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Flocco, Webb, and Ted
September 6, 2006

Subject: Ted Gunderson
From: Anon.
Date: Wed, September 6, 2006 10:11 pm
To: Editor


what is this about ted on tom flocco's site where stuwart webb accuses him of infiltrating and turning names over to the very peopl he claims to be exposing? he has an exaustive plenthoria of info/evidence. did you know about this? if not you should.



Yes, I'm well aware of Stew Webb and Tom Flocco.

Webb impresses me as a mind controlled individual who is also an FBI informant. Read the articles about Webb posted on my Ted Gunderson page to get a better understanding of his background and read from those who have seen the other face of that One Eyed Jack.

He was planted on Ted in 1996 in order to ingratiate himself and then move himself into Ted's apartment some years later for 7 months under the pretense of being "temporarily" in need of a place (he said ne needed a place for a "few days"). Besides being the Freeloader of the Century, he STOLE over 50 large boxes from Ted's condo including important investigative files, mementos, books, long term survival food, etc. I reported this theft on my web site -naming Webb as the number one suspect-at the time it occurred.

Of course, Webb did not have the boxes with him when the police came calling, but four years later we get a written affidavit from Pam Shuffert in which she details how Webb called her up -while he was committing this robbery- and told her that he was taking all of Gunderson's important files, etc. I have yet to publish this affidavit, but the day is coming when we will put Webb in the spotlight he so richly deserves.

I have tons of documents here-including Webb's criminal record- which will tell you just how scurrilous a liar that Webb is. Read my Ted Gunderson page and you will see that Webb is one of the eight principal character assassins that have been trying to destroy Ted Gunderson's reputation for the past 6 or 7 years.

Tom Flocco is a disinformation front.

Do not be impressed by VOLUME. The most common characteristic that one sees with a disinformation agent is VOLUME. What they lack in truthfulness, they try to make up with volume. This is true of all disinformationists. They always try to bowl you over with length and voluminous detail. Garbage is garbage, whether it comes in a pail or a truck, it's still garbage.

Regards, Ken


Stew Webb v. Ted Gunderson (Sep. 10, 2003)

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