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The Forces You Are Going Against Are Too Strong
April2, 2004

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From: Paul <>
Sent: Friday, April 02, 2004 11:36 AM
Subject: Response

I admire your work. You are right on the money with everything I have read. I wish you luck. I believe the forces you are going against are too strong. They have had to much time to plan. The technology they have is greater than most people will be able to believe. The world has changed a lot and will be changing a lot more soon.


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From: Editor
To: Paul
Sent: Tuesday, April 13, 2004 2:51 PM
Subject: Re: Response

Hi Paul,

Thanks for your complimentary thoughts, but your defeatism is showing.

I don't see myself engaged in a battle with anyone. I'm an ordinary person who is reporting what is obvious and plainly self evident. Humanity is being assaulted on an unprecedented level by a individuals who are being controlled and guided by demonic powers.

If you think you can sit around and simply remain an observer, I have news for you. The entire human race is being jeopardized, not me. Wishing me luck is not going to solve YOUR problem. You have an advantage over the Pajama People in knowing that the NWO takeover agenda is underway, but simply having that knowledge is not going to spare you from being swept up in the chaos.

These extremely evil people only APPEAR to hold all of the advantages. Their evilness has generated an equal and oppposite reaction by the forces for good. But it takes ACTION to change your circumstances and a defeatist attitude will paralyze you.

It should be obvious to you that you can't possibly defeat an enemy if you keep telling yourself how invulnerable they are.

When the NWO tried to use Hitler to secure their one world feudal Reich, it failed despite the APPEARANCE of the invincibility of German troops at the beginning of the war. If the French government had demonstrated more courage and less defeatism (and collaboration) , the second world war probably could have been shortened by two or three years. Think of how many lives would have been spared had Hitler been crushed in 1942 instead of 1945. If the allies from World War I had immediately sent in troops to crush Hitler after he remilitarized the Rhineland in 1938, there would have been NO World War II. Instead, you had a milk and toast defeatist by the name of Chamberlain who just caved into Hitler's demands (and bluffs).

It's much more difficult to bring about freedom after you have already given away all of your power and ALLOWED the bad guys to dominate you..It's much easier to take steps to PREVENT yourself from winding up in a concentration camp, rather than trying to survive once you've been placed inside of one.

Can't you see how foolish (and dangerous) defeatism can be?

Regards, Ken



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