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"We Need Those Free Energy Machines"
March 30, 2008

"We Need Those Free Energy Machines" (April 1, 2008)

Subject: Free Energy
From: Erik
Date: Sun, March 30, 2008
To: Editor

Hi Ken,

I have a couple things that have been going around in my mind.

First, Do you think that it is possible that all the Chem Trails are actually poisonous waiste from the DUMB bases? I think they must have a surplus of biproducts from all there operations going on down there. And I'm sure they don't want to stash it around themselves so they just dispurse it thinly over our heads.

On Global Warming, I agree with the idea that the Sun is heating up causing our whole Solar sysem to heat up with it. But at the same time I am concearned with all the pollution being spewed into the atmosphere. When I am snowboarding looking out over the horizon in Vermont, I can see that brown haze over the horizon that never disappears. It just varies in thickness. So it doesn't cause Global warming, fine. But it is still bad. Which brings me to what I think is the most important crisis we are facing today.And I think you could possibly help with the solution to this.

We need those free energy machines. They are an elusive thing, but I think it is one, if not the most important things this Earth needs right now in order to move us into the future. It pains me to think that 60 years ago we could have converted over to free energy and even before that when Tesla had his car with an energy collecting antenna. I have read your Free energy section, but I don't see any Blueprints to build a device. There should be a way to buy them, be it either a hydrogen producing device or other kind of unit.

We could have pollutionless cars, pollutionless heating and cooling systems in our homes. Greenhouses in the winter with gardens. Small businesses using free energy. No more toxic waiste from Nuclier plants. Although I hear that nuclear waiste is actually treatable with other secret techniques.

People in the dessert could have free energy desalinization plants, etc. Don't you think it is the most important thing Ken? We need to stand up and be brave and get this technology out into everybodys hands all at once so they can't stop it.

Sincerely Erik


Hello Erik,

Chemtails are composed of substances intended to cause immune system debilitation and electromagnetic tracking, among other purposes. Some of those substances were identified in ground and aerial analysis made by Chris Carnicom, William Thomas, and likely others whom I am not aware of. When they build an underground base (or city), they use huge nuclear boring machines which create perfectly round tunnels of various diameters with a glass-smooth wall. There is no digging waste to get rid of because that earth material is instantly melted and forced into the fissures of the surrounding rocks. Phil Schneider reported that in his public lectures in 1995. Richard Saunder, PhD wrote a book about underground bases, even before Phil mentioned it in his 1995 lectures. I believe Saunder has an updated version of the book called ""Underwater and Underground Bases"

Global Warming is a contrived hoax orchestrated to bring about political and economic gains for the Illuminated elites, at the expense of the general public, the majority of whom are ignorant of the orchestration.

The garbage you see in the atmosphere of mountainous regions of Vermont, which should be crystal clear, is largely due to chemtrails, but also to the smog enhancing effect from cell phone towers, which pump up the DOR polarity of atmospheric orgone energy and act as a glue to hold smog related particles together. The reason large orgone generators like chembusters or even the smaller generators like Tower Busters can punch holes in chemtrails or reduce smog is because the orgone generator transmute the DOR polarity into the positive OR polarity of atmospheric orgone. DOR energy is the "glue" which holds chemtrails and smog together. I have video recordings made by Trevor James Constable in the 1980's which shows how he could literally "blow" dense smog right out of a California basin valley by the selective positioning of a cloudbuster some miles away. While Trevor was filming the smog in the valley, he was talking on the phone to his operator of the cloudbuster. You first see the smog just sitting in the valley and the visibility is very low. Trevor tells the operator to point the cloudbuster in a certain direction and within a few minutes, you see what looks like a wind literally "pushing" the smog out of the valley until the visibility picks up to the point that you could see the mountain on the other side of the valley very clear. It was an amazing demonstration (and the videos I have of Trevor brewing  up storms at sea - out of a clear blue sky - are even more amazing)..

Many inventions of free energy devices, beginning with Tesla's discovery of Radiant Energy back in 1888, have been severly suppressed and kept from the public. There have been many cases of free energy inventors either being bought off, sabotaged, burned out, intimidated into silence, or outright killed for trying to sell or promote a free energy device. The poisoning death of Stanley Meyer (water as fuel inventor) on March 21, 1998 is as good an example as any.

No one is going to make a pile of money on a free energy device, with their name at the top of the company's buidling, and retire comfortably in Switzerland. No one is going to benefit from filing a patent on a free energy because the Pentagon and the NWO traitors in government will snap it up in a second and then place a "National Security" blanket over it for eternity. If you are lucky enough not to be taken away and 'disappeared', they will warn you that if you dare say a word about what happened to your patent, or your device, or what the government goons did to you, they will put you away in jail and forget about you -no trial or charges necessary.

I read of one guy in Australia (or maybe it was New Zealand) in the mid 1980s who invented a free energy device for running a car (I think it was a water based system) and he sold it to the Club of Rome for something like 21 million dollars to be paid out in yearly installments for 20 years. I think he may have been paid a few hundred thousands dollars as his "down payment" before he mysteriously died a few months later and was never heard of again. Strange, that a guy who had everything to live for would unexpectedly die like that and not be able to profit from his invention. What a pity, huh?

So you see, trying to sell a free energy device is risky business. Even trying to give one away could be dangerous if you draw attention to yourself. We have to instead look to the internet for information on low tech devices that could be built at home and to freely share our development discoveries over the internet, so there is no single individual or organization to focus on. This is already being done with various free energy chat groups. The time is ripe for this information sharing to intensify due to oil price gouging. I'm sure you will see more info posted at my site, but you can start searching around on your own and find this research yourself. It's all over the internet.

Bill Lang came out with info about a simple water system for the car that was based on a World War 2 invention that extends mileage and improves engine performance big time. It only requires a glass Ball canning jar, a few hoses and plastic adapter tees to set it up and running.

You can read all about it at

A guy named "Ozzie" runs the web site. While he doesn't claim to take credit for the invention, he also doesn't t give proper credit to Bill Lang, the person responsible for bringing this information forward and handing it to Ozzie on a silver platter. That sort of thing annoys me to no end, as I have encountered much stealing and plagiarism of my own writings by pretend free energy gurus, like Sterling D. Allan, who someday may find themselves on the receiving end of a lawsuit. .

Regards, Ken

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