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November 26, 2009

Thanksgiving (Nov. 26, 2009)

Subject: thanksgiving
From: George Naytowhowcon <>
Date: Thu, November 26, 2009 11:34 am
To: "me" <>

Thanksgiving is a life way. The old time natives saw everyday as a day of thanksgiving. Today our mass culture honors the idea one out of 365 days a year. Better than not at all I figure.

Today I am serious.

I give thanks for love and life and all the wonderfull people who have graced my life. I am also thankful for the challenges and tradgedies I have survived. I have learned along the road of life that we humans are in a very big universe and that which we percieve with our five sences is only a tiny fraction of all that is.

For most of us humans, we live in the ocean of events that are scripted and engineered by powers we can not detect without great difficulty. To break free from our collective consciousness coma has been my life long challenge. And remarkably, I discovered something: the individual matters!

A single human being can change the direction and fate of our world! I say to all who read this, YOU MATTER! YOU MAKE A DIFFERANCE!

The realms of the invisible can not be measured in ordinary ways, yet these realms are affecting us and in turn, WE can affect these invisible realms. We have Mind, an invisible gift. We have Emotions, an invisible tool for feeling information that is also invisible. We are powered by life energy,

Orgone energy, this is what Dr. Wilhelm Reich called the substrate of reality. We have perhaps the greatest power in the universe within us, that is Love. I want to define Love in an expanded sense. Love is not just a feeling or a desire, it is much more, it is energy, it is electricity of sorts, it is a freaquency and is either Orgone Energy itself or a harmonic of Life Energy.

I am not a forgiving person when it comes to the evil that is perpetuated on - our planet. I do not forgive corrupt governments and politicians and those who claim they are royals. I am not a New Age person; I am a Stone Age person. There is nothing new under the sun, there is nothing new that can be invented or accomplished. In many dimentions, on many worlds, histories have played out over and over again.

So what do I see for us mere humans on this Earth today? I see endless possibilities and outcomes are all dependant on what individual humans choose to think and do. I say let us call things as they really are.

Pollution is a weapon. Religions are social control power tools. Politics are phoney and money is phoney as well. As these lying, murderous, Powers That Be try to vaccinate us with their poisons and regulate us into facism and tyranny, we have the power to see through the lies and choose to love our species by refusing to make war on our human family; regardless of religion, politics and fear.

Look at the sky and see the effort made to poison us with Chemtrails of heavy metals and pathogens. Connect the dots of how wealth is extracted from your very blood and soul through taxes and - artificial costs of living. Wage slavery and white collar crime perpetrated by the - vampires of banking. We can stop the madness and replace it with love and wisdom.

Peace, good health, love and harmony to all my friends and family


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