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Re. Forced Vaccination vs. Red/Blue List Roundups
July 12, 2009

Re. Forced Vaccination vs. Red/Blue List Roundups (July 12, 2009)

Subject: Forced Vaccination vs. Red/Blue List Roundups
From: Keith Howe
Date: Sun, July 12, 2009
To: Ken Adachi

Hi Ken,

While thinking about the coming forced vaccinations it came to mind that this could be used to eliminate the "resisters" to the NWO. William Cooper pointed out the red and blue lists for round ups to get rid of those who won't go along with the fascist slavery agenda. Perhaps they have decided instead to have a "red" vaccine for undesirables which is fatal, and a "blue" vaccine for those who are allowed to survive the "day of great slaughter" (Isaiah 30:25). We already know every person has an extensive NSA/Homeland security profile file. So when you roll up your sleeve to accept their posion, and they bring your name up for verification, which list will you be on. It's real easy to have color coded vaccines for the population. Red
you die, blue you lose.

No one wins this time. "Rollups" (as in rolling up your sleeve) sure saves a lot of time and manpower compared to "roundups".

Sign Petition to Protect Us From Compulsory Vaccination, Drugging

Keith Howe


Hi Keith,

Yes, what you suggest is possible, but how many people are going to roll up their sleeves? I'm thinking the scare stories are designed to get us all shook up and quivering in our boots, but they really don't have the resources or manpower to try to literally FORCE everyone to take a vaccine.

The point of getting out the info about the dangers and hidden genocide intent of the vaccinations is to wake up enough people so they won't WILLINGLY take the vaccines, buying into all the BS and propaganda of the government liars about how it will "protect" them with this bio-engineered disease or that lab-produced "disease".

Once a certain percentage of the population becomes aware of the sinister agenda behind Illuminated "vaccines", the info spreads throughout the mass consciousness quickly and almost NOBODY will line up for their poisons. And then what are they going to do? Go from door to door with armed troops and force people to take a vaccination or haul them off in a van or bus or truck? I doubt that will happen only because a large percentage of Americans will SHOOT if they try that--thank God!

The Illuminati depends on BLUFF and fear mongering to get us to cooperate with them. They use their whores in the media to spread their propaganda and scare stories so people get a sense of hopelessness and feel that they can't do anything to stop the Juggernaut.

Well, I got News for the defeatists, the cowards, and above all for the Illuminated Ones:

We ARE stopping the Juggernaut.
We will NOT cooperate with their intimidation ploys
We will NOT capitulate to their fear tactics and
We will eventually kick their rotten asses off this planet--for good.

THEIR choice is to either shape up and disconnect from Satan completely and get on the right path, or prepare to be spending eternity with The Prince of Darkness in Hell because their days on this blue planet are numbered.

The Avenging Angel has ALREADY made his appearance --and the Illuminated Ones KNOW what I'm referring to.

The ass kicking has only BEGUN.

On a more mundane note, I'm opposed to signing on-line petitions for anything. Hand written or electronic petitions have zero effect on political decisions for at least the past 35 years. They might have had some effect in the 1950s and even the 1960's , but today they are meaningless. You are, however, providing data about yourself that maybe you should keep to yourself.

I am in favor, though, of sending a letter by ordinary mail to your favorite congressional traitor and letting them know how you're going to hand their head to them on a platter in the next election if they continue to sell out the People and the Constitution. I would make up a name and make up a false address, but I would send lots of those little love notes to the Sell-outs just to let them know that you're paying attention.

Fear installation can work BOTH ways you know.

Regards, Ken

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