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Focused Intent Creates Reality
August 16, 2006

Subject: Kim Olson Mantra
Date: Wed, August 16, 2006 10:40 am
To: Editor

Hi Ken,

Several years ago we made a chemtrail buster and it has set in the back yard 24/7. It seems that the trails are less now than before but we still see
them to our south. My question though is: Could a "Kim Olson" type "mantra" be usefull to counteract the Illumaniti's programs? Would we address the World Bank, the Bildeberg Group, the C F R, etc individually or collectively as "The Illumanti"? What would the "Mantra" consist of? If this would be effective then a world wide application might just tip the scales in humanity"s favor.


Hi Clista,

You are right on target. That's exactly how we change the ball game. You notice the chemtrails are less in your area and not over your head any longer. I see the same thing here. I haven't seen a chemtrail being laid over my area for MONTHS. If I ever see them late in the afternoon (very rare), they are north of me in the Santa Ana area (no orgone generators, no chembusters there). Sylphs FLOOD into my area if they try to lay down even a SINGLE trail. Everyday, I see deep beautifully BLUE skies and I think how wonderful it is to see the sky so blue and dense with orgone. Even without chemtrails, I've taken pictures of huge Sylphs marching across the sky all day long in an incredible display of  magnificent forms. What a show!

Philip Ledoux has talked about this a lot in his recent articles. Lilly  Ochescu of the Women's Warriors is also reminding people of their ability to create reality through focused intent. Mantra, meditation or prayer, the label doesn't matter; it's the same thing-:focused intent. The more we do it, the more we change the game.

Yes, we could collectively address all of those negative groups as the "Illuminati" and set the intention that all of their DESTRUCTIVE plans and activities will FAIL and IMPLODE as they attempt to implement them. We can declare that any advantage they hope to gain by timing the event with location, date, astral movement, etc. will work AGAINST them and work towards the neutralization of their intended destruction. We can declare that whatever force they apply to cause destruction, will REVERSE in POLARITY and work to STOP the very thing it was intended to implement. We can use their OWN energies AGAINST them. That's what they've been trying to keep from us for 300,000 years! They don't want us to know that  we can create with our MINDS and with our  EMOTIONS.  What are we waiting for?

Sincerely, Ken


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