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Ghost World
October 10, 2011

Ghost World (Oct. 10, 2011)

Subject: ghost world
From: Gustav (Belgium)
Date: Mon, October 10, 2011
To: Ken Adachi

Hello Ken,

I recently visited the German region 'Rheinland pfalz' also called Eifel region. That part where the American military had one of there 'bases' not long ago. You can still feel the darkness when you walk in the forest on those places. Are they really gone or is there a underground base? Anyhow, I made a photo in an old railway tunnel of some ghostlike figures. I was the only one in the tunnel which now is a bike/walk route. And boy what an experience. Ice cold it got and fog developed on top of the tunnel instead of on the floor. Would you like a picture or two of this revelation?

And to my intuition it was a slaughtered soul who was stuck in that tunnel probably satanic/military history. Let me know the email address to send it.. They are now selling the region as a wonderful secondhome spot to buy a house. Let me tell you my intuition a lot of bad people and very bad habits (satanic) are still practiced over there. No place to relax or stay long I found out now.

It's also an old volcanic region with a lot of geographic energylines (Ley-lines). And a lot of houses are filled with demons, entities, lost souls. Most of the Second World War veterans are at their end now and the houses are up for sale. Many stay empty for more than two years. A strange story in your regular gathering of info but the pictures are something to look at.


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