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The Conspiracy of Left Gatekeepers
November 16, 2006

Subject: Please
Date: Thu, November 16, 2006 10:40 am
To:   Editor

There's no way that all of these people you are talking about are "Left Gatekeepers" - that is so conspiracy oriented. Perhaps you are a wannabe Left Gatekeeper - and you are trying to tackle folks like Noam Chomsky. Give me a break. Have you read his stuff? And why would Amy Goodman focus on The Towers of 911? That will unravel itself, but if she were to focus on that she would look like a nut. She's got enough gripes she's trying to send out that make her look like a nut to the conservatives and moderates that she needs to keep some balance. Good gawd man chill out, or admit that you are actually not with the left yourself.

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