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Footnote to the Editor on the Katrina/Government Incompetent Spin Story
"Beginning of the End" or "End of the Beginning"?

September 12, 2005

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Re: Accepting the 'Goverment was Incompetent' Katrina Spin Will Kill Us (Sep. 11, 2005)

Dear Ken:

I am Sensei Mikey, (Mike Nutter) and I was a university professor for 10 years and a high school teacher for 7 years before that. I am considered to have a high I.Q. if that means anything these days. They tell me, only 2 points below a genius'. I have told (them), I was sorry about that, because I don't feel any smarter than anyone else... wink..

I am a published author, and sold Artist. I hold 3 university degrees, a paralegal law degree, and a license to practice accupresure and chiropractic... Since 1973 I have striven to be a 'Renaissance Man'.

I am not trying to be a self appointed soothsayer, or anything of the kind, but I have had my eyes and ears open for a decade or two.

I have traveled and lived in several countries in the past 18 years. I have seen and learned many things relevant to what is now happening in our country. I live in the state of Missouri, or as some now call it , the state of Misery! I have a friend who subscribes to your open news letter and he sends me copies of what he considers the most interesting and important issues.'

I have just finished reading the posting on the Katrina Spin that will Kill us... and I wanted to respond to you on this.... Jokingly I refer to it as 'a foot note to the Editor, but while this may not be interesting enough for you to even read, let alone post, and just as unimportant that you do post it, I felt that I wanted to say it to you. Simply because you seem to care about what is going on, and it appears that you do have more understanding about it then you try to let on.

Referring to your comment about being confused and frustrated by all the notes sent to you by who knows who, or what, or why! You do seem to be able to post the most effective comments::: And it needs to be said to you!

So here is my two bits worth, I was reading along the essay, mostly agreeing with it as I went, until I came to the part that asked the question " Does that sound like a democratic society? " I had to laugh, because it does sound like one, it sounds like all democratic societies that have run their course and started to evolve into dictatorships..... That is the danger and the usual end result of democratic societies when power hungry, evil doers move in, under the guise of elected leaders.

I was talking to some older people, close friends, a few days ago, who openly told me that they were not educated or smart enough to understand the difference in a democratic society or a Republic (!) or political views on democrats or republicans....

That none of what is being talked about is understood, because the phrase "To the Republic For Which It Stands", went right over their head, they did not know what a Republic was, let alone that we were supposed to be one! What has gone wrong in our Education when 78 year olds have not a clue as to what kind of society they live in?

Sadly enough, we were never meant to be a democratic society. The question that should be asked is "What the Hell' happened to our Republic?"

This is old hash, but I am proud to say that I was telling young people, and any one who would listen to me, 10 years ago that we would see $3. to $5. dollar a gal. gas in this country by this summer.... Most did not take me seriously and thought I was a nut case. That is Ok, because if I had not known the truth, I may have thought I was a nut as well.. .wink.

But all of the things that are happening now, I have preached about them coming, to many in the past 15 years ... Many will now bare witness to that fact.... I was teased and labeled a nut, until about 6 months ago, when my son was down in Tenn. with his pregnant wife, and the price of gas took a huge jump and went over $2.00

He became frightened and called me, to ask if he could come back to my place in Missouri, so that we could group up, arm up, and fortify against that which might be coming our way! But only now was he realizing that I knew what I was talking about... He along with many others now believe me, and think I might not have been so crazy after all...

Well, none of this is important now, as we seem to be in the beginning stages of the end of our society as we know it... I am sorry to say it, but I think it is too late to stop the domino effect of the huge rolling invisible machine, that you speak of, and that we will be seeing more effects of' from here on out...

Even if we the outraged citizens, marched on Washington today and ousted all the political leaders, and established a brand new government, it would not stop the coming changes we are about to face. WE, YOU AND I, KNOW IT IS TOO LATE FOR THAT!

Any one who wants to, can blame the hurricane for any and all problems. MOST ARE DOING JUST THAT! And remain blind to the fact that the government is using it to further their diabolical plans.. But the truth is,' it is only a convenient EXCUSE, and the timing was excellent for it to be a catalyst for what most self educated people knew was coming years ago. And that which is being pushed forward with great ZEAL', by our government, with a different agenda in mind.... They believe they will succeed with out an economic collapse...

The problem was, and is... There seems to be nothing to do about it, that will change it at this stage..

Yes I think the big change is coming, and coming sooner than most citizens realize or are willing to accept... I think it will be within the next 14 months. I have made many predictions in the past, all of them have come true.... based on my own study of history, and current events and politics, I formed educated opinions, and they have all came to pass so far. I have no reason to believe that I am wrong about this...

The change I see coming, and that will hit hard, and that will change life as our generation and future generations will know it.... We, "our generation" have lived the good life, all of our life... We have never known the hardships of a Depression in our life time... We have only been told of it by our fathers and grandfathers who lived it', way before our times.. But we are about to experience it for ourselves soon....

Yes I agree with most of your postings on being ready for disaster, hunger, sickness, armed assaults on our private property, by government and citizens; and many other things you have posted from concerned citizens... However, I do not believe the government will be successful with their plan of killing off most of the population... I think they will be forced to withdraw on it and many other plans they now precieve as possible. When the Depression finally comes, it will be every man for himself. NO ONE WILL LISTEN TO THE GOVERNMENT OR PAY ATTENTION TO THE LAW! And the things we have seen in New Orleans the past week or so, is just a bitter taste of what is to come nation wide when it all comes down. One can only hope that the Army decides to go home, and let the government 'fin for themselves', when it all comes down...

When the society falls apart, there is no one left to be the dictator over. No one gives a SHIT, who is' or is not' the president. I think we will all need to be armed to the hilt, just to stay alive. And maybe some of the people down there in New Orleans have come to the conclusion that the end of our democratic society as they know it, has already begun... ?

It is hard to look at them, and guess what they are thinking, but if I were one of them, I would be wondering what the hell was going on with the life and country and society I had grown up to know and love.... I would be thinking, "the end has come!".

Well, in conclusion, I would have to say, maybe the coming Depression, which will make the one of '29 look like a vacation, will not be such a bad thing. If it slows the government down to a stop with their plans, and puts prices back to the lowest we have ever seen in our life times, it might be a good thing... Although we know, and understand that many will suffer, and it will not be easy just staying alive, in the long run, it will set things right once more...

Even if it means the establishment of a brand new government... (A REPUBLIC ONE) Which it might. In the end, it will be better for all of us... And whither or not, anyone agrees or disagrees with my view, is totally redundant, since all the talk, and all the opinions and what ever we decided to do about it all, will make no difference at this point... It is coming like Katrina, and there is nothing on this earth that will stop it....

In fact, I long for the good old days. The days when I could fill my '64 Chevy Impala' with gas that cost twenty one cents ($ .21 ) a gallon, and a dime would buy a 2 pound bag of hard christmas candy. If I earned five dollars doing odd jobs, I had date money for the whole weekend and it was plenty! I think after the big fall, and the struggle, we will see it again... If we live through it.. wink.

Well, Thanks for your time, and keep up the good work, for whatever good it will do. There are some of us out here, who hear you, and agree with you, and we have been reading and researching most of our lives. We are not blind to the political killings and all the other crap that is, and has happened, in the past few years. We know the scoop! But telling others and getting them to understand and believe it, has always been a problem... Until lately that is!.

Even My Own Father, wants to believe that Bush is as good a man as any other to be in office. Not many of his generation want to accept what they know is going on... BUT, now, more and more heads are starting to raise, and ears are beginning to open... People are beginning to pay attention. But the real question will be, " Is it too late?"

It is easy to see, what is happening, all one must do is look... But WHAT CAN BE DONE? I think only to get ones self prepared for what is coming.... You know, as well as I know, nothing is going to stop it now..

Sensei Mikey Nutter.
Monday Sept. 12, 2005


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From: Educate-Yourself
Sent: Monday, September 12, 2005 12:53 PM

Hello Sensei Mikey,

You insights are right on target. I will add one thing, however: If it wasn't for Don Croft and the INCREDIBLE things that he, his wife and a relative handful of dedicated people who are engaged in "Etheric Resistance" work, have achieved, I would have agreed with your conclusions COMPLETELY- that there is not much we could do to stop the satanic onslaught, BUT now I see that we can do a GREAT deal to dismantle the dark agenda and when more people realize fully what I'm talking about, the effect will grow EXPONENTLY.

I would encourage you to read Don Croft's Daily Reports and the Adventures of Don & Carol Croft, as well as the essays of ZS Livingstone and the articles from Philip Ledoux posted at my web site to see the bigger picture of what is possible. Yes, the dark agenda will continue to go forward, but NOW we can do much, much more than simply hunker down with our guns and watch the Mad Max scenario unfold. You're right about the chaos and desperation which will come in the near future, but we can truncate and limit that by showing that it is possible to grow sufficient food in a very small plot (or pots) and it is also possible to get water ANYWHERE, so as water CAN BE MADE TO RISE in a location where it was not previously found. We know how to do these things and will inform the entire internet world of it.

If you read my introductory remarks concerning the British Israel scheme and study Chapters 1 and 2 of Helen Peters book, The Union Jack, you will know that the elites WANT the public to throw out the "old" government and demand a "new" government. That's EXACTLY what they want. They want you to willingly decide to give that 'former' government the boot because THAT government is based on three precious documents: 1. The Declaration of Independence, 2. The United States Constitution, and 3. The Bill of Rights which they want us to ABANDON them in the projected FANTASY of coming up with a 'new ' and 'better' government structure.That's not going to happen. We will only end up with fascism, feudalism, and enslavement if we give up our established constitutional government.

If you recall, the Illuminati created the French Revolution of 1788 and the Bolshevik Revolution of 1917 (and the China revolution of 1949 with Mao). They WANT TO CREATE chaos and forment revolution. That's how they win. That's how they gain ground. Chaos, turmoil, and revolution are the essential ingredients which the Illuminati depends on in order to advance their enslavement agenda.

I realize that most members of Congress are compromised and are playing ball with the Illuminati agenda. The same goes for the Supreme Court and the Executive branch, but we still have laws intact to remove traitors from office and we should be focusing on THAT APPROACH and not clamoring for a new government.

Henry Makow and other writers have correctly pointed out that the mainstream propaganda push was to make those people in New Orleans look like DESPERATE, out-of-control, and lawless animals who NEEDED to be controlled. That utterly transparent and preposterous London Zoo "exhibit" of humans beings dressed like cavemen and acting like monkeys behind bars just a week or so before Katrina hit was a PSYOPS gambit if I ever saw one!.

Take a moment and re-read your own letter and tell me what you see. Ask yourself: Have I been had?

Please continue to write and share your opinions.

Kind Regards, Ken

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