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Silent Epidemic of Hypothyroidism Type 2 and Resultant Adrenal Exhaustion
September 29, 2011

Silent Epidemic of Hypothyroidism Type 2 and Resultant Adrenal Exhaustion (Sep. 29. 2011)

Subject: Nazis, Fluoride, Hypothyroidism Type 2, and the Doctor Police
From: Karl S
Date: Thu, September 29, 2011
To: Ken Adachi

Dear Ken,

I've been reading your site everyday for many years. Your information about Dr. Clark was instrumental in saving the life of my wife's mother when she had lymphoma. But now I am constrained to write to thank you for saving my life.

Your recommendation of Dr. Tennant's book, Healing is Voltage, led me to see myself in the pictures of those suffering from Hypothyroidism Type 2. His book led me to read Dr. Mark Starr's book, Hypothyroidism Type 2. From other information gleaned from your site and others and from being on the planet for sixty one years I came to see yet another conspiracy that is no theory. Our enemy, the Globalist/Satanist/Banker Cabal, has poisoned us and damaged our thyroid glands so that we do not have enough circulating thyroid hormone.

Fluoride, a known poison to the human body, was first placed in drinking water in the Nazi concentration camps during WW2. I thought it was only to make the prisoners docile but now I see it was nothing less than a test run for the United States of America. Yes, the Nazis not only survived the war but they came to our country through the secret "Operation Paperclip." Many of these"scientist" ended up in the pharmaceutical companies and the universities continuing their gruesome experiments.

I was born in 1950 and our town was so proud that we were one of the first in the nation to have fluoridated water. No more cavities! Right! No more thyroid gland is more like it.

Oh, yes, the media, print, radio and TV, at that time as today were owned by the globalist and in short order with a clever ad campaign turned a chemical waste and deadly poison into a cavity-fighting ingredient for your water, your toothpaste and your trips to the dentist. Talk about brain washing and mind control. I can still recite everything in the entire box on the back the toothpaste box after fifth five years. That is half of the conspiracy.

The other half is as follows. It does them no good if a person runs to the doctor and gets a prescription for desiccated thyroid. So they have to do
something about the blood test. They have to falsify the test results so that the doctor will have no legal standing to prescribe the only medicine that will help the person to be well. So across the country we have false lab results, a lot of clueless doctors and a lot of people who look like the Pillsbury Dough Boy dragging themselves through the day like veritable zombies without the strength to get out of their Lazy Boy recliners.

They can only think about what they would like to do, but they have not the energy to actually do it. I say clueless doctors not to disparage doctors but, as is mentioned in Dr. Starr's book, the medical findings of important researchers who have studied this malady have been suppressed and the information is even taken out of the medical journals and even the text books at the medical schools.

It's easy to diagnose someone. You can tell by looking at their face. You don't really need a blood test to see the myxedema, the mucin deposits under the eyelids and at the side of the face or the partial eyebrows. The pictures in Dr. Starr's book as well as Dr. Tennant's book are very instructive and revealing. I wish the damage caused by hypothyroidism was just being fat, tired and unable to exercise or loose weight, but there is damage to every organ.

There is a kind of brain fog and inability to concentrate and brain damage leading to dementia. The heart cannot pump hard so the ankles are swollen. The heart becomes enlarged leading to heart attack. The large intestine becomes swollen. The adrenal glands eventually wear out and cannot give you that old adrenalin rush of energy no matter how much caffeine you drink. There are a host of other symptoms and maladies associated with this that are often treated piecemeal by the doctors who never find the root of the problem.

I guess I'm writing today because my doctor, a very good doctor, told me yesterday that he could not give me a prescription for desiccated thyroid because the medical licensing examining board would without a doubt pull his medical license if he wrote a prescription in view of the wonderful numbers on my lab results. He began shaking and trembling as he related a trip to see the board and how they sit on a raised platform like the Nuremberg Tribunal of WW2, twenty of them appointed by the governor and paid $1000 per meeting, each with head sets to talk privately to each other but not to you.

A seventy one year old surgeon was next to testify in his own defense. He was trembling before the almighty board and as he stood up his trousers caught on the cheep folding chair and it fell over backwards behind him and as he tried to catch it with papers in both hands they flew everywhere. While he was casting about to gather his papers, board members were yelling at him, "Have had a neurological consult for your trembling; have you the best interest of your patients in mind; you can't even stand up from a chair; you are a joke" and much else. My doctor went on and on with one true story after another about the board and likened it to communist Russia.

I wanted to leave his office. I could see I wasn't about to get a prescription for the proper medicine so I thanked him and left his office. He was so relieved that I was leaving that he did not charge me for the half hour visit. If he had given me a prescription, I would have told him about the Food and Drug Administration forcing Armour to change their formula for desiccated thyroid in 2009 by adding micro-crystalline cellulose. Armour had been making it for a hundred years but no matter. Now the hundreds of thousands of people all complained the medicine was no longer working and all their symptoms were coming back. What a strange coincidence, first being poisoned nearly from birth, then false lab reports because they reduce the normal level of thyroid hormone in 1975, doctor's in a straight jacket before the omnipotent board, and now a recently changed and ineffective medicine formulas!

A person can't make this stuff up. It's just too improbable and yet I know it's true because it's happening to me and I've been running on one third of the energy I need ever since I drank that first glass of city water. I've been tired and woefully weary my entire life and finally I know why and what to do about it. I'm so grateful Ken for your work. I would not have known the overall globalist/Nazi/Banker takeover plan and history if it had not been for your site.

I'm so sad to report that both Dr. Tennant and Dr. Starr said that 90% of the American people are affected and have hypothyroidism type 2. How badly you have it depends on the years of exposure to the water and the toothpaste and the visits to the dentist. In addition, estrogen dominance,(from too much estrogen in the meats and from plastics), lack of iodine (not enough in the salt), and soy products that shut down the endocrine system all interfere with thyroid function. I can only say that I'll make my own desiccated thyroid and by God's grace will escape the gruesome fate that the powers that be have planned for me with their fluoride poisoning program. The Lord bless and keep you, Ken.

Karl S


Hello Karl,

Good letter; glad you wrote. I'm sure many people will gain a greater understanding of this all too common problem that is largely unrecognized. I recall seeing an article in the Sunday newspaper supplement, Parade magazine , somewhere in the 1980s that talked about the unrecognized epidemic of thyroid-related disorders that was plaguing many people, but they didn't know it and their doctors were not diagnosing it. Naturally, the guy who wrote the article was called a 'quack' and a 'nut' by establishment medicine critics.

I've had a great deal of trouble is this same area myself over the past two years or so and have learned much from Jerry Tennant's book. In my case, the government was running black magic and other unseen technologies that was adding tremendously to my loss of energy related to adrenal exhaustion, but the Etheric Resistance took care of the government crap and I'm now doing better by zapping 24/7 with the MST and taking herbal and nutritional supplements that seem to help quite a bit. I found that most thyroid or adrenal supplements available in health food stores don't work. I tried a number of them and I didn't notice any real improvement.

I had someone with ability muscle test and she confirmed that most adrenal and thyroid extracts were duds (at least for me. There might be hidden government involvement in sabotaging these supplements as Dr William Kelly discovered many years ago with the manufacture of a defective pancreatic enzyme that he was using for cancer patients).

However, I found that Dandellion root and deglycyrrhizinated Licorice root ("DGL") taken 3-4 caps daily (thanks to Dr John Heinerman info), along with 3 caps of Drenamin (made by Standard Process) and a digestive enzyme (Zypan, Pancreatine, many others) taken with every meal can make a big difference in improving adrenal function and energy levels. I'm also taking zinc, B-1, B-6, Brewer's Yeast, Vit. C (Rose Hips) and kelp everyday. You can take kelp as a supplement or eat kelp with your food. You can get all kinds of kelp at Asian food markets.

It occurred to me that you could make a Homeographic water bottle copy of the frequency signature from a reliable sample of desiccated thyroid extract and take it daily as Put In drops, in place of taking the desiccated thyroid extract itself. As I explained in my 2010 article on Homeography, you can make a water bottle copy of anything using a 32 kHz MST zapper, a square aluminum plate, and employ the technique explained in Hulda's books and her Synchrometer training manual for making bottle copies. Hulda Clark found that the Put In or Take Out drops worked just as well as the actual substance that the copy was made from (yes, you could try to make water bottle copies of expensive prescriptions drugs and over the counter drugs as well if you depend on that stuff).

If you find a good source of thyroid extract that works for you, send me a sample (wrapped in aluminum foil) and I'll make some water bottle copies from it and send it back to you for testing. If it works as well as the physical thyroid extract itself, then you can save a pile of money by taking the Put In drops instead.

Everyone should read the Voltage is Healing and the Hypothyroidism Type 2 books in order to learn the why and how of these conditions and to start taking the supplements that will turn things around. There is a cure for every disease condition. Spirit will lead you to the answers if you ask for the help.

Best Regards, Ken

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