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A Fool's Paradise
March 6, 2004

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I've just finished reading your article "The Illuminati Agenda" and it was one of the few articles, out of many articles I've read about the new world to come, that actually caught my attention. Above is a website I found a while back on "proof" that America is, in the Bible, referred to as Babylon the Great. I do not know if you've came across this already, and I don't expect you to read it one day (It took me at least 3 days to read), but I'd like your input on a few questions I've had on my mind.

First, after reading the article I'd like to ask, if Babylon, America, has her fate already determined in the Bible, isn't the task in throwing a wrench into the Illuminati's plan far too great for us to accomplish? Shouldn't we just let God carry out His plan?

Also, if in fact we can save our world from the Illuminati, what would be the best way to begin our own plan to defeat them?

Again please take your time and reply whenever you like.

Thank you,
Marvin Marroquin
Miami, FL

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Subject: Re: Take as much time you need to read....but please reply

Hello Marvin,

I don't have the time to read this web site, but I'll share with you a few thoughts instead.

1. The future is not set in stone.

2. God IS carrying out His plan. His plan is to allow his children's experiences to unfold dependent on their actions, intentions and -above all- the exercise of their Free Will.

3. You can neutralize the Illuminati by:

A) Not allowing FEAR to control or dominate your thoughts or actions. This is the biggest weapon in their arsenal and the one they depend on MOST to control you. Once you lose your fear of them, they lose their power over you and that really BOTHERS them.

B) Do not COOPERATE with their fascist dictates as their political or bureaucratic minions attempt to lord it over you. Refuse to cooperate with tyranny. Use your imagination and ask yourself what can you do to not cooperate with dictates that deny you your constitutionally guaranteed freedoms.

If you think you can sit back and just do nothing while the NWO destroys liberty and life in this country - because you've CONVINCED yourself that God is taking care of everything for you- then you are living in a fool's paradise.

Regards, Ken



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