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Comments on the Galactic Federation & The Approach of 2012
May 10, 2011

Comments on the Galactic Federation & The Approach of 2012 (May 10, 2011)

Subject: Takes on 2012
From: Brian <>
Date: Tue, May 10, 2011
To: Ken Adachi

Hi Ken,

Interesting article by Franz Erdl. His take on a couple of things prompted this e-mail. One of them I disagree with, where he says anything having to do with 'Apocalypse' is in effect, the Annunaki(or whomever) "playing their little games" (my words)

While I certainly understand any skepticisms in our constant search for Truth, my intuition suggests that we are on the verge of what could be termed a 'Divine Apocalypse', with the most important understanding properly defining 'apocalypse' as being a revelation. This 'Revelation' doesn't necessarily have to be accompanied by great 'natural' cataclysmic events or anything having to do with any Armageddon scenarios. With that I am in full agreement with Erdl.

However, when I look back to the Red Elk interviews I realize that his vision of humanity being the 'cheese' which is luring the mouse that the trap will snap upon is a basic metaphor of 'Divine Apocalypse'. It's what my book is centered around.

To me, 2012 represents a demarcation where 'time' will no longer be, as I put it,"suffered in the grip of a linear erosion." Where "there is no measuring passage of time, as evidenced by an illusive format, only the ever-emerging presence of it's Be-ing." Think of time as a 'time-less' Being-an aeon.

I think the Annunaki(or again, whomever) are simply putting their own spin on what is to be an actual life-changing experience, not an event occuring on a specific date, but a steadily emerging 'perceptual change' or 'paradigm shift' if you will, for those who would have 'eyes to see and ears to hear'. I think 'they' are trying to take as much of Life 'down' with them as they exit the stage, while the rest move forward or back to a true home reality (it is my contention that Life has been regressed from it's true spiritual state as opposed to any legitimacy saying that we are in a process of progressing to enlightenment-it's all in my book)

Getting back to Franz Erdl, he is disclaiming notions of a 'galactic federation.' My question to you is, "Do you have any inkling at all that 'Hendon' may be a fraud"?



Hi Brian,

I told Franz in an e-mail that the internet postings and Youtube clips of a channeled group called the "Galactic Federation" is not the same group that Don Nicoloff refers to with General Jeremiah. Don has repeatedly clarified on his radio show that General Jeremiah's group call themselves "The United Galactic Federation, Galaxy of Hendon" and not the "Galactic Federation".

it's very aggravating to have to keep on repeating this. It's a different name, OK? And it's the responsibility of the reader to recognize that and not confuse the two.

There are NO internet articles or Youtube video clips from the General Jeremiah group posted to the internet; none. The only place you will hear or read any information from or about the United Galactic Federation, Galaxy of Hendon is from Don Nicoloff's radio show or his web site or the info posted to my web site.

I only know of General Jeremiah and his efforts through Don Nicoloff. I directly spoke to General Jeremiah only once during his call to Don's show in July of 2009. Don's been telling me info about Jeremiah and his group since I first began having conversations with Don Niciloff in May of 2007.

I find Don Nicoloff to be completely honest and truthful. If Don says that he's met with the General on numerous occasions and that the General has landed his craft in an isolated location and got out to talk with Don, then I believe him. He has no reason to lie to me or make things up.

I have no direct contact with General Jeremiah and therefore I cannot personally affirm anything about him or his group, but I have no reason to doubt Don Nicoloff's word in assuring me that the info about Jeremiah and his group is real. Whatever you believe or wish to believe about General Jeremiah and his group is up to you.

I can concur with much of what you say about upcoming developments. Beyond the takeover accelerations and reckless conduct of the Illuminated ones in the past 10 years, it does seem that universal frequency changes are afoot which can be observed. We notice the increasing whiteness of the setting sun, an additional color band which has appeared in the rainbow (discussed by ZS Livingstone a year or so ago), the advent of a third DNA strand now discovered by mainstream science in some children, the widespread appearance of Sylphs to neutralize chemtrails, the increasing intuitive perceptibility of millions of people, expanding awareness, etc.

Many people say that our bodies are changing on a cellular level towards a non-carbon form. If that is happening, then it's happening and we'll see where it goes.

I'm only guessing, but I think we probably are experiencing an increase in resonant frequency and moving towards a higher frequency band. They say that the Dark Ones can't increase their frequency as those of the Light and therefore they will fall away. That would be nice if that happens, but we'll have to see. I do suspect that the friendly forces working on the Light side are intensifying their efforts and are weakening the Dark Ones behind the scenes.

I know from first hand knowledge that the Etheric Resistance team has accomplished things that are so remarkable and stupefying, that very few people would believe me if I told them. However, we will all gradually witness the effect of their accomplishments in the coming months and years. You may have already noticed that the total number of chemtrail sprayer "planes" have reduced in number from where they were 1 year ago. Sure, they're still spraying, but not as frequently or in as many different locations-simultaneously- than was the case 1 year ago (even the traitors in the mighty US Air Force cannot replace huge, underground Artificial Intelligence computers, hundreds of destroyed anti-gravity chemtrail "planes," and underground landing/reloading facilities overnight).

Beyond the help we are getting from Sylphs, there are many individuals who are working on neutralizing the poisons, radioactivity, and bio-weapons being distributed with chemtrails using their mind, focused intent, prayer, and radionic toys. It's not 100% effective, but we would all be much sicker than we currently are if it wasn't for these neutralizing efforts.

Most people don't know it, but they have Lyme, Mycoplasma, Small Pox, and numerous stealth viruses and nano-robots in their body all acquired from breathing or ingesting chemtrail fallout. While many people are having negative symptoms from these poisoning operations, they would be in much more trouble if the neutralizing work was not taking place.

I don't think time will stop after 2012. I think we'll still use clocks and watches to mark time. If, because of cellular change, we live longer lives, then that would be nice. I don't expect we'll become physically immortal overnight. I think that physical bodies live longer as the group moves into higher dimensions, but that's just a guess.

Even though it might seem scary at times, it 's interesting to be alive right now and experience these events and developments.

Sincerely, Ken


Subject: Hendon
From: Doctor F
Date: Wed, May 11, 2011
To: Ken Adachi

Hi Ken,

Although the idea of the UGF of Hendon is wonderful, and we all wish it exists in the way that is described by Don, to say that Don has no reason to fool you seems naive to me. You operate a very popular website, where many awakened people read and digest material. You have mentioned on numerous occasions the millions of hits you get from many countries, therefore you must be some sort of target in the eyes of the Controllers. To infiltrate the information on your site would be quite a coup, don't you think?

Yes, Don sounds like a wonderful human being on the radio and says many enlightening things, but it is still possible he is being manipulated, or he is manipulating you in order to reach and misdirect the many readers of your website. Unlikely perhaps, but possible, and clearly there would be motive and a big pay-off. I like Don from what I have heard and read, but I must admit, any evidence of the General's existence is quite weak. On the radio show when you spoke with him, I remember the General saying he had many photos that would provide dramatic evidence, but his secretary (or assistant) was busy and it would take a little time to send them... Well, I've got a teenager who could send a hundred high quality pics of our dog to someone in China within 5 minutes on an 8 year old laptop. So, what's their delay?

The photos that Don does present on his site are beautiful, but not enough proof in my mind. I'm not saying thay are fake, but are they the type to really convince someone of other planets full of life? We could all think of the type of photos that the General could send, given the technology he should be surrounded by, and that doesn't include a snowy river seen with a wolf or two in the distance. How about some close-ups of completely different species, for example? How about pics of advanced hardware (weapons, craft or even communication devices)? How about pics of a dwelling, inside or outside (showing how other peoples live)? Further, given the tech, there seems to be no good reason why the General (or another officer) could not have met with you at some point, in your neck of the woods, even for a few minutes. And being too busy doesn't cut it, given the meetings with Don. Even the fact that the General lives on Earth and "commutes" makes no sense to me, given the security risks.

98% of your readership trust you Ken, I'm sure, but you do have a history of being duped previously (which you admit and explain, much to your credit). No shame there, and not proof of lack of intelligence; rather, you seem to be very passionate and a person who DOES something, even if a little premature at times. We respect that quality Ken, but I wanted to remind you of the potential of deception, because the stakes are much higher now due to the popularity of your website. You fail to acknowledge this possibility when challenged about Don or Hendon. This is surely not the time to be close-minded. I'm probably wrong about my misgivings (nay, I pray I am), but I felt compelled to say something.

Take care Ken.


PS Around the Phoenix area, chemtrail spraying is about 10% of what it was 2 years ago (I'm fairly close to Luke AFB). Many days without any, a few heavy days, but rarely back-to-back spraying. When they do spray, they always attempt to cover the sun now. They'll spray "above" a rising sun, or "below" a setting sun. Very little cris-crossing / checkerboard patterns these days; rather, parallel paths converging towards the sun. Cheers.


Hello Doctor F,

Thanks for writing. I appreciate your desire to warn me and bring your perceptions to the table. I know you are doing this in the interest of being helpful and not critical, but let me mention a few things to round out the picture.

Anybody can cast doubts about anything and anybody if they are so inclined. Based on this letter alone, I could create suspicions about you and your motivations for writing me (to arouse suspicion about Don or General Jeremiah, for example)

You only identify yourself by a single letter and the title 'doctor'; and not even a first name Isn't that cause for some sort of suspicion? Couldn't I say that you're trying to hide your identity? And couldn't I suspiciously wonder why?

Every single human being on this planet has been duped from time to time. It's a normal experience of life. I express my thoughts as the information is presented to me. If I discover that I've been snookered in some way, than I'll write about it and explain my concerns.

I prefer to know the truth of things and I relay my perceptions in my writings. No one is infallible, least of all me. I do the best I can with the information that is presented to me. While falsity usually reveals itself in time, there is no guarantee of 100% accuracy in anything.

You will read much more disinformation and misleading information at Jeff Rense's web site than you will at mine, yet if you challenge Jeff Rense on the accuracy or flat out deception presented by some of his favorite and admired guests, such as Jim Marrs, for example, Jeff will then become very angry and accuse you of being easily duped or taken in by "un provable' and 'uncorroborated' things suich as the Balqui photos; the same photos which you allude to. I never sent the Balqui photos to Jeff Rense, but a CIA operative named Tim White did in the interest of defaming me and lowering my credibility in the eyes of Jeff Rense (and funny how White's timing worked out: it happened just at a time when I was exhanging hot and heavy, argumentative e-mails with Jeff. Isn't that an AMAZING coincidence?).

Jeff Rense has often reminded me of his worry about maintaining his credibility and to only present information that can be corroborated and proven, but when I do demonstate to him with photographic proof that his pal Jim Marrs is talking through his hat when he disavows the role of Secret Service agent Willaim Greer in shooting JFK from the driver's seat of the Presidential limo, Jeff goes nuts on me; even to the point of bouncing my e-mails. I'm afraid that my presumptive criticims of Saint Jim Marrs has caused me to be ex-communicated by Pope Jeffrey and you will no longer see my articles posted at (oh well, there are worse things I suppose).

I have no reason to doubt Jeremiah's word about the Balqui photos. The photos look genuine to me. The vegatation in some shots is different than the vegetation seen on earth. The color of the atmosphere is also somewhat different than what we have here. A couple months after those pictures were posted on Don's web site (and some on mine), there were a handful of government sponsored trolls who tried to attract my and Don Nicoloff's attention by claiming that the Balquie photos were "stolen" from their blogs or online photo albums. Their assertions were absurd.

I mentioned these things in a note I posted to the Educate-Yourself chat forum on February 6, 2011:

The debunkers actually claimed that Don perused the millions upon millions of photographs posted to the interent (as if he would know where to look for them) in order to assemble the group he presented as Balqui photos. Imagine the time and difficulty involved in attempting to do that! Yet, this was their claim. Naturally, they created and back dated a web site using some of the Balqui photos taken from Don's web site and then claim that they were already posted a couple of years before Don posted the Balqui pictures. This is what government disinformation agents do.

One of those trolls also claimed that one of the photos of a volcano on Balqui, was actually a photo of Mount Fuji in Japan. However, if you look CAREFULLY at the Balqui volcano and the photos of Mt. Fuji (enlargements), you will see that they are not the same volcano at all. These agents are likely low level geeks which the military or CIA or DHS uses to create agitation and cast doubts about the info and photos made available by General Jeremiah. The CIA or DHS will always attempt to discredit something as unusual as the Jeremiah photos of Balqui.

You may recall the Feb. 2, 2011 radio show

that I, ZSL, and Don Nicoloff did in discussing General Jeremiah's spacecraft visit to the Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem on the evening of January 28, 2011 in order to disarm a nuclear device that was hidden in the basement of the mosque. The event was recorded on cell phone video by at least 3 different individuals who posted their videos to Youtube.

In checking the above link, I see that each video is now removed from the internet. The only reasonable explanation for three separate, unconnected individuals to close their Youtube accounts and remove their videos of the Dome of the Rock event (which by anybody's standards was a phenomenal UFO event) is because they were PRESSURED to do so. Why? Because the video clips match EXACTLY what General Jeremiah had described to Don Nicoloff had taken place at the mosque when he and his co-pilot disarmed that nuclear device. The fact that we now had video proof from 3 different individuals of what Don had described in the Feb. 2 radio show was entirely too much for our covert friends to accept, so they saw to it that the videos were erased from the internet. Fortunately, we always save such video clips as soon as we see them in order to preclude their loss.

I don't expect General Jeremiah to arrange a special visit to see me. It's not easy to arrange a visit. Our government and their alien friends don't like it when the General comes to visit someone. Security is a big concern. You have to pick a remote location and go through a lot of trouble to do that. What's the point? To prove to me that he's real? It's not necessary. I'll take Don's word for it.

I've been shown some remarkable photos obtained by Don that I haven't posted to my web site because that was the condition for viewing them. They included some things which you mentioned.

Don has known Jeremiah for at least 11 years. Don worked with him before he became a part of the UGF and attained the rank of general. Don has experinced many first hand encounters with Jeremiah. Would Don lie to me and just make it up? I don't think so.

It's not a big deal whether anybody does or does not accept the info about Jeremiah and his group, anyway. I won't be crest fallen if he were to turn out to be a phony. The purpose and value of my life doesn't hinge on the reality of the UGF story and Gen. Jeremiah. We can adjust to any turn of the page and not go into a funk just because we've been duped.

Life is a journey of discovery. Hoping to discover reality as it truly is and not be a victim of deception is the greatest thrill of all and the flame of that desire will never extinguish in the heart of an honest person.

The info from the Etheric Resistance is FAR more astounding than anything I've reported from General Jeremiah, yet you will never be shown a photo or hear a voice or be given any concrete form of tangible proof about anything that they have accomplished. You will only have my narrative on it-for the time being at least. Whether you believe it or not is up to you, but you probably can agree that the intensity of chemtrail spraying has decreased in the past year. And that is at least some expression of 'corroboration.'

Sincerely, Ken


Subject: RE: Hendon
From: Doctor F
Date: Thu, May 12, 2011
To: Ken Adachi

Thank you Ken for the very generous reply.

Of course we can all doubt everything, which negates the belief in anything; I understand your point. I guess what I was reacting to was your repeated claims that Don has nothing to gain from misleading you, which might not be accurate, but certainly interesting things are afoot that Don is knowledgeable about. I watched the 3 clips of the UFO / Dome incident many times, and it certainly looks and feels convincing. Mini-nuke or not, something significant happened. Further, the dramatic reduction in chemtrails is more proof that good forces of some sort are active. All very encouraging that the tide is turning, regardless if Hendon exists or not.

Keep up the great work.

Dr. F


Subject: Dear "Dr. F,"
From: "Don Nicoloff" <>
Date: Thu, May 12, 2011
To: Ken Adachi

Dear "Dr. F,' ("Doctor F")

I question whether responding to your comments about the United Galactic Federation, Galaxy of Hendon; General Jeremiah and myself would be a worthwhile endeavor, largely because your e-mail to Ken Adachi implies that I do (or might) have some justifiable "reason to fool him." I decided that following your own line of thinking would be the best approach to take in responding to your most salient comments and questions regarding my contact with the UGF, Project Alliance, and my good friend, General Jeremiah.

I find it rather ironic that you have chosen not to identify yourself, though you call yourself "Dr. F." Could you have been any more ambiguous about your own identity and your 'professional' credentials? Is the letter "F" the first letter of your given name, or is it the first letter of your surname? It may not seem like a big deal to you, nor to most people, but you have not disclosed for whom you work, either, have you?

Secondly, I find it a bit cynical that you would warn Ken Adachi to consider that he might become hoodwinked by General Jeremiah and me, or discredited for publishing information within the realm of his own personal experience. One cannot measure another's honesty by the amount of traffic his/her web site receives, whether viewed by millions or by just one person. Ken makes that choice based upon his knowledge and his convictions. I did not ask him to post any information about the UGF, General Jeremiah, or myself. After considering his request, I granted him permission to do so. In fact, it was not Ken who alerted me to your concerns, it was another reader of our mutual web sites. Being a messenger of Truth is not a popularity contest, either. I will draw some rather obvious comparisons in a few moments.

Thirdly, I wonder why you had not chosen to pose the same questions to me. I certainly would have responded to your concerns, despite the 'wonderfulness' of the UGF and myself as a "human being on the radio." Are you distrusting of the story, itself, or just the messenger? How many photographs of a planet—light-years away—would satisfy your idle curiosity or meet your personal criteria? Maybe your teenager could answer those questions for us, since he/she can"send a hundred high-quality pics of your dog to someone in China, within 5 minutes, on an 8-year-old laptop." Is this a competition?

Evidently, 26 high-quality photos of Planet Balqui have not sufficiently opened your mind (and your heart) to the possibility that the Universe is teeming with intelligent life—intelligence and wisdom far beyond the comprehension of the average human being on Planet Earth. If you had studied the photos that I posted on my web site on June 9, 2009, you would have noticed that two of them, "Balqui- Northern Hemisphere-1 and 3, both contain representations of houses and other buildings near the water's edge. I suppose you expected to see something which reminded you of "The Jetsons" cartoon series, possibly even a"Star Wars" episode? And why should anyone who has traversed millions (even billions) of miles in space be obligated to prove to you that they exist, even after informing you that they do and that you would soon notice their craft in our skies? Does that reality hinge totally on your appraisal or disapproval of a few more photos?

Would you have preferred that I insert a 'doctored' photo (or two) of a demonic-looking animal, say, a chupacabra? Must every creature in God's Creation resemble the monster in the movie, "Alien," or would you prefer the one in "Predator?" We can both presume that such creatures, even more hideous-looking ones, exist in some other part of the Universe. Would you rather that I would have hidden the photo of two wolves from the rest of this world? Must reality always consist of evil or sensationalism?

What might be your concerns about those who have decided to help humanity while putting themselves in great peril during the process? Those collective individuals have left their own families behind—on 574 planets within our galaxy—while risking their very lives. For what purpose? Do you think it is their mission to commune with a band of bloodthirsty, Satan-worshipping psychopaths, perverts, and criminals— posing as 'leaders of a free world'? Or might it be their purpose to put an end—once and for all, to this insane path which leads to our—and possibly their—total self-destruction?

The main issue here is whether you actually believe that I am telling the truth, or that I, myself, may have been "manipulated." For the um-teenth time, I repeat what I have urged the listeners of my "Evident Footprints" radio show not to do: "Do not believe me! Use your own discernment! Search for the truth by doing your own research, and trust your own intuition! You may be surprised at what you find." I remind you that I am under no obligation, nor do I have any desire, to prove anything to you. Neither are the United Galactic Federation, General Jeremiah, nor Ken Adachi.

That brings us to the comparison I mentioned above. Do you not find it unusual, "Dr. F," that we have a sitting president (actually, a golfing/vacationing one) who has yet to offer a single, genuine document regarding his date, time and place of birth; his family lineage; his schooling; his whereabouts during 43 years of his life; his selective service registration; his medical records; the source of (and the purpose for) at least 16 Social Security numbers he unlawfully uses; and why he maintains numerous, offshore bank accounts, two with at least $1 billion in deposits? And why are all of his photographs compiled from multiple images? Who (and what) is being"manipulated" here?

And do you not find it strange that both he and his 'wife' have publicly stated that he was born in Hawaii—and then in Kenya? Again, I ask you, who is being "manipulated" here? And you speak of "potential deception!" Where are your concerns in that regard?

I realize that people selectively choose their interests—for a variety of reasons. Because of mind control, indoctrination, and propaganda, the majority of people tend to focus their attention where they are told to focus it. Independent thinking and discernment are, as an 'official' matter of course, discouraged. One is perceived as 'out of line' when he/she embarks upon learning the real Truth about any topic or situation, especially when considering the billions of dollars invested in creating and implementing false realities intended for public consumption.

More recently, we have been told (by the individual whose true origins are hidden) that the world's number-one terrorist had been found, shot, and ceremoniously dumped into the sea. Have you considered how outrageously
false that story is, or will it take a few more faked photos to convince you that the event actually occurred? Consider that Osama Bin Laden previously died in December, 2001. Did you miss that, too? Sorry.

You see, my intention is not to quarrel and bicker over issues that really have no direct impact upon you, unless you understand what has occurred, is occurring, and is intended to occur. However, you have raised a few questions which seem, on the surface, to be innocuous. Maybe they are sincere concerns, though I sense that you are not a "doctor" and that you are a woman and that you work for the government. That is my intuition speaking, and I trust my intuition implicitly. It is not my "wish" to know that or feel that way. It is my intuition which has led me to many discoveries and to many hidden truths. Does proving that also require a photo? I remind you that you, for whatever reason, have determined not to reveal your true identity. Should I not be suspicious of your motives?

Unlike countless others, I have not profited one red cent from disseminating the Truth to millions of people across the planet. I do not owe you, nor anyone else, an explanation as to why I have made such a choice. Have you noticed that I have not surreptitiously solicited your support by attempting to sell you something or begging you to donate money to my cause? There are enough who profit from the misery—and fears—of others.

Allow me to say, though, that God has gifted mankind with a jewel of a planet—a place to call home—without charging a single soul a penny for living here. Yet, those who would defile that which God has created are charging you, Ken Adachi, General Jeremiah, and 7 billion other souls their life's blood as a prerequisite for just being here. Do you not see the madness and deceit behind such a repressive system?

Certainly, "Dr. F.," you understand the meaning of the word, "slavery," don't you? Have the affairs of this planet not yet caused you take stock of your own lot in life, or that of your offspring? Are you genuinely worried that I—and the representatives of 574 planets from throughout our galaxy—might exist solely for the purpose of "fooling" Ken Adachi? Seriously, I know Ken is wise enough to draw his own conclusions in that regard. Consider that your reference to Ken's failure "to acknowledge the possibility" that he is "being deceived" by me "or Hendon," as you put it, should be subject to the same scrutiny as your own identity and the motives behind your own suspicions.

The United Galactic Federation, Galaxy of Hendon, Ken Adachi, and I have not hidden our identities, nor our existence, from anyone. You have, along with those who I have mentioned within the context of this e-mail and in my research.

I appreciate your concerns that Ken or I may have been duped, though I assure you that your fears will evaporate when you recognize your own struggles with conformity. What you fear is the first issue. What you believe is another. What you know is an entirely different matter. Which would you choose to be your reality?

Then again, you may just merely be doing your job.

Best regards,

Don Nicoloff


Subject: letter to Doctor F
From: Brian H
Date: Thu, May 12, 2011
To: KenAdachi

Hi again Ken,

Every so often writers will read something in particular from other writer's work and come away thinking, "I wish I had said that!"

In your reply to 'Doctor F' you wrote, "Life is a journey of discovery. Hoping to discover reality as it truly is and not be a victim of deception is the greatest thrill of all and the flame of that desire will never extinguish in the heart of an honest person."

Great words, Ken. What I'm always striving for in my work is that eloquent turn of phrase which shows how writing can be seen as a true form of art. Elusive, yet very satisfying when they come through.



Subject: 2012
From: Sergio
Date: Thu, May 12, 2011
To: Ken Adachi


I'm not English speaking so excuse me for not aplying the right words. My comment and question is about 2012.

Is this chain of natural disasters (earthquakes, Haiti, China, Japan, Chile , volcano eruptions (Etna today), floods) decline in world economy, corruption cases all around the globe, political instability especially Middle East) what 2012 is about ? Is a process in progress?

I would like to have your opinion.

Thanks, Sergio


Hello Sergio,

All of the events you mention are staged. The "natural" disasters you allude to are engineered artificially. The economic downturn is also manufactured artificially. The Middle East 'rebellion' is also being manipulated and likely instigated by our Iluminated friends. I never heard of the "Muslim Brotherhood" until stories about the Egyptian protests against Mubarak began to appear in the press. The Muslim Brotherhodd, not unlike Al-CIAda is a manufactured bogey man needed by the manipulators to establish the Hegelian dialectic "opponents' of the manufactured 'conflict.' The bombing of Libya with depleted uranium bombs under the pretext of "protecting protesters" is about as Orwellian as it gets. I guess Gadaffi is no longer desired or needed, so the Amercian/British/Israeli planners set the stage for 'protecting' protesters and to fund and arm the Libyan 'freedom fighters' who will replace the Bad Man Gadaffi with a sainted puppet of an American/British/Israeli - style 'democracy'.

Everything we are told about 2012 is a set up to create an environment of panic, fear, and foreboding.

Much of the technology for causing the 'natural" disasters, like the March 11 earthquake and tsunami in Japan, are earth based and include nuclear devices placed under the sea. HAARP (and even chemtrails) plays a role in weather system modification such as droughts, hurricanes, and tornadoes, but big earthquakes are due to planted nukes and space based weapon platforms that emit some sort of PULSED, very low frequency signal that incessantly pound a weakened fault zone. Don Nicoloff feels that there is an additional deep space component as well coming from very negative extraterrestrials many light years away that are playing in role in manufacturing these tremendous earthquakes. .

If there was no Illuminati, no CIA, no NASA, no British Intelligence, no Mossad, no Zionists, no NSA, no military intelligence, no Pentagon, no CFR, no Trilateral Commission, no Illuminati sponsored 'think tanks, etc., etc., etc., then 2012 would come and go like any other year and no one would be raising any concerns about Planet Nibiru or Elenin or The End Times, or Armageddon, or the Apocalypse, or the Killer bio-plagues, or The End of Time, or the Mayan Calendar, etc.,etc.

Read Project Blue Beam ( and you will see that the "natural" disasters being created artificially are part of a pre-planned script to have you believe that all of these dire circumstances are due to some great Apocalyptic 'prophecy' that was (supposedly) revealed in the book of Revelations in the Bible, or that time or humanity or the earth is going to end or dramatically and profoundly change on December 21, 2012. The third prediction of Fatima of 1917, never revealed by the Pope in the 1960s as he was suppose to, also hinted at a very dark and gruesome ending for humanity.

It's ALL bull crap. None of it is true.

We are being deceived and manipulated by the Illuminated Ones and their legion of minions, witting and unwitting, to help them convince you that these dark events are predestined 'prophecies.'

Have more faith in the basic goodness of mankind, the power of love to transcend negativity, and the Creator force that animates the universe. Think positive things and act in a positive, productive fashion in order to dispel and lower the negative vibrations created by negative thought, ideation, and ruinous ruminations (to coin a new phrase).

Sincerely, Ken

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