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Form Letter for Skeptics
March 19, 2004

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From: Anonymous
Sent: Friday, March 19, 2004 12:08 PM
Subject: NEW!! Angry, Illiterate, Skeptics - Form Letter

Dear Ken,

I’ve been perusing your site regularly for a while now. I find it enormously entertaining and often educational; though I must say I appreciate it mostly for it's ability to consistently expand the realm of possibility. I question what I read here all the time, but I wouldn't feel particularly compelled to write you a damning letter unless I knew for a fact that what you were publishing was verifiably untrue. Anyway, I’m becoming increasingly concerned that many skeptics out there are trying to get a point across to you, but they can't because they have a vocabulary of one hundred-fifty words or less. Thus, I feel I would be remiss if I did not provide, as a public service, an easy-to-use form letter that they are all welcome to use to express their dissatisfaction with

Dear Editor,

I recently came across an article you published on your website on the subject of <insert subject> I am a twenty<inert age> year old American male, who has garnered a wealth of human experience, by spending countless hours behind a school desk, in front of a television, and -most recently- in a 5 foot square cubicle. I consider myself to be an extremely well-rounded person as a result of my manifold experiences, and thus like to think of myself as quite the authority on the subject of <insert subject>.

It is in my opinion that <insert name> is obviously mentally imbalanced if he thinks that <insert subject> is a reality in our modern, civilized, educated world. I have never seen <insert subject> on television, never heard about it in any classroom I've ever been in, and I certainly haven't seen any such evidence of it’s veracity evinced anywhere in my cubicle. Thus, <insert subject> is a load of crap and <insert name> should be strung up by his/her genitalia by the office of homeland security.

I am very angry –nay, livid- with you, Ken Adachi, for publishing such dangerous notions as there are many lesser-minded people who are not equipped with my vast breadth of experience to be able to distinguish this excrement from reality. You are exploiting their ignorance our of your own selfishness. Therefore, I suggest that you should <insert expletive> your <insert expletive>, you filthy commie, terrorist, hippie, liberal <insert expletive>, and leave journalism to those best qualified – like Bill O’Reilly or Dan Rather.


<insert name>

PS: you should reconsider renaming your website <insert explitive>


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