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"You Have Potatoes In Front of Your Eyes"
April 7, 2007

"You Have Potatoes In Front of Your Eyes" (April 7, 2007)

Subject: General complains about the article
Date: Sat, April 7, 2007
To: Editors

You have potatoes in front your eyes. Not just we are running out of oil with 55% maximum left but we are as well increasing their usage , consume it without any spare attempt and fcking the future generation. Very sad to see such a horrible article on the main page.

Maybe i am wrong but give a further look to many publications that were produced. If something is happening is the opposite, not allowing people to start thinking alternative solutions.

Can you give some reference about the beginning Illuminati fairy tale???? If they exists they are just a ridicolous center of interest, nothing more. Not the world owners. Not the world exclusive advisors.

Good Easter

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