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French School Demands Student Vaccination; Mother Says No
November 18, 2009

French School Demands Student Vaccination; Mother Says No (Nov. 18, 2009)

Subject: mandatory vaccination in french schools! - HELP
From: Derry Jackson <>
Date: Wed, November 18, 2009

I am looking for information I can use as a tool to stop the school doctor from insisting that my son (of 17 years) be vaccinated. I have a letter from my son's primary doctor:health praticitioner (a naturpath). There is a law in existence in following another protocal. This doctor states that she can dispense with all the 'required' vaccines but not the Tetanus.

She has demanded that I show her the law stating I can use a different medical pratice or he will have to be vaccinated if he wants to remain in school in France!! The dissussion I had with this doctor was horrible! She stated to me that the law states he must be vaccinated to be in school therefore regardless of allergies, family history of bad reactions to Tetanus, his own health difficulties, our wishes/refusal that he MUST be inoculated for tetanus.....she knows nothing about him whatsoever & thinks she has a right to examine him & inoculate him as he is a pupil in the school!??

He will do his international Bacc in 2011. I do not know where to look for information or for this law - I have seen this law & did print it off a few years ago but cannot find it neither can I remember where I got it!

We will not allow any vaccination of our son so what can we do, if you are not able to help can you point us in the right direction or refer us somewhere/to someone? If I have to I will take a legal action but again I do not know where to turn!! We think what you are doing deserves a nobel prize for saving humanity.

Thankyou for listening.

yours hopefully,
Derry Jackson


Hi Derry,

There are health department vaccination exemption forms available in every state in America, but I'm not familiar with the vaccine exemptions available in France. I do know, however, that there remains a remnant of French men and women in whose hearts burn still the flame of justice and respect for human rights which inspired the Third Republic. Perhaps a French reader with more information on vaccine exemptions in France will contact me and provide additional insights.

Here are a few ideas:

Ask her if she can GUARANTEE that the Tetanus shot will cause no harm to your son in any way, now or at anytime in the future. If she says no, then the argument is over. Tell her that if she can't guarantee his safety from harm, then she cannot insist on the vaccination. If she says yes, then tell her she has to sign your Assumption of Liability form and have it notarized to make it legally valid.

You can remind her that ALL vaccines are listed as EXPERIMENTAL by all vaccine manufacturers. None of them are GUARANTEED to be safe and free of side effects by the manufacturer. By stating that the vaccine is "experimental", the manufacturer is freed from liability from vaccine damage based on the IMPLIED CONSENT of those who are taking an EXPERIMENTAL drug. There is a long history of DOCUMENTED neurological damage (including death) that has taken place with ALL vaccines, including Tetanus.

You can tell her that the school and her are FORCING your son to take an experimental and unproven drug in order to remain in school. They, therefore, are over-riding any notion of VOLUNTARY CONSENT (from your son or his parents) in taking an experimental drug and they are THEREFORE responsible for any detrimental consequences that may ensue in the wake of taking the vaccination. She and the principal of the school, therefore, BOTH need to sign your Assumption of Liability form which you can find examples of on my Vaccine Dangers page.

France, like the United States, is a signatory to the Geneva protocols and the Nuremberg code which FORBID the FORCED participation in any medical EXPERIMENT,and that includes EXPERIMENTAL vaccines.

As a non-citizen of France, your son is likely outside of the authority which French doctors might exert over French citizens, in any event.

Send a letter to her and to the school principal and tell them that they are uninformed of the dangers associated with vaccines, but you can provide them with the peer-reviewed documentation and scientific papers which establishes - beyond all doubt - the fallacy of vaccine safety and will prove to reasonable satisfaction that vaccines cause far more harm than good. Remind them that the simplest way to bypass further confrontation and EMBARRASSMENT for the school and for the doctor in question is to back down, and drop their insistence on making decisions about your son's body and his health destiny which they have no right or authority to make. Those decisions remain with you and your son ~ exclusively.

Further confrontation will result in the name of the school, the name of the principal, and the name of the doctor being exposed on this web site, which enjoys 3.5 MILLION hits per month from 169 countries. French readers to this web site are always among the TOP 30 countries who visit this web site each month.

Schools, especially, need to maintain an appearance of non-coercion and openness in RESPECTING the HUMAN RIGHTS of its students. FORCING students to take unwanted vaccinations is closer to the sort of "school" one would expect in Nazi Germany or Stalinist Russia. Any school,or administrator, or nurse, or school doctor who INSISTS that they have a greater right to decide on what goes into the body of their students, than does the student himself or his parents, are over-stepping their authority and are no longer behaving as physicians or school administrators. When we arrive at that juncture, then we are no longer dealing with reasonable people operating within a democratic framework. Such people and such policies need to be exposed to a wider audience and taken to task.

Tell them that they will receive that exposure on this web site-and perhaps many other web sites that feel the same as I do in this regard.

If you have to file a lawsuit to wake them up, then you will find the legal talent that is required to pursue your just cause. If they bar your son from attending that school, then we will make that an issue at this web site and the adverse publicity will eventually make itself known to them, their sponsors, and their board of trustees. We have voluntary translators who will translate these comments into French. Every time that the name of that school or that doctor is entered in a search engine, their behavior in this confrontation will likely appear on page one of that search.

The way to put an end to tyranny is to TAKE A STAND and FIGHT.

Those who hold the moral high ground possess a strength and resolve that cannot be matched by the gutless minions who follow authoritarian policies and the supposed state "requirements" for students to be vaccinated.

I can only hope that parents of school children in France and England and any other country in Europe that is insisting on mandatory vaccinations, understand that their children may pay a HEAVY price for the lack of determination on the part of parents to protect their children from a POISONING that will --in many cases--plague them for the REMAINDER of their lives. Just look at what happened to Desiree Jennings. She only got the "seasonal" flu shot. What could be more "non-worrisome" than that?

She BELIEVED the lies about the value and efficacy of vaccines from Big Medicine, from government "health" spokesmen, from school officials, and from the media whores of television and radio, only to discover that SHE had to pay the price for their deceit and misleading assurances. As she was approaching death from their wonderful vaccine, the lions of Big Medicine COULD DO NOTHING FOR HER. It was only Nature-based medicine that saved her life and reversed her progression towards the grave.

No matter what, you don't allow them to vaccinate your kid. You protect your kid and you don't let the soulless robots of Academia, or Big Medicine, or government Officialdom ruin his health because they say "it's required".

Sincerely, Ken Adachi

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