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More on Interpreting Revelations: Gil Dresses Down the Guy of "Feeble Human Understanding"
October 10, 2011

More on Interpreting Revelations: Gil Dresses Down the Guy of "Feeble Human Understanding" (Oct. 10, 2011)

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From: gil
Date: Mon, Oct 10, 2011
Subject: Re: Interpretation of Revelation
To: Steve


I read it too.

It makes you makes me laugh.

The author of the article Ken quotes is left to his own imaginations to 'discover' what the book of revelation must mean or really is about.

This is because after rejecting the manifold revelation of a creator God that is holy and that has left us a trustworthy written account of all that He wants us to know about Him and His past interactions with humanity, His creation, the author is left with only his feeble human understanding to 'figure out' the truth of everything, including the reliability of the writings of the church age. It is no wonder he arrives at such conclusions when he approaches a holy and spiritual God revealed in a holy and spiritually discerned book from a purely anthrocentric perspective.

It seems clear that Mr. Adachi is in the same camp, and further, despite his apparent intelligence, has not even read the bible for himself to confirm or refute the ignorance he spreads by claiming that Christ never referred to Himself as God. This is such an elementary argument, so easily disproven for any honest student that I am a little suprised to read it from Ken, yet I have found that many that have found some 'reason' to dislike Christianity, have actually spent very little time studying the book they claim to know all the faults of. His losss.

There is no reason to 'wonder' Steve, if one is honestly seeking the truth of the Scriptures...God will respond to an honest seeker of truth, just make sure you are seeking to understand His book by READING and STUDYING His book and not reading and studying the writings of those who profess to have done so and use their position to falsely disparage it.



> Gil,
> I just read this. Makes one wonder.
> s


Dear Steve,

I don't know who "Gil" is or why you feel his opinion is important for me to read, but I respond to letters by answering question which people pose to me. I do not upload opinions about the beliefs of Protestant Christian fundamentalists and their rigid assumptions in the infallibility (the "trustworthy written account") of the King James Bible. for the sake of proselytizing.

I answered the question that was posed to me.

You or Gil or anyone else of a similar mind set are free to consider or reject my thoughts as you see fit.

While I see arrogance, ridicule, and mockery directed towards me, I don't see any supportive references to buttress Gil's claims. If, as Gil implies, Jesus referred to Himself as God, then where is the Biblical quote to support that statement if it's "such an elementary argument so easily disproven for any honest student"?

If I'm so ignorant of what is written in the Bible, then how come I know that Jesus specifically rejected the assertion that he was "the" Messiah or even "a" Messiah?

Gil has made statements and assumptions about me which are not accurate. I have not "found a reason to dislike Christianity." Quite the opposite. I have SUPPORTED and PROMOTED the message of Jesus Christ and the spirit of Christian Brotherhood on this web site since its inception. You don't have to be a Bible thumper to understand that God responds to the honest seeker of truth. God is an Equal Opportunity Creator and doesn't require Bible study to walk along the Path of Light.

What I have chosen to direct my comments to when answering Letters to the Editor are the assumptions and presumptions of Christian FUNDAMENTALISTS who are imbued with a hubris and a sanctimonious pride (an arrogance really), not often encountered with non-fundamentalist Christians (meaning Roman Catholics, Greek Orthodox, Russian Orthodox, Coptic Christians, et al) or even among other major religions of the world including Hinduism, Islamism, or Buddhism.

What this little exchange really boils down to is this: Gil is cock sure that every word in the King James Bible is the anointed Word of God and anyone who questions that ASSUMPTION is a heretic, possessed of "feeble understanding," who, in a pathetic attempt to "figure out" the truth of things, is left to cast about from his "purely anthrocentric perspective" for answers when all of life's answers, don't you know, are right there in a Bible bearing the name of a Scottish monarch of the House of Stewart named James I and James VI of Scotland, England, Ireland, and France, a known pedophile, a likely satanist, and a demented and corrupt individual by anyone's score card.

James employed none other than Sir Francis Bacon and Roger Flood, a couple of really Swell fellows (which you can learn more about by reading the books of David Icke) to translate and INTERPRET that "holy and spiritually discerned" book to impress the likes of Gil as the infallible Word of God.

If you read the brief response I made to a letter I answered in 2006

about the reliability of the King James Bible, I said:

" You should not allow your spiritual faith or belief in the divinity of Christ or His message to be shaken because of the contested words written by men with ulterior motives. The Bible is not infallible, but Jesus never said it was. The Bible contains a great deal of INSPIRED thought and that is what makes it valuable, despite the errors, omissions, and intentional mistranslations that were introduced into the various versions."

My opinion hasn't changed.

I continue to affirm that any of the 600 different versions of "the" Bible contain inspired accounts of man's journey through life and how to handle that journey in a way that is pleasing to the Creator and will serve towards the highest development of ones soul. However, every single word currently included in the King James Bible or those which were removed for political reasons, are STILL words written by the hand of MAN, and not by God, nor by angels.

Ignore that reality at your own peril

Regards, Ken

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