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Getting Started on Understanding the NWO Takeover Game
September 1, 2010

Getting Started on Understanding the NWO Takeover Game (Sep. 1, 2010)

Subject: getting started...
From: Alex (UK)
Date: Wed, September 1, 2010
To: Ken Adachi

Hi there,

I am not a scholar or an academic, i don't claim to know the first thing about politics or the current world situation, and there seems to be a lot of misinformation about these topics online. I really want to understand what's going on but it's hard to know which sites to trust. Are you for real? Are these really facts?

When you start talking about aliens it all becomes hard to swallow. Are all your sources reputable?

How can a poorly educated person like me know FOR SURE that what you're saying is true? What should i read/watch? How do i get involved? All the information on this website is so intriguing and i desperately want to understand it all but i'm just not clever enough.... is there a place where these sorts of things are explained simply? I need a starting block



Hello Alex,

I've answered many letters such as yours over the years. If you dig through the Letters to the Editor page, you can find them. The overview of the New World Order takeover scheme is explained in a synopsis I originally wrote in 1996 and updated a couple of times. It's called The New World Order, an Overview:

Start there.

That summary gives you the basic layout of the conspiracy, but it's a HUGE story with thousands of side branches and permutations. It's not easy to summarize such a complex story in a few pages. If you try to do it with references and sources in order to show where you got your data, then you're talking about a 500 page book, at least. But that's precisely what people like David Icke and many other writers have already done. Today, there are many good books in print (and on line) explaining the Who, What, and Why of the NWO. Your obligation is to read them.

The negative aliens who are working the levers behind the scenes are part of the story-a BIG part. If you're mind conditioning and indoctrination from the Establishment causes you to go into automatic "reject" mode whenever the topic of extraterrestrials comes up, then that's a planned reaction designed to control your behavior and shape your belief system. Do you appreciate having your belief system "shaped" for you? The CIA refers to that reaction as a "slide". If you can't face things and examine the evidence that's right in front of your nose, then you lose, and the Illuminated planners win because they put a great deal of time and effort into keeping you locked down in disbelief about such things.

What you're hearing on the "news" everyday of the week is not news, it's propaganda MASQUERADING as news. What you learned in school is not 100% true or historically accurate or historically complete. What you were taught is what your were ALLOWED to learn as "history", "science", etc. .That which the Illuminated Ones did not want you to know about was never mentioned to you because the teacher himself didn't know about it (in most cases), such as the genius of a man called Nikola Tesla, the greatest scientist of the past 200 years. You only read about Illuminati "approved" scientists like Isaac Newton or Albert Einstein-who were PART of their cabal..

Your inner intuition (or Higher Self) will tell you in subtle ways what is true and what is not. Allow yourself to trust your INNER feelings and you'll usually discover the truth of things. Yes, there are many planted agents seen on the Internet who are there to muddy the waters and keep the public wallowing in confusion, obfuscation, and above all, endless debate, but you can ferret them out in time. They usually reveal their hand by always stoking the fire and stirring the pot of contention - and name calling.

Regards, Ken

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