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Germany's Black Magicians
(or Send Out the Clowns)
October 25, 2010

Germany's Black Magicians (or Send Out the Clowns) Oct. 25, 2010

Subject: The "Silver Terminator"
From: Sam
Date: Mon, October 25, 2010
To: Ken Adachi

Dear Ken,

Thank you for your contribution to consciousness :p more specifically mine, and helping me on my journey. Your website is a wonderful resource, and not only for the moral, educational, insightful, funny and enjoyable information, but also, I hope (soon to verify experientially) its practical applications (I would like to, as the Subject line says, order a 'silver terminator').

I find praise and reproach difficult to use appropriately, so I tend to over-emphasize one, it seems to be a useful tool for the 'powers that be' to have; to seemingly be able to force people to make false binary decisions and distinctions in false dichotomies:"NO, IT HAS TO BE BLACK OR WHITE! Colour does not exist!" Also receiving praise seems very difficult (whether or not to discard it entirely, accept it, question it)... being shunned or questioned seems easier to me, I just deflect it, how do you deal with it "living on the lunatic fringe" ? Just knowing the truth is enough?

However, short of claiming you are the new sliced bread, or that you make a better circle than a circle, I'd sincerely like to thank you, if for nothing else than that you have given me my HOPE back. Especially with how it was trampled on, with mocking scorn, by those imbeciles parading around (half knew about 'the great plan' back then), as "politically motivated", and the mob gullibly following them around, repeating their slogans.

So, how do I set about ordering a Silver Terminator, given that I live in Germany?

Yours Faithfully,

P.S I am about to start reading some carlos castaneda books, as i found the article on 'Vanquishing Fear' absolutely fascinating, do you have any other suggestions for things to read/watch? I am sick of having to guess in which way i am being conditioned, or which way i have not thought about the dialogue, which is exceedingly cunning and malicious, manipulating me. Not that I don't jump at my chances to improve my discernment, when i have the energy, it's just, refining "fundamental" understanding seems to drastically improve the quality of my life, and also act as a sort of safety net, for when i do invariably sink back into a momentary depression, as I can then remind myself: Sam, You know this is true, you felt it, At least you know this, even if you are surrounded by lies now. sort of thing. :D


Hi Sam,

Thanks for your interesting note. I may post it.

How is it that so many people in Germany can speak and write English so well?

I haven't written about it, but much black magic was being generated by German Black Magicians, many of whom were oddly masquerading as clowns. They ALL went Bye Bye about one year ago and the effect should permeate German society on many subtle levels. As I've hinted in some of my postings, the NWO is being DISMANTLED BY UNSEEN FORCES. The Etheric Resistance has adversely affected many operations and others are participating without fanfare or notice. The only people who are aware of these developments are insiders or security guards in underground bases who have to pick up bodies and have no idea what happened.

Germans of the Dark Side still pose a major threat and are certainly a big part of the Illuminati framework. High ranking members of the Vril Society have leaned how to extend their physical bodies and appear to look much younger than they actually are. Many high level Nazis from the World War II era are still very much alive and very active in bringing about the NWO. General Wilhelm Canaris is one such figure.

General Canaris was born in 1887 and did NOT die in 1945. He was brought into the USA under Operation Paperclip and has been active ever since. Today, he looks to be a man in his late 60s. There are many others besides him. You may know that Adolf Hitler lived to the age of 114 years and died in Bethesda Naval hospital in 2004 under the name of William Coates.

We still have a long way to go, but things are moving in the right direction. Keep the faith and always remember that man can shape reality with his THOUGHTS. Thoughts create reality. Positive thoughts bring positve results.

See the Healing Thought Forms ( and Hope ( essays

Kind Regards, Ken

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