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Question & Commentary From Steve Campbell on the Japan Radiation Psyops

April 30, 21012

Question & Commentary From Steve Campbell on the Japan Radiation Psyops (April 30, 2012)

Subject: Ken, is this a Psy-Op?
From: "Steve Campbell" <callstevec2@gmail.com>
Date: Sat, April 28, 2012
To: Ken Adachi



Hi Seve,

Yes, I posted many articles from March 12, 2011 onwards, and did many radio shows in 2011, that addresses the subject of the Fukushima
radiation scare psyops.

The Illuminated Ones want to create fear about nuclear energy and get the public to demand the shutdown of nuclear power plants and replace them with natural gas power plants using a new German Turbine design (you see why Merkle in Germany banned nuclear plants and will phase out all current nuke plants).

You notice how this campaign dovetails with the fracking natural gas activity here in America and the development of a natural gas pipe lines from Russia into Turkey, Afghanistan, etc. There was no meltdown in Fukushima. See the articles I posted in March 2011. The whole scenario was staged. The first comment posted at the end of the Sircus promo piece talls the story.

Regards Ken


Hi Ken,

Thanks for your reply. I was familiar with your work back in March, 2011, so I knew you were the right one to ask about this otherwise convincing story.

Here in western Colorado, we are in the belly of the natural gas fracking beast. From what I have seen here, fracking is indeed a big problem for our health, as it contaminates the water. People whose property have natural gas drilling rigs very near to their homes have to put up with noise, loss of air quality, the mentioned water degradation (to the point of being able to ignite their water in some instances), obvious direct correlation between the rigs and health issues (which the gas industry continues to deny) and on top of that, land devaluation, so that when forced due to health issues to move, they take a loss financially. Our three elected county commissioners (all Republicans) seem to be in bed with the gas industry. Many good folk have become more vocal in local politics as a result, myself included.

IF the power elite really wanted to help the world they would make the way clear for the development of Thorium nuclear power plants, which from what I've read are safe and efficient, as well as the plethora of alternative clean and economical power-generating inventions that have been suppressed.

Thanks again,


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