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Gianni D Hayes: Ph.D, Radio Host, International Speaker, Author, Drug /Alcohol Tester & Spammer
June 16 , 2009

Gianni D Hayes: Ph.D, Radio Host, International Speaker, Author, Drug./Alcohol Tester & Spammer (June 16, 2009)

From: Gianni D Hayes <>
Subject: Radio Announcement--06-17-09--Atty Cordero on Sotomayor; Michael White on Genetic Food Modication & Monsanto
Date: Jun 15, 2009 1:00 PM
Attachments: image001.emz image002.emz

Please be so kind as to send announcement to all your e-mail lists so that the truth will get out and we may keep our freedoms. Please know that I am counting on you. By doing so, you are playing a vital role in keeping our nation free. Podcast directions are below.

Wednesday night’s guests are Attorney Cordero on Sotomayor, and Michael White on genetic food modification.

Please, if you know anyone who can help sponsor my show, I would be every so grateful, even $5.00 or so sent to Frank—owner and producer ( help. I make no money doing this show (spending time searching for guests, checking them out, reading their materials, screening them, and then placing the selected ones on the air), as this is my ministry, and I pray daily that I never mislead people. If you can help keep me on the air, I would be so appreciative. If not, then so be it, and we will part ways in the future.

Next week’s guest—July 24th—is the fiancé of Jimmy Files, an inmate for killing JFK.

You are receiving this radio announcement because you have agreed to be on my list, or because you have sent me a personal e-mail or through a “reply-to-all” on someone else’s distribution list. If you would like to opt out, just tell Gianni:


Radio host Dr. Gianni Hayes is the author of 17 published books, international speaker, former professor, & a drug tester. Buy one of her books and get it autographed.


Read Gianni’s Novels:

Jacob’s Demon = Jewish professor gets caught up in Vatican wars in the Apocalypse.
Lucifer’s Legion (Also titled Thy Brothers Reaper) = Gov’t clones soldiers for NWO.
22 Friar Street = College student copes with her antitheses.
Heartbroken Love = Love story of how misunderstandings can undo a relationship.

Please check out my websites at, and which gives info on my radio show on AVR;,, and http://www.creative YouTube offers a video of me explaining writing, for those of you who want to learn to write: .

P.S. You are receiving this radio announcement because you have agreed to be on my list, or because you have sent me a personal e-mail or through a “reply-to-all” on someone else’s distribution list. If you would like to opt out, just tell Gianni:


----Original Message-----

From: Gianni D Hayes <>
Sent: Jun 16, 2009 2:55 PM
Subject: Quick Reminder

I don’t usually send out reminders to my readers after I have sent the announcement who is to be on my radio show for the week, but in this case two super guests will be on and you really need to listen:

1. Attorney Cordero on why Sotomayor should not be elected, and how and why judges are not doing their duties.

2. Michael White on genetically modified sees and government interference with farming.

Both will stun you.


Gianni DeVincent Hayes, Ph.D
Radio host: Wed, 8-10pm, EST

International speaker

Author: 14 books, 100s of articles

Drug/Alcohol Tester


Dear Gianni D Hayes, Ph.D, Radio Host, International speaker, Author, Drug./Alcohol Tester, 

I find myself receiving your announcements, despite the fact that I never asked you to send them to me. Apparently, I'm among those many individuals who are receiving your newsletters and your announcements because, according to you, I either REQUESTED THAT I RECEIVE THEM , OR my name was among another list (which I ALSO didn't subscribe to) -as your BS newsletter claims-to be part of your mailing list.

I DISPISE people who attempt to use the SUBTERFUGE that people, such as myself, to whom you send your crap , have REQUESTED to be on your mailing list OR that their name was obtained from yet ANOTHER list, and therefore, it's OK for you to load up my mailbox with your announcements. .

Here's the reality my friend: YOU ARE A SPAMMER; PLAIN AND SIMPLE.

Your self-congradulatory notes about your 14 (or 17?) books and HUNDREDS of articles aside, you apparently can't achieve enough of an audience to satisfy you -- by voluntary submission-- so you think it's OK to load up other people's mail boxes with your newsletters which you have the nerve to pronounce that they have been REQUESTED from you.

I might have been interested in your info had you approached me HONESTLY and simply told me what you wanted to promote and asked my assistance. But being placed on your "list" or being sent your material as a BCC, and , above all, reading that scurrilous BS disclaimer on your newsletter about "receiving" your newsletter because I "asked" to be on your mailing list IS MORE THAN I'M WILLING TO ACCEPT .

I will contact your web server and complain that you are sending me unsolicited and un-requested spam and I will further alert my readers to your spamming ways.

IF YOU CAN'T BE HONEST, YOU DON'T AMOUNT TO A HILL OF BEANS.. Further, your outrageous attempts to coerce people --through guilt--to send you money -as if you are doing the public such a HUGE favor through your interviews and your books-makes it clear what a self-serving phony you are.

Is that 'stunning" enough for you?

Ken Adachi

P.S. The word is "seeds", not "sees" (another indication of your "stunning" care in such matters).


-----Original Message-----
From: ""
Sent: Jun 16, 2009
To: ken Adachi
Subject: Re: Quick Reponse

Not true, Ken. I only put people on my announcements who have asked to be placed on them or they had sent me an e-mail via distribution lists. I don't steal names from others' lists or search e-ms for them online.

Likely, somewhere along the line you sent out a message to people on an e-mail list. I was probably on that list, as I get a lot of e-mails I've never asked for either So if you responded to someone who had my name in their distribution list, I then saw your name and flagged it for my announcement, thinking that based on the e-mail you sent you would appreciate hearing about my guests.

I am NOT a spammer.

I will make sure your name is removed from any list or contact form I may have.

Thank you,

Dr. Hayes
Gianni DeVincent Hayes, Ph.D
-International Speaker

17 books; 100s of
articles & short stories


BULCRAP............... .


You, my friend, are a DUPLICITOUS phony and a BS artist from the word "go"

You just won't admit to your self-promoting imposition. My original analysis stands. You prove it with your feeble and CONTEMPTIBLE attempts to cover your tracks.

Ken Adachi


From: "" <>
To: Ken Adachi
Subject: Re: Quick Reponse
Date: Jun 17, 2009 3:14 PM

I wouldn't have gotten your name any other way, but if I did, I apologize and will make sure I remove you.
Gianni DeVincent Hayes, Ph.D
-International Speaker

17 books; 100s of
articles & short stories

-Radio host of
Wed:8:00-10:00pm, EST

-American Drug Testing Consultants
*In-Home Drug Testing Kits
*Workforce Testing
*Workforce Drug Assessment
*Education & Training sessions
*Educational Materials ><)))'>


OK. Apology accepted.

Sincerely, Ken Adachi


From: "" <>
To: ken Adachi
Subject: Re: Quick Reponse
Date: Jun 17, 2009 11:32 PM

Thank you, Ken. I really didn't mean to spam you, honestly. I'm usually so careful about that, but apparently I messed up with you. I had heard some nice things about you from some of my friends, so I was surprised at your initial e-meail to me, and then (I heard) putting me on your website.

I will remove you from my list, but feel free to write me anytime. And I thank you again for accepting my apology.

Gianni DeVincent Hayes, Ph.D
-International Speaker


Oh. Now you're going to turn out to be a nice person and make me feel bad about jumping down your throat. Hmmm...

Very well, I guess we'll have to kiss and make up.



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