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Flight 800 and 9/11 Are Connected
September 11, 2011

Flight 800 and 9/11 Are Connected (Sep. 11, 2011)

Subject: Flight 800
From: Doug
Date: Sun, September 11, 2011
To: Ken Adachi

Dear Ken,

Hope you are well, it's another beautiful day 9/11/11, pray it stays beautiful. I have a question, knowing enough of weapon systems, if 800 was accidentialy fired upon or a firing system failure resulted in a launch, why didn't the self destruct component of this type of ordnance end the event. I can only asssume it was an intentional act by the Navy on direct orders from the highest level, the President, B.Clinton. There was someone on that flight that needed to be silenced. I went thru the passenger/crew list , no name jumps out. I am not a conspiritalists, I also reject cooincidence, there were three War ships in the area where the plane fell, there was massive distortion of facts and details from DOD and the controlled media, as well as immediate confiscation of civilian video of the missle path by the FBI. We all know it smells like a big dead fish on the beach, but there is a reason they did this,

Regards Doug.


Hi Doug,

Yes, that's the way I see Flight 800 as well. It was no accident and yes, of course, they could have aborted the missile, but it's absurd to think that such a missile could have been launched "accidentally" in the first place. It seems that the government, the Navy, and the CIA assume that the American people are made up of child-like retards who will swallow the most absurd and preposterous story lines in explaining away these acts of treason and murder.

Flight 800 was an intentional shoot down by a Navy missile. One or more persons on board that flight needed to be killed or there was something on board that flight that had to be eliminated and they spin the story by using disinfo agents like Major Ed Dames to go on the CIA's Art Bell Coast to Coast radio show and create the notion that by remote viewing the event, Ed said the explosion was caused by an electric spark that ignited fuel in one of the plane's fuel tanks. Right.

A lot of civilian passenger planes are taken down with missiles or drones, but it's reported in the news as an "accident" One recent example is the Buffalo plane crash of perhaps 3 years ago that killed the widow of a 9/11 victim who was suing the government to get at the facts behind 9/11. She conveniently died on that crash. What an amazing coincidence, huh?

Someone who was in the news practically everyday shining a bright spotlight on the numerous gaping holes in the government's 9/11 cover story line should suddenly die and is no longer seen or heard from. What a fortuitous turn of events for the government.

Last night I heard Ian Punitt on the Coast to Coast show featuring one of the heroic jet fighter pilots who took to the air during the 911 "attacks" and how he was ready "to follow lawful orders" and shoot down a civilian aircraft if ordered to do so, etc. Naturally, he has a book and just came out extolling this gratuitous bravery in the face of what we are expected to see as a Pearl Harbor-like event. Thank God for our brave fighter pilots on 9/11, and their upper chain of commanders and the entire civilian/military early warning defense system. It's wonderful to know that they are always there when we need them (fade to Battle Hymn of the Republic).

And then he has on two authors who wrote a book about the great forward leap that 9/11 "attack" has allowed in human CONSCIOUSNESS (if you can believe that!). Throughout the show, both of these guys- and Punitt-repeatedly harken back to 9/11 and the evil Mohammed Atta and his cut throat band of Arab 'terrorists' who were responsible for the loss of those 3,000 innocent lives, etc.

It must be really annoying that 11 of those declared 19 Arab 'terrorists' who were suppose to be on board those planes were later found alive and well in the Middle East following 9/11.

Naturally, we don't expect to see anything resembling the truth coming from mainstream print , radio, or TV media anytime soon, so we have to depend on our innate intelligence and our sense of INNER discernment to parce the real from the illusory. I can only hope that more people will wake up in this country and start flooding Ian Punitt, George Noory, and every other mainstream radio talk show host carrying water for the Pentagon and CIA with e-mails to let them know that they aren't buying the "19 Arab terrorists" cover story anymore.

We know who did it.

Regards, Ken

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