lines of condensation naturally formed by airplanes in the higher elevations. Chemtrails are solutions with toxic ingredients, including biological agents and minute particles of metals and chemicals that are dangerous to your bodies, and they are intended by the dark ones with authority to order these flights and their deadly payloads, to cause illness and death.

I see that one questioning reader asked why the people behind the chemtrails would do this unless they had antidotes to the toxins. The peak of darkness on the planet is exactly in that “space” because they lack the capacity to love selves or others, and their hunger for achieving their goals contains an arrogance that they are indomitable and their target masses are expendable. They do not order the aerial contaminants released over areas where they, their families or other primary Illuminati parties reside or are visiting, and if ones who are serving them happen to fall victim to the toxins, they are replaced. They also have products, which they do not wish to be known publicly, that protect against or ameliorate the harmful effects of the toxins.

On a much lighter note, the most dangerous effects of the chemtrails are being greatly reduced by the technology of the extraterrestrial civilizations that are helping you and Earth in numerous ways. Without their continuous neutralization or alleviation assistance in this regard, most bodies would be irreparably damaged and die. As it is, though, you who have strong immune systems may become sick, but you will survive. Those whose immune systems have been severely weakened by illness, nutritional deficiencies, or long-time stress, very likely cannot.

Please do not ask for my recommendations of the products I mentioned— endorsement of any is not within my province. Information about them is available on the Internet, and in your comparisons, I urge you to ask your godself for guidance in choosing the best for you. And there many simple things you can do to enhance your immune systems, such as replacing your regular salt with sea salt; cutting down on sugary foods and cutting out foods with artificial sweeteners; drinking a lot of the purest water available; and instead of buying chemical drugs produced by pharmaceutical companies, discussing with pharmacists at health food stores the best natural remedies and nutritional supplements for your personal needs. Ultimately, it is your responsibility to care for your body with the same conscientiousness that you care for yourself in mind and spirit.

And now, Mother, please take over with your choice of questions.

S: OK, but first, I think people would like to know how they can detect chemtrails from contrails, so will you please tell them.

MATTHEW: I’ll be happy to do this. A contrail is the white “heated” sky path created by a departing airliner when it reaches colder air in the higher elevations, and the condensed vapor spreads uniformly like a veil until it is so thin that it disappears in whatever configuration the high winds have shifted it. A chemtrail, which is created by the emission of the solution from specially designed outlets in the planes used for this purpose, does look much the same, but it appears at a lower altitude and is denser in appearance, with the dissolving effect almost "clumpily" uneven but within a more confined line; and despite its heavier than air composition, it is evident somewhat longer than a contrail even though its toxic particles are falling to Earth. Also, instead of climbing as airliners normally do until reaching cruising altitude, at times the pilots of planes that release chemtrail solutions fly one way, then backtrack to make Xs or other sky lines that no legitimate flight would travel. The residue from the ejected solution, which is evident as tiny particles sticking to dry surfaces, has been analyzed and information is available on the Internet.

November 17, 2005

MATTHEW: There will be NO bird flu endemic! Yes, it is true that a virus was laboratory-created to be announced as a mutation of the avian flu, which afflicts only the fowl population and has caused the death of some humans with severely impaired immune systems who worked with food fowl. It also is true that an Illuminati intention is to spread this virus by means of chemtrails and vaccines, along with putting programmed microchips in flu inoculations that would be made mandatory as a “preventive measure.” This sinister scheme to reduce the world’s population as well as track those who are inoculated will never get off the ground—ET technology has neutralized the virus supply and deprogrammed the microchips. Nevertheless, other harmful ingredients are in vaccines of any sort, and it is wise to forego all types of vaccinations.

There will be NO nuclear detonations in space and NO terrorist acts on the scale of “9/11”!

NO geophysical disasters will cause entire coastlines to break away and sink beneath the seas or cause massive changes in land and sea masses! Geophysical events will continue, however not in the severity predicted in numerous reports circulating on the Internet.

Actually, if only massive fear results from the greatly publicized possible bird flu endemic, the Illuminati will be satisfied, just as they are with fearful reactions to information about “peak oil,” which is a fallacy; devastating results of global warming; cataclysmic natural disasters; and the economic downturn globally.

The battle between the light and the dark forces is not for bodies, it is for SOULS. This battle is raging universally, and on Earth, the power of the dark is ebbing from all areas where formerly control was complete. FEAR is their most powerful tool because the energy of fear blocks light from entering the hearts and minds of humankind on your planet. The dark forces off-planet, which are using their Illuminati puppets to carry out their bidding, know the universal laws regarding thought forms and their manifestations, and the more
fear-filled thought forms that are created on Earth, the greater chance the dark forces have to capture the souls residing there. This is why the oft-repeated messages from high light beings urge: DO NOT GO INTO FEAR!

April 26, 2005

There will be no new pandemics or even epidemics caused by laboratory- designed diseases—our space family’s technology neutralizes these viruses as soon as they are released via chemtrails and other means.

April 5, 2005

S: Please speak about Codex Alimentarius, the agreement made by powerful national and international organizations that very soon will make dietary supplements obtainable only by prescription.

MATTHEW: This blatant effort to reduce or eliminate your access to these natural and effective treatments and remedies may come into law, but if so, like other unjust laws and practices devised by the dark forces, it will not last long. The same is true of all other dark measures to jeopardize your health, such as the proliferation of harmful prescription drugs, mandatory vaccinations, the spreading of toxins via chemtrails, fluoridation of water, and radioactivity. Greatly to your benefit, the drugs and inoculations will cease, and your space family has the technology to quite quickly restore purity to your air, soil and water. I want to add that your own efforts in resistance to all of the current destructive measures are imperative as evidence of your choice and determination to right the wrongs in your world!

S: This is a good place to insert a question that’s on down the list: Why is everyone so sick? The writer said that sickness is hitting young people, too.

MATTHEW: In previous messages I have said that there is no one single cause of the varying types and harshness of maladies that indeed are more prevalent than in past years. All the toxins in those manmade conditions I just mentioned are reaching collective quantities sufficient to batter your immune systems, with the symptoms more severe or lethal in bodies that are especially susceptible to the toxins’ effects. Mother, mindful of more questions on your list and a wish to not exceed the length of “reader interest” that is a concern to you, I won’t ask you to copy my suggestions for minimizing the effects of conditions caused primarily by cellular changes, but I do ask that you please note my message wherein those are included. I want to again mention as well that when illness or pain is prolonged, it is advisable to consult a trusted medical practitioner. [The March 1, 2004 message contains Matthew’s suggestions; it is archived on a number of Web sites, including]

S: Since both “good” and “bad” reptilians are on Earth, how can we recognize one from the other so we know whom to trust?

MATTHEW: On Earth, reptilians appear in bodies like yours so that they blend in, so I’d say that recognition and trust are the same as with your human population. And please remember: Many of you have the genetic inheritance of both species, and I’m speaking here  bout only the composition of physical bodies, not souls. Now then, the eyes of dark souls of any origin are the most revealing—there is no light to shine through—and rarely can dark ones master looking directly into the eyes of light beings because they avoid the light. Better said, they fear the light because they believe it will be their downfall— they don’t understand that it would be their salvation! Evaluate people’s actions, not the rhetoric of those whom you know or know about, and always pay attention to your intuition and instincts. By
the universal law of like attracts like, you are naturally drawn to some individuals and you withdraw from others, depending upon your energy streamers and theirs. Regardless of species, light beings attract each other and the same is true of the dark.

S: The next question: Does Matthew have any thoughts on 1) the break in the economy, 2) a potential stock market crash, 3) a crash in real estate, 4) an explosive move in gold and possibly silver?

MATTHEW: Yes, I have very clear thoughts on those. National economies are in tatters, especially in the United States, and many  ountries are both impoverished and encumbered with massive debt. Stock markets everywhere—which always have been manipulated by the Illuminati and by now have ballooned out of repair—will be brought into a realistic form initially and very likely replaced by a better system later on. Real estate prices have burgeoned, making home ownership difficult or impossible for the average young family; yet construction of houses and commercial buildings continues even as many are vacant or repossessed by the mortgage lenders, and the ranks of the homeless are growing. Gold and silver will become the value base for all present forms of currency, so yes, an “explosive move” there.

All of this is part of the transition from the current hording of unimaginably vast fortunes and the abject poverty of billions, to which only those living in those polar circumstances can relate, to the equitable allocation of the world’s resources. This is a vital step toward reaching fourth and fifth densities, therefore the changes will begin shortly. Actually, they have begun on a small scale, but I cannot give an exact timeframe when the full impact of profound changes will come because in this moment, there isn’t sufficient clarity in the energy field of potential to determine this.

February 16, 2005

MATTHEW: Because you have been mildly ailing for over a week, I’m especially aware of your thoughts about the number of messages you have received about others’ emotional and physical discomforts.

S: Some have diagnosed them as cellular processing due to the Shift," and a few feel that the chemtrails are the cause. Others just asked if you can tell them why they’re feeling the way they are. Various ones mentioned feeling confused; sad or angry or even strangely excited without any apparent reason; really edgy and moody; low energy; head and muscle aches; upset digestive system; sinus congestion; chest colds; and the like. Several mentioned memory problems. It seems logical that there’s not just one answer for all of these conditions—or is there?

MATTHEW: No, there’s no single cause for this assortment of sensations and reactions or even some of them in any individual. Cellular changes are being felt by some and the harmful elements that comprise chemtrails are affecting many millions, but there are several other reasons, too, for unsettlement within bodies and minds. There’s the interaction of your bodies’ electrical systems with the extra low frequency waves emanating from grids that have been erected essentially to spy on you or to send signals to those who are operating under mind control. Another source is the huge popularity of cell phone usage, which is getting the attention in Internet reports that this brain-affecting situation calls for. Long uninterrupted hours in front of computer monitors is unwise, and certainly the myriad forms of pollution are causes of unhealthy conditions. The proliferation of chemicals in food, drinking water and of course, illegal and prescription drugs, is contributing as well to the imbalance of your bodies and emotions. Inoculations for flu and other potential maladies can have adverse effects such as some that you mentioned, and much worse. And you cannot discount thoughts! As if all the other causes of serious health conditions were not enough, the power of people’s thoughts of illness or debilitation always are at work.

S: Since some of those causes are unavoidable, what can we do to lessen the effects? Will the suggestions you gave for offsetting the effects of the interaction of the manmade and the universal light grids help?

MATTHEW: I believe those common sense suggestions would be helpful in almost any circumstances. I asked you to include them in one of my messages some time ago, but if you will copy that at the end of this message, it could be helpful for readers who didn’t see this
information before.

S: I’ll do that, but if people’s conditions are primarily symptoms of cellular changes, do you know how long will those last?

MATTHEW: There are too many variables—all those other potential sources for symptoms that I’ve just mentioned—to give even a general timeframe here. I can say that if ONLY cellular changes were at work, the symptoms would be fleeting, although possibly recurring only to fly away again, but definitely not a chronic condition. However, with so many other possible causes, it would be the rare instance that anyone would be feeling the effects of only cellular changes. Another consideration is that individuals may have organ, nerve or bone damage from still other causes, most likely selected experiencing as part of their soul contracts.

Mother, let’s speak about memory loss. Although this, too, can be a result of physical and mental deterioration that is a provision of the contracts, it also is a very common temporary effect of cellular changes in the people who are absorbing light energy. In the shifting from carbon-based to crystalline-based cells, there is a sloughing off of brain patterning to permit the intended consciousness-raising, and DNA changes are creating possibly disturbing sensations. All of this is to your benefit—it is increasing spiritual clarity and will enable physical survival in the higher vibrations where Earth is heading. There is no dis-ease of any kind there!

S: In the meantime, how much can our bodies be rejuvenated from the effects of toxins and adverse electrical reactions?

MATTHEW: People whose immune systems are heavily compromised or who have been severely injured and thus their overall health is rendered vulnerable to the effects, very likely cannot be restored to health. In most cases, this was chosen prior to birth in agreement with the other principals whose cumulative lifetimes needed this sharing of the individual’s circumstances so that all affected parties could fill gaps in experiencing and achieve balance.

October 20, 2004

S: Matthew, sometimes waiting for all the darkness to end is almost “too much.” Some lightworkers can’t understand why the ETs aren’t stepping in to end the madness. I think all of us wish they would and we wonder why our collective desires don’t seem to have any effect.

MATTHEW: Dear soul, they cannot “step in” as you wish, but please think of the immeasurable help they have been giving you! In addition to preventing major terrorism, they have permission to keep Earth stable in orbit, deflect the path of celestial bodies that
could impact your planet, alleviate the effects of natural and manmade geophysical events, neutralize to the extent possible the effects of toxins in chemtrails and weaponry and other forms of pollution; and for decades they have been beaming light to you. They cannot exceed those areas of vital help that literally brought Earth back from death throes. If they could, they would! You have no idea of the boundless love these souls feel for you! Many are your direct ancestors and all are your space family!

February 20, 2004

MATTHEW: Your world is moving into higher frequencies where those global, not only national, domination aims of the elite group of controllers never will come to pass; however, it cannot be realistically expected that they will make no further major efforts to retain and extend their powers. They will. The same folks who decry global terrorism and claim to be making the world a safer place by pointing fingers at the “guilty” are the very ones behind the major terrorist activities. The more that this is being exposed or even speculated, the more they fear losing their dark control and thus the more desperate and blatant their acts to hold onto it.

We have told you that violence and bloodshed will continue until Earth has reached the level of vibrations where the darkness is vanquished, and she is steadily moving toward that plane along with all whose minds and hearts are in the light. We have said, too, that no nuclear detonations in space will be permitted and that extraterrestrial technology that already has thwarted such efforts also is ameliorating the effects of other vileness such as chemtrails; depleting uranium, which is not at all depleted; and manmade quakes, storms and volcanic eruptions. The same would hold true for any attempts toward mass annihilation by means of biological or chemical warfare.

But please do not have concerns about any need for that becoming likely. Regardless of what your government reports, the means for extensive use of such weaponry is available only to the controlling cabal, and they are not about to use it. Consider: How could they
protect themselves and their minions evermore against its effects? How could they protect the many millions they need to produce everything from their food to their computers and provide their health care, transportation, even their custom-made tailoring? Teach what they want taught, defend what they need defended, or even tend their landscaping?

However, widespread talk of the lethal consequences of such warfare, by its favored name of weapons of mass destruction, cannot help ut create fear. As intended! The energy of fear is incompatible with the energy of light, and as long as enough fear can be generated to keep souls from absorbing light, the elitist controllers think they win. They don’t and they won’t, but in their stubbornness and fear, they cannot comprehend that accepting the light, which is beaming more intensely in each moment, would not be their downfall—it would be their saving grace.


;;;; thats all.

Hoping you are well, sending love and light,



Hi Kyra,

I'm glad you took the time to put this together. I do have some reservations about some things that Matthew embraces, including NESARA and the promotion of monoatomic gold, among others.

Most of Matthew's info seems on target, but sometimes I strongly disagree with what he says. .

Regards,. Ken


Subject: Re: this and that
From: Kyra
Date: Wed, July 18, 2007
To: Editor

Hi Ken:

The Cassiopaeans--as channelled through Laura Knight--speak of a 4th density group called "Thor's Pantheon", whose focus is to work through inspiring humans in every cutting edge field that influences human evolution, such as film, TV, media, science, technology, etc. Trouble is, 4th density still has both STS and STO factions, so there appears to be a great deal of warring going on resulting in conflicting messages. It is clear that Hollywood seems to put out 100 bad or mediocre films for every one little gem that slips through. And I have yet to find a channel that seems 100% right-on, with perhaps the early work of Barbara Marciniak an exception. It appears to be an on-going exercise to keep flexing the muscles of our discernment and keep pulling out the disinfo weeds in the garden of information. I like reading channeled stuff here and there, but most is boring, especially the Ascended Master drivel. Now we are learning to discern through the info restrictive or expansive is my criteria. Pity that George Noory is programed to be a fear monger, focusing on dead-end stories rather than effective change through our emerging superpowers. At least Art Bell is retired. Art vibes like a MPD satanic poobah.

Have you seen the movie "The Last Mimsy"? It is a gem WELL worth watching, especially for the scenes displaying telepathy, levitation, flying,  sychokinesis, etc. It is rentable, and very enjoyable. DNA is definitely coming to the forefront of attention on many subjects, and this movie is about a dying civilization sending a toy (the mimsy) from the future back to the past to collect pure DNA to save their deteriorating race. Interesting parallels to the Pleiadian and Cassie messages. I'm amazed this film got made and distributed, but many times that is to relegate a hard fact into the realms of fairy tales so no one takes the movie content seriously. Just entertainment, not real, is what they want us to believe.

Re NESARA, could it be possible that it has a light-based origin but has been totally corrupted and co-opted by the dark shirts? Maybe that is the source of the conflicted info, but it appears to be a   dead horse now anyway.

Best regards,



Hi Kyra,

Whoa, such poetic imagery.. "and keep pulling out the disinfo weeds in the garden of information. " . Beautiful!

I can't say that I've read everything put out by "Dove" on NESARA. I read enough when she first showed up on the internet to tell me this girl is in La La Land. She was putting out total rubbish about "White Knights" saving the day and capturing this political big shot or that one and holding them hostage until they agreed to release the NESARA info, etc. It was more than childish, it was moronic. How could an intelligent adult read that crap and actually believe it?

I REALLY became convinced she was under mind control when I recorded an interview she did on a local FM station late at night about 3 or so years ago, can't remember exactly. It may have been a little longer.

Oh my God, this woman sent up every red flag in existence that she's programmed.

I cannot believe or accept one word about NESARA. It's crap from top to bottom and part of the Illuminati agenda to deceive us so we are eventually forced into the cashless society. That's where they want us.


Regards, Ken


NESARA: A Second Look - Was Dove a Setup? (July 19, 2007)


Subject: Firing the Grid
From: Judy (Australia)
Date: Mon, July 23, 2007
To:   Editor

You know, no matter what anyone thinks of Firing the Grid, I do believe regardless, that any amount of beautiful, loving energy that is sent (and united
with others), can cause a shift. I also believe that we who are spiritually enlightened, are here to send that love no matter to whom, or in which way. Those who are the dark force means that there is no Light in them, so therefore I, with loving intent, even send God's/the Universe's loving Light to them.

That's no easy task when you see the corruptness all around, emanating from those in the dark. They have the unenvious position of playing this part here on Earth and no matter what our path is, we will all eventually return to our Godselves. We have a responsibility to see that this happens, I believe, and I for one always imagine beautiful, loving white Light surrounding our lovely Earth. In that way, we reach each soul, and it's up to each one, whether they choose to receive it, but it is never lost.

Ken, you always have Matthew Ward's messages here, channeled through his Mother, and I believe they are very credible. Many people resonate with them and I have chosen to follow a lot of his advice, which is very wise and loving. Hence the above information.

All the best!


Subject: fire the grid & oct 17, 2006
From: Kathy
Date: Fri, July 20, 2007
To: Editor

Two similiar ideas....10-17-06 is in woman warriors. Perception of each perceived much differently. Which is correct?







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