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"Gen. J. and The Galactics"
August 8, 2009

"Gen. J. and The Galactics" (Aug. 8, 2009)

Subject: Gen. J and the Galactics
From: Elan C
Date: Sat, August 8, 2009 m
To: Ken Adachi

I would like to see a summary of what General Jeremiah is saying. Yes, I listened to about half the radio presentation.

At that point, I concluded that there is nothing of value there. I am mystified that a cautious man like yourself is totally convinced of Gen. J's story.

Could you share a little of that extra knowledge you have that made all this convincing?

Should I go into what I thought was Gen. J's howler that made me move on? Doesn't matter. I'm still interested in hearing, or reading your experience of being persuaded.

Elan C


Hello Elan,

The info about General Jeremiah and the audio recordings of his calls to Don Nicoloff's radio show are posted for those who wish to avail themselves of that information. Judge it as you wish. Your life, your thoughts, your opinions, and your attitudes are yours to make and not mine. I have ZERO interest in attempting to convince you of anything. You seem to think I'm offering a business proposal and I'm pitching for backers or supporters. I'm not.

You can howl until your fool head comes off for all I care. I have no time for skeptics or wanna-be rock band promoters. .

It's a free will universe. Take it or leave it . I'm not evangelizing or looking for believers.

Go back to MTV or K-Rock 101, that seems to be your forte.

Regards, Ken

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