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UK Swine Flu Vaccine Leads to Heart Failure & Stroke
December 2, 2009

UK Swine Flu Vaccine Leads to Heart Failure & Stroke (Dec. 2, 2009)

Subject: Heart failure & Stroke After H1N1 Vacination
From: Archie
Date: Wed, December 2, 2009
To: Ken Adachi

Dear Ken

I have wanted to write some time now but I have been scared to. I appologise for my weakness!

My friend and his girlfriend recently took the swine flu vacination here in the UK. He has been sick (though he does have underlying health problems anyway) since the shot; his girlfriend is now fighting for her life. After being admitted to hospital she suffered numerous cardiac arrests and later a
brain hemorrhage
. She is now critally ill.

I am waiting to hear more from my friend's brother and I will ask him if its OK that you contact him or he/I will write if you prefer.

Thank you Ken for my place of refuge. May you long continue your service to humanity.

Kindest Thanks & Regards


P.S I do have an amazing story about Flouride; but I am afraid that the person who gave me the info will get fired shoud I reveal their name.. and from a most influential postion at that.


Hi Archie,

If you read the articles posted to this site on the dangers associated with the Flu vaccine, you will see that, more often than not, that the HEART comes under attack first by those poisons and it can often lead to a fatal heart attack. I plan to investigate the true circumstances surrounding a ten year old Mexican girl who died at a San Diego hospital in mid October of this year. Her autopsy revealed a massive infection in her heart. They said she died of the Swine Flu. My theory is that she died from the Swine Flu vaccine, likely administered as a nasal mist.

I can only hope that more and more people in this country and in the UK wake up to the INSANITY of taking that Swine Flu poisoned cocktail.

Regards, Ken

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