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Gifting Orgonite, Letter to Mum
November 7, 2004

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Subject: Letter to Mum.

Dear Ken,

I am a Croft Chembuster owner and orgonite gifter from Saskatchewan, Canada. After a most disturbing telephone conversation with my mother last week, I decided to write her a little note to explain my position. I thought, perhaps, I should share it with the readers of this web site because most of us are probably having the same difficulties with our loved ones. I think pajama people deserve compassion because they've lived a lie their entire lives and they will have the heck scared out of them by the revelations to come.

Gifting orgonite independently,

Dear Mum,

Why does my challenging the status quo cause such upsetting feelings for you? I really wish your intimations of my 'going off the deep end' would cease. How could I be made crazy because I read a book about alternative health care, implemented some specifications, and got such positive results? There is a new concept of living, or paradigm, emerging and I am delighted to be one of its advocates.

I will concede, though, that medical doctors are useful to humanity in some respects, but very few. For instance, they can set broken bones, or if you want to get stoned without breaking the law, you can just get a prescription from the doc. Read the book by Dr. Marcia Angel (good name) called "The Truth About Pharmaceutical Companies" and you'll stop staunchly defending our alleged scientists.

Did you know that Russia banned the microwave oven in the seventies because their scientists discovered that microwaves are bad for you? Our scientists, in their infinite wisdom and knowledge, told us that Russian scientists couldn't figure out how to build a microwave 'that didn't leak radiation' so Russia banned the microwave. "BUY AMERICAN" right? Why do we literally put our lives in the hands of our scientists?

I avoided some surgery because of Hulda Clarke's book "The Cure for All Diseases" (just like it says on the cover) and you think I'm 'going off the deep end'. If you ever have trouble with gall stones, I would seriously advise considering the centuries old recipe in this book, rather than having your gall bladder cut out by an MD. I am not 'going off the deep end', the complete opposite is happening.

Another put-on is about oil and other 'fossil fuels'. For years we've been led to believe that oil and gas pockets were formed over millions of years from decaying plant and animal matter. Without giving it much thought, this sounds completely believable. If you give it some thought, you can blow this theory full of holes. Take an oilfield with the potential for maybe six hundred billion barrels. You could even take a substantially smaller potential, six hundred million barrels. How many dinosaur carcasses do you think it would take to produce a vast lake of oil like that? Did billions of dinosaurs die in one spot? When plant matter decays, the moisture from this evaporates into the air. How can it form gas pockets miles beneath the surface of the earth, under solid basalt rock? If this rock barrier seals the oil and gas underneath, how did the oil and gas get there from decaying biological matter on the surface? Think about it for just one moment.

In the 40's and 50's, Russian oilfield geologists discovered that their oil reserves were somehow replenishing themselves from below. Yes, that's correct. No BS. They repeated this discovery more than 300 different times from drilling in different oilfields. Our oilfield geologists try to hide or debunk this fact because it will give us the idea that our oil stocks aren't as limited as we've been led to believe. Ridiculously high fuel prices would no longer be justifiable. Just think about it. Oil and gas being produced deep within the earth's magma? These fuels aren't as limited as we once thought. Don't get me wrong. I'm not trying to advocate the continued use of these fuels, it's damaging to the atmosphere. I'm just trying to point out more misinformation. It seems our precious government isn't as dedicated to disclosure as we once thought.

The premier of this province, your mentor Lorne Calvert, is planning on spending scores of millions of dollars on the centennial celebration next year. Remember, back in the 80's when Grant Devine (the premier of Saskatchewan back then) spent substantially less money on his "Tourism Saskatchewan" promotion videos? You were outraged that he'd spend valuable taxpayer's dollars on such a frivolous endeavour. I hope you will express your displeasure with Lorne Calvert because our provincial debt is 9 billion dollars! I cannot write a letter to him because 'if you don't vote you have no right to complain' correct? I will complain to you, then. Write some letters to a few of our dedicated government officials if you want me to 'shut up'.

Please start taking me more seriously. My concerns are entirely valid. The use of my zapper has caused such profound changes in my life that I cannot keep quiet about it. I have explained this to you, though, ad nauseam, so this will be the very last explanation of my position. I'm not trying to 'show you up' intellectually. I love you and care about you. That's why I'm trying to inform you of alternatives. Take care and we'll see you soon.

Warmest regards,


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