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General Jeremiah & Planet Balqui Photos

From Ken Adachi, Editor
May 17, 2011

General Jeremiah & Planet Balqui Photos (May 17, 2011)

Subject: General Jeremiah
From: Dave S.
Date: Tue, May 17, 2011
To: Ken Adachi

Hi Ken,

Times are sure getting interesting, nay, electrifying. I have been following developments regarding the intervention of General Jeremiah on this planet, since my attention was alerted to the alleged nuclear device planted in the basement of the Dome of the Rock which he claimed to have disarmed. I personally believe him, and that this ET general who has contacted Don Nicoloff on his radio show is the real deal. I listened to his first broadcast and have downloaded it so others can hear it. I stick my neck out in my own community by telling others to access your web site if they want the truth about what is happening in the world.

Although I use the word alleged above, I personally accept the truth of the UFO event. However, there is a problem with our thinking processes. I refer specifically to the Balqui photos allegedly provided by the said General. I was provoked by your correspondent who doubts the veracity of the claims made over those photos. Are they really of a planet called Balqui - or are they somewhere on earth?

May I suggest a rule of thumb here: whenever a claim is made over something like this - a photo of a scene or an alleged UFO in the sky, we need to ask ourselves one simple question: CAN THE IMAGE BE DUPLICATED BY EARTHLY MEANS? If it can, then the onus is on the one claiming special significance for an image to prove it is not an ordinary picture of the earth or an earthly device. Therein lies the rub. Your correspondent justifiably says: "Where are the signs of advanced technology in the Balqui photos, where are the non-terrestrial species of animals, flora and fauna, ET styles of dwellings, etc?" I have to concur with him: they don't show up.

All the subjects in the Balqui photos could be of many places on earth, including the tree with the wide trunk. Nothing is distinctive enough to set it apart as not on earth. I personally do believe the pictures are of this other planet, but I am handicapped, because I am accepting it on faith and I am unable to convince anyone else. I am thought of as gullible when I try. I am therefore - like you should be - thrown back on asking Don Nicoloff to put General Jeremiah on the spot and ask him to demonstrate what makes his pictures authentic - or at least explain why they appear so earth-like.

I am supportive of you and to Don and the General. But we live in times of intense deception and disinformation. It behoves us to test the voices which constantly bombard us, one saying this and another saying that. God bless you, Ken: never let down your guard. Just help people like me to convince others of the deep truths which come to you.

Dave S, England


Hello Dave,

I would first like to clear up a few points and then address the questions you raise. The first misconception that some have made about General Jeremiah concerns his origin and background. He's not an extraterrestrial. He was born right here in America, in one of the southern states, which accounts for his southern drawl which you can easily detect in his radio interviews with Don Nicoloff.

Before he was invited to be a member of the UGF (United Galactic Federation, Galaxy of Hendon), Jeremiah had a long career with the military. He was assigned to be a US liaison officer with the UGF for many years. During this time he had ample opportunity to interface with representatives of the UGF. The representatives of the UGF, in turn, got to know the personality and character of Jeremiah and decided to ask him to join their group. Jeremiah accepted their offer. I presumed that he had retired from government service by that time. After a period of training, including instructions on how to maneuver their spacecraft, he was given the rank of general and command over a very large number of UGF personnel and UGF spacecraft. This is my recollection of what Don Nicoloff told me about Jeremiah's background.

General Jeremiah reports that the UGF is composed of individuals from 574 different planets. As far as I know, all of these individuals are humans, although they live substantially longer life spans than do earth bound humans. According to Don Nicoloff, members of the UGF age at a much slower rate than earthlings and eat a plant-based diet which is mostly grown aboard their ships while away from their home planet. General Jeremiah told Don that the governing body of the UGF, referred to as the Elders, are typically in the 500-700 year old age range.

Don Nicoloff has unusual psychic abilities. He can "see" events in different locations and in different time periods. Because of these abilities, Don got together with Bruce Widaman, the state director of MUFON in Misourri, on Thanksgiving weekend of November 2000 to investigate a UFO crash that supposedly had occurred in Cape Girardeau, Missouri in 1941. Don told the MUFON investigators that they were looking in the wrong location for remnants of the crash and that he had a psychic vision of where the crash had actually occurred in Jackson, Misourri, about 15 miles north of Cape Girardeau.

Because of that weekend investigation, Don was put in touch with Jeremiah who wanted to know how Don had obtained these psychic impressions. At the time, Don only knew Jeremiah as an "investigator" of UFO phenomenon. That was about 11 years ago. Don and Jeremiah have been talking to each other ever since.

I began talking to Don Nicoloff in May of 2007, initially about the incredible Otto Skorzeny photographs given to Eric Bermen. Over time, I gradually became privy to the story of Jeremiah, the UGF, and Jeremiah's later promotion to the rank of general. General Jeremiah decided to go public with the UGF story when he unexpectedly called into Don Nicoloff's radio show on May 29, 2009 and announced himself and spoke a bit about his work and mission with the UGF. The general called Don's show a second time on July 28, 2009, when I happened to be the guest, and explained even more details of the UGF and answered a couple of questions which I had posed about everyday life on the home planets of UGF members.

Don has posted a number of interesting photos at his web site in the last 3 or 4 years. One group of photos were taken of the events on 9/11 in New York City. The photos appeared to have been taken by a military helicopter that was flying around the World Trade Center buildings in the immediate aftermath of the explosions, before the buildings collapsed. Other shots were taken after the buildings collapsed. These particulars photos were not made available to the public and in some cases captured a scene that could only have been photographed by a helicopter flying close by. One might ask: how did Don Nicoloff obtain these photographs?

I've linked to some of the photos found at Don's web site immediately below. Please pay attention to the DATE when the photos were published. Note that Don Nicoloff had never mentioned the name of General Jeremiah or the UGF on his radio show prior to Jeremiah's call-in on May 29, 2009. Don may have alluded to "off world" sources or other vague referrences to non-governmental sources, but he did not directly identify the UGF or General Jeremaih prior to May 29, 2009 (as far as I know). Since General Jeremiah made the decision to go public on May 29, Don had a freer hand after that date to refer to the UGF, their work, and General Jeremiah.

February 15, 2008
WTC Ground Zero Miliitary Photos

February 16, 2008

March 14, 2008

April 24, 2008

The Feb. 16, 2008 "Flying Saucers & Other Aircraft" photographs mostly includes photos of Nazi era spacecraft, but one photo is titled " United Galactic Federation Spacecraft"

June 9, 2009
Planet Balqui Photos
(click the Planet Balqui photos seen at this index page)


Here we have a written reference to the UGF on Feb. 16, 2008 and a close-up photo of a UGF spacecraft, but no further details or explainations. I've reproduced the photo below in full screen width so you can better see the details. The photo was taken in Italy, and Don identified this ship as belonging to the UGF. General Jeremiah later confirmed to Don that the ship was one of theirs.

United Galactic Federation spacecraft photographed in Italy

You will notice that there is some sort of unusual energy registering as blue and red light just below the central, brightly lit center portion of the craft. Maybe it has something to do with the type of propulsion system used by this spacecraft; I really don't know, but it's interesting to note.


Anyone who wants to play the role of skeptic, naysayer, scoffer, critic, or counter-intelligence troll can claim that the above photo is a fake or it was taken from a Steven Spielberg movie or it was created using Photoshop, etc. Any government computer geek can copy this photo and alter it with Photoshop in any way desired and insert it into any faked web page and then post this comment to a blog: "see, it was already posted to the internet and you can find it at this url,... blah, blah, blah" (this, of course, is what was done with Don's Balqui photos).

So before I launch into the topic of the Planet Balqui photos and a discussion of those individuals who claim that the Balqui photos were "stolen" from an internet Photo album web site or a tourist web site, I have to remind you that any unique and original photos which Don Nicoloff decides to post to his web site can be copied and then uploaded to an agency-sponsored (or even a legit) photo posting web site and be made to look like it's part of a photo album or part of a stock photo service, and even claim that it is " copyrighted" and be back dated to any date they wish to pretend it was posted. This is standard counter-intelligence deception practices and in 2011, you should be sophisticated enough to know that government computer hackers can alter just about any web site on the internet, unless it's especially secured with high level fire wall software that cannot be easily penetrated. Do you think that Russian-based internet photo albums or Nicuagra tourist web sites are highly secured web sites which can't be hacked?

Does it surprise you that the government would sponsor counter-intelligence trolls to attempt to debunk General Jeremiah and the UGF? What easier way to arouse doubt than to copy the Balqui photos, fake a web site posting, and then claim that the Balqui photos were "stolen" from those web sites? It's a piece of cake really. These guys then send a bunch of e-mails to Don Nicoloff and myself and pretend that they are "concerned" fans who just happend to "stumble" upon the SAME photos of Balqui from some obscure photo album posting web site in Russia or found it on some little Nicuaguan tourist web site and tell us that they are just posing "honest" questions about the 'authenticity' of these photos.


That's a perfectly reasonable and acceptable 'explanation' isn't it? How do 4 or 5 different individuals, who all claim to be regular readers, "stumble" upon, not one, but many identical photos to Balqui posted at different photo album posting web sites?

Do you understand how many millions of photographs are posted to the internet on perhaps hundreds of thousand different web sites? How do you go about finding even ONE Balqui photo on one of those web sites? Do you print out a photo of each Balqui photo (26 in all), paste them up next to your computer, and then start visting each and every photo album posting web site from 250 different countries and click through each of their thousands of photos in the hope of "stumbling" across one that matches a Balqui photo? How many millions of hours would it take to do that? Who would even BEGIN to engage in such a laborious and time consuming task? And for what purpose?

Can you not see how preposterous is the idea that one or more of the Balqui photos were "stumbled" upon at some photo album web site or some tourist promotion web site in Nicuagua?

You cannot do a Google search for an image alone. You can do a Google search for the name of an image, such as Mount Fuji, but the image itself (without a text identifier) cannot be "searched" on Google. So how could 4 or 5 different people possibly "stumble" across multiple Balqui photos on photo album web sites in a couple of months following Don's posting of the Balqui photos? It's NOT possible. Logic should tell you that. Besides, no one would engage in such a time consuming endeavor in any event. Logic should tell you that as well.

Identity trail embedded within computer displayed photos

When you view an image on your computer, you are viewing digitized data. Don Nicoloff has found a way to convert a digital photo image, such as a Balqui photo, into a pdf file. This may sound strange, but every digitized photo found on the internet can be converted into a pdf file.

Most of the characters which make up the text version of the photo image will look like random characters of all types and description. Don tells me that this odd looking, seemingly randomized string of characters is what he calls "alien text" (the inner government's extraterrestrial pals have played a much larger role in the development of our computer systems than most people know. Alien 'languge' is embedded and encoded within "our" computers; something else you're not suppose to know). There is also intelligible English text embedded within most photos found on the internet. This intelligible English text might include info about the camera used to take the picture, or it might include information about the programs and software used to modify the photo, such as Adobe or Photoshop. It could also include copyright notice, dates and even url links to various web sites.

If I make a copy of a Balqui photo taken from Don Nicoloff's web site, and do nothing to alter the image in any way, the pdf version of that image should remain the same, showing the same text characters in the same location on the page as the original photo posted to Don's site. However, if I take the photo from Don Nicoloff's web site, alter it in some fashion, and then re-post it to a faked web page claiming that it's a "stock" photo of Mount Fuji, for example, the pdf version of that photo will be different than the pdf version of the original Balqui photo.

We can therefore examine the pdf version of the photo and see where changes and modifications were introduced, thus PROVING that the photo was altered from Don's original. The original Balqui photos obtained by Don Nicoloff from General Jeremiah contain a large volume of "alien text" data only and almost no English text. The photos taken from Don's web site and then re-posted by government hackers to faked web pages, contain much less alien text, added gaps not seen in the original, and have English text and links added to the photo when the pdf version is examined. This is the smoking gun that establishes that Don's Balqui photos were the originals, which were stolen from Don Nicoloff's web site by government intel agents and then re-posted to faked photo album web sites ~ and not the other way around.

Let's begin our forensic photo analysis with a Balqui photo posted by Don Nicoloff on June 9, 2009. This photo (Photo A) is titled "Balqui-Northern Hemisphere-Winter-5". It's a photo of a volcano found in the northern hemisphere of Balqui. The original photo obtained by Don is 800 pixels wide x 553 pixels high and is seen below in its original size (97.7 KB) as received from General Jeremiah.

Photo A

Balqui Photo #5

The next photo (Photo B) was lifted from Don's web site and fraudulently posted to an "" web site claiming to be a photograph of Mount Fuji in Japan. The web site where it's posted says that the photo was uploaded on July 6, 2007 and is copyrighted to Craig Hansen. Of course, the statements are ficticious.

Photo B fraud photo

The above photo is the only size which you can download from this web site without joining and paying a fee, but for purposes of visual comparison with the original, I widened the photo to 800 pixels in order to match the size of the Balqui original. The more interesting part comes next with the analysis of the data in the two pdf files which Don Nicoloff has made of both his original Balqui photo and the lifted photo seen above and posted to the "" web site, after the thief (or thieves) adding the "Istockphoto" watermark. .

Istockphoto lifted Balqui photo enlarged

The PDF files

Don Nicoloff was explaining to me a couple of years ago that there was a great deal of intelligible information embedded within a digital photo. Most of the photo, when converted to a pdf file, is made up of a wide variety of characters and symbols which is part of an "alien language" originated by our reptilian and grey friends, but this language can be deciphered by other alien groups such as the UGF. Don said that this hidden "alien language" is intertwined with and embedded within all computer systems.

Photo A pdf file HEMISPHERE-WINTER-5.pdf

(The above pdf will show up as 6.5 point font. It's too small to view comfortably. Change the pdf view to increase the magnification to 200% to see the letters and characters more easily or you can change the font size to 12)

The above pdf is a pdf file of the original Balqui Northern Hemisphere #5 shown above as Photo A. I posted only page 1 below to show that the only intelligible portion that has some semblance to written English is this part found at the very beginning:

"JFIFHHˇ‚(PICC_PROFILE(@applmntrRGB XYZ ⁄' acspAPPLˆ÷”-appli"

The "title" of the photo could be the letters, "JFIFHH"

Then we see parenthese followed by, PICC_PROFILE(@applmntrRGB XYZ ⁄'

followed by, acspAPPLˆ÷”-appli"

The rest of page 1 and the remaining 56 pages of this pdf file only contain the characters and symbols of the "alien language" which makes up the body of the photograph.

Seen below is page 1 of the 57 page pdf file of Photo A:

ˇÿˇ‡JFIFHHˇ‚(PICC_PROFILE(@applmntrRGB XYZ ⁄' acspAPPLˆ÷”-appli√5{º>3åÆRπU
gTRC ÿ
aarg aagg aabg0 vcgtPndin d>desc&§_dscm'mmod'Ù(cprt($XYZ sP:ÓXYZ `|Π\7XYZ #
ÿΩ#XYZ ÛRoesf32
%.7@JS\fpyÉçó°´μø ‘flÍÙˇ
! 6 K ` u ä † μ À ‡ ˆ
:Tnࢺ◊Ò '
B]xìØ Ê:Vré´
(FdÉ°¿fl˛<[zöπŸ˘9Yzöª€¸>_Å¢ƒÂ)Kmê≤’˜=`Éß Ó5Y}¢ΔÍ4Y}£»Ì8^Ñ™–ˆCjêΣfi-T|£ÀÛClîΩÊ7`ä≥›0ZÑÆÿ-XÉÆŸ 0 [ á ≥ fi!
!7!c!è!º!È""B"p"ù" "¯#%#S#Å#Ø#›$
;K;â;«<<D<É<¬==@==ø=˛>>>~>æ>˛????¿@@A@Ç@ƒAAGAàA B
c`c¥dd\d±eeZeØffYfØggZg∞hh\h≤i i_i∂j
ïuï‡ñJñμó óãó˜òbòOEô:ô¶öö~öÎõWõƒú1úüù

[end of page 1, Photo A]


Photo B pdf file (Copy).pdf

The Photo B pdf only runs to 15 pages compared to the 57 page pdf seen with the Photo A Balqui original. There is additional English text found at the top of page 1 of the Photo B pdf not found in the Photo A pdf.

The "title" of the photo has now changed somewhat to JFIF,,ˇ Two commas have now replaced the two "H" seen in the Photo A pdf

The letters seen before and after the word "PROFILE" have also changed from the Photo A pdf



The next line includes a 1998 copyright notice and the name of Hewlett Packard Company which is NOT FOUND in the Photo A pdf:

textCopyright (c) 1998 Hewlett-Packard CompanydescsRGB IEC61966-2.1sRGB IEC61966-2.1XYZ ÛQÃXYZ XYZ o¢8ıêXYZ bôΣÖ⁄XYZ

There are two urls embedded within the next section which are not found in the Photo A pdf. Notice that the word "colour" seen below is spelled with British spelling.

$†Ñ∂oedescIEC http://www.iec.chIEC http://www.iec.chdesc.IEC 61966-2.1 Default RGB colour space - sRGB.IEC 61966-2.1
Default RGB colour space - sRGBdesc,Reference Viewing Condition in IEC61966-2.1,Reference Viewing Condition in
\ûXYZ L VPWÁmeasèsig CRT curv

Seen below is page 1 of the 15 page pdf file of Photo B:

textCopyright (c) 1998 Hewlett-Packard CompanydescsRGB IEC61966-2.1sRGB IEC61966-2.1XYZ ÛQÃXYZ XYZ o¢8ıêXYZ bôΣÖ⁄XYZ
$†Ñ∂oedescIEC http://www.iec.chIEC http://www.iec.chdesc.IEC 61966-2.1 Default RGB colour space - sRGB.IEC 61966-2.1
Default RGB colour space - sRGBdesc,Reference Viewing Condition in IEC61966-2.1,Reference Viewing Condition in
\ûXYZ L VPWÁmeasèsig CRT curv
!-8COZfr~äñ¢Æ∫«”‡Ï˘ -;HUcq~åö®∂ƒ”·˛
2FZnÇñ™æ“Á° % : O d y è § ∫ oe  °
&@Zté©√fi ¯
%A^zñ≥oeÏ &


{£ÃıGpô√Ï@jîæÈ>iîøÍ A l ò ƒ !!H!u!°!OE!°"'"U"Ç"Ø"›#
#8#f#î#¬#$$M$|$´$⁄% %8%h%ó%«%˜&'&W&á&Σ&Ë''I'z'´'‹(
3F33Π3Ò4+4e4û4ÿ55M5á5¬5˝676r6Æ6È7$7`7ú7◊88P8å8»99B99º9˘:6:t:≤:Ô;-;k;™;Ë<'<e<§<„="=a=°=‡> >`>†>‡?!?a?¢?‚@#@d@¶@ÁA)

[end of page 1, Photo B]


So how did these additional English words, phrases, and url links get embedded within the photo taken from Don Nicoloff's web site? Simple: the computers and programs which the computer hackers used to lift Don's photo, manipulate the photo and insert it into the faked web page, automatically embedded commands, equipment references and copyright references into their photo which were not in Don's original Balqui photo.

We can make a side by side comparison of the pdf files of each original Balqui photo posted at Don Nicoloff's web site and the photos lifted from Don's site and then re-posted at various faked photo album web pages and see a similar pattern of additional English words, phrases, and urls that are not found in Don's original photo.

You cannot visually detect the hacker's influences by simply looking at the photo, but the pdf readout of the lifted photo can and does reveal the slightest manipulation or change introduced into the photograph. Imagine how useful this forensic analysis can be to detect and identify faked, Photoshop manipulated photographs such as the many fraudulent photos of the young Barry Soetoro posted to the internet in 2007 and 2008, along with his equally faked CIA family? You might want to review Don Nicoloff's in depth analysis of the faked photos posted to the internet to support the CIA- created genealogical backgrounds of Barack Obama and Dwight D. Eisenhower

Deconstructing the faked photo genealogy of Barack Obama

The faked photos of Dwight D. Eisenhower

Don Nicoloff has really paved the way here for an entirely new area of photographic forensic research.

I'll continue this exposition in parts 2 and 3 and review the e-mails sent to me in the Fall of 2009 by a handful of government intel trolls trying to provoke me to react to their accusations about "stolen" Balqui photos and then look more closely at the individuals who were sending these e-mails. We have many more interesting things to discuss.

Ken Adachi


Subject: from Steve in Japan
From: Steve_in_Japan
Date: Tue, May 24, 2011
To: Ken Adachi

Dear Ken,

First off, you know me, my middle name is Justin, I sent you the "How to Vanquish Fear" information by Don Juan (Carlos Casteneda) which you published, I live in Japan, do you remember me?

When I alerted you to the problem with the Balqui photos, you sent me a surprising response which said that you "KNEW" I was counter-intelligence and that if I contacted you again you were going to "GET" me.

I haven't written to you since then, but the fact is: you were wrong about me. I simply found a site where someone used THE IMAGE SEARCHING SITE CALLED WWW.TINEYE.COM (it seems you haven't used TinEye before) plus THE DATE CHECKING SITE CALLED WWW.ARCHIVE.ORG (it seems you haven't used TheInternetArchive before) and I simply presented to you what they found, which I checked out to be true: those images which you believe to be true were uploaded to the web a long time ago.

You ASSUMED I was lying, you ASSUMED I was "counter-intelligence", but as it happens, in this case, you were WRONG about me.

If you have sufficient decency you will apologize for having sent me that rude threatening reply.

Also, if you have sufficient honesty you will admit that just as Zeta Talk fooled you, so too did James Casbolt fool you with clearly plagiarized full-paragraphs (which I also alerted you to, which you also replied rudely to clicking the links I sent you, obviously) and now you've been fooled by either Don or Jeremiah or both. Regardless of what you thought up until now, image-searching technology exists ( and so does date-checking technology (, and people who know how to use these sites (like me) are losing faith in your ability to RESEARCH YOUR CLAIMS.




Hello Steve,

Yes, I remember the Vanquish Fear piece, but what's the point of using two different names? You're creating unnecessary confusion. If your name is Steve, then announce yourself as Steve with each and every e-mail. Posting your comments doesn't mean that I totally embrace everything you say because Carlos Castaneda is not exactly my idea of a guru on a high spiritual plane, but I thought your letter and the thesis were worth posting all the same.

Now concerning my reply to you, I'll treat you with the same level of courtesy you demonstrate to me. When you're so cock sure of yourself, your tone comes across with a know-it-all attitude that's going to irritate anybody; especially when your e-mails came on the heels of 4 or 5 other debunkers who were also sending me repetitious e-mails and attempting to needle me because I wouldn't respond to their provocations about the Balqui photos.

So far, you haven't proven anything about Balqui photos, Don Nicoloff, Gen Jeremiah, or James Casbolt. I NEVER said that James Casbolt "fooled" me . Those are your words, not mine. James Casbolt, as far as I'm concerned, has not come across as a guy who intentionally deceives. I do not recall what "plagiarizing" material you are referring to. Maybe you can send me the specifics so I can see what you're talking about.

I've been using the WayBack machine for at least 10 years. It is not a reliable source for verifying anything because the intel people can block archives that they don't want you to see and you will see the message that "it can't be found", etc. It's a useful tool for research, but you're a damn fool if you think that the NSA or CIA or DHS doesn't control the content of that web site.

For your information, I already checked the WayBack machine to see if I could date the "Mt Fuji" photo and surprise, surprise, it comes up as "not found in the archives"

Your other reference source, WWW.TINEYE.COM, is rock solid huh? Totally trustworthy and can't be manipulated, right?


Send me your links to their data and I'll take a look, but stop with the "I've got ya" crap because you haven't proven anything.

You haven't addressed the notion that you or anybody else could come across Don's Balqui photos at some photo album web site in Russia by merely surfing the internet.

And since you're so offended that I should snap back at you, why don't you explain to me how and why you came across Don's Balqui photos on those other sites? What prompted you to begin such a search anyway? And exactly how did you go about it?

While you're at it, explain to me how the image searching technology works, so I can understand it as well. If there is a way to enter a photo into a search engine and then that photo is searched on the internet, then I would like to know about it. However, finding the Balqui photos at faked web pages doesn't mean the page was uploaded on the date the web page CLAIMS it was put up.

That was the whole point of explaining the pdf readout of the Balqui photos. Did you read the article? What does your research expertise have to say about that?

Since I now recall who you are, I'll give you the benefit of the doubt as to your motivations and provocateur status, but you have proven NOTHING so far concerning your allegations that

1. the Balqui photos were taken off those web pages which you apparently assume to be inviolate and indisputable;

2. that Don Nicoloff is either a fool, a dupe, a liar or a deceptive person; and that

3. Gen Jeremiah is a liar and a fake.

Until you PROVE any of the above Steve, I'll withhold apologizing to you about anything since it was YOU who leveled the charges of fraud against me, Don, and Jeremiah.

I will, however, debate you openly about this and you can make your case. I'll allow my readers to judge the merits of your claims.

Your turn.

Sincerely, Ken

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