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Florida Now Requires Tracking & ID of Vaccine Exempt Students

[Editor's Note: If you wish to thwart the fascist takeover of America by the New World Order crowd, you have to actively resist them within your capabilities. That means non-compliance and non-cooperation with fascist rules and regulations and a willingness to 'vote with your feet' and perhaps move to another state. Florida has been leading the parade of late with fascist legislation and election rigging since Jeb Bush became governor. If you don't like losing your liberties, then you're going to have to fight to keep them. There's no two ways about it. The longer it takes you to take to wake up to that fact, the longer you will endure enslavement..Ken]
October 22, 2004

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From: Donna Carillo <>
Sent: Friday, October 22, 2004 10:06 PM
Subject: Florida To Track Non Vaccinators (Those on Religious or Medical Exemptions)

Hi Ken,

This is from one of our Vac Lib feedback emails. This lady is moving back to Idaho/Montana area. I guess Florida's vaccine nazis pissed her off like they did me two years ago, which is why we moved to Idaho. They passed the MSEHPA and that did it- we left!


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Sent: Friday, October 22, 2004 4:23 PM

PS -- Regarding FL

I thought you might want to know. I run a private school for home educators in FL.

As you may or may not know,the education laws have been rewritten and there are gaps for huge interpretation regarding vaccines.

It states to the affect, that in the future, HRS (social services) will require an annual report for vaccination records from each school. As to how, when, etc., these would be determined by HRS. I have waited the past two years to see what this would be.

Last month, with one week's notice given, I got a letter stating that there is a new person hired to send out these reports for nonpublic schools to request vaccination information. Instead of it requesting info for each student and to see if they have their vaccination records up to date, it, at this time, ONLY asks for those students who have religious or medical waivers. I am to include the student name, parents/guardian names and address and phone number. Bizarre I think!

Their letter also implied (although most would not see this) that they are reporting the info to a database report with the commissioner of education in Florida.


Donna Carrillo, co-director
Vaccination Liberation

"Ask me about vaccine exemptions"




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