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Galactic Empire
May 28, 2008

Galactic Empire (June 1, 2008)

Subject: Galactic Empire
From: Eric Billig <>
Date: Wed, May 28, 2008
To:   Editor

Hi Ken,

I am always checking your website and get a lot of info from it. Just wanted to submit a theory I have been thinking on for some time and I thought it might help someone out there. It’s a huge subject and probably would need a book to explain it but I don’t have the patience or the will to help humanity in that way.

I submit we live in the midst of a Galactic Empire. An empire that is in control of many systems, exploits a planets resource, drives species to fight each other and eventually consumes the planet to extinction.

Evidence is in the volumes of conspiracy novels etc… More specifically, our world military complex, nuclear energy, depleted uranium, genetic modification, DNA mutations, exploiting the poor, evangelizing the rich, media control, and mind control. Simply, the concepts of the illuminati, UFO’s, dark magic etc… suggest this assumption.

Galactic thought is not that hard to imagine. Negative energy and their conglomerate of species who don’t want to develop spiritually, bully their way through time and space creating their own reality and repelling nature in a sense. Positive energy and its conglomerate of species believe in the eternal ideas of peace, Nature as the real technology, compassion, service etc… and the law of freewill is the neutral zone probably maintained by a council of very evolved beings.

This idea helps me a lot to understand my reality as I really don’t need to find who is the OZ behind the curtain and all this insanity is just the fruits
of the empire's labor and of course our ignorance and apathy.

I am an incarnated being living in the negative hive complex here on Earth getting a lot of help from benevolent beings and transforming energy. I would further suggest that those who have the ability of galactic communication start to petition the freewill council and form ambassadorships as I believe this is the next step to eventual contact.

God speed,
Eric Billig M.A.

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