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Looking for more information about the Global Conspiracy (includes Zeitgeist Addendum)
October 30, 2008

Looking for more information about the Global Conspiracy (includes Zeitgeist Addendum) Oct. 30, 2008

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From: Chris Dennis
To: Editor
Sent: Thursday, October 30, 2008
Subject: looking for more information about the global conspiracy

Hi Ken,

I am Chris from Queensland, Australia.

I woke up to the truth about 911 a few months ago and have been fascinated and horrified ever since.

I would like to know about the sociological aspects of all this, like how is pornography used to control us, or sex in media and advertising? What about video games generally, and violent ones in particular. How is sport used? Here in Australia Frank Lowy (who I believe was involved with Silverstein in buying the world trade centre before 9/11) became head of the Australian Soccer Federation for a while, and I have a sneaking suspicion about the marketing of soccer as the world sport of the new world order. Then there is hollywood and how that is used, and our addictions to coffee, chocolate, alcohol, drugs and soft drinks.

do you know any good books about this topic?

The other thing is, who are the some of the major figures in history and literature that knew about this and stood for truth? There was Orwell, and Tolstoy. Do you know any others?

I understand you may be too busy to reply to this, and that's ok.

thanks mate,



Hi Chris,

The more deviant or perverted the porn promotion, the more damage it does to society as a whole. Violent video games are also destructive of a humane consciousness and acclimates kids to be indifferent to suffering and vicious behavior.

Today, these impulses are being influenced more than ever by unseen negative aliens of the Dracos and reptilian variety. That may sound nuts, but it's true. These negative alien groups are the driving force behind the New World Order takeover and the enslavement of humanity. I'll soon post a 4 part essay by a German fellow that will cover this subject in greater detail.

Sports, of all kinds, are used as a diversion to keep people's minds occupied with sports minutia while the enslavement net is being drawn ever tighter. Same with mindless TV programs and escapist movies. Today, they promote satanism, occultism, and illicit sex at every opportunity on TV, in movies-and at rock concerts. .

Hollywood is an Illuminati propaganda production outlet. They own Hollywood and every major player connected with the film industry.

Zeitgeist I and the Zeitgeist Addendum are BOTH Illuminati deception vehicles, although most people won't see it, especially the Zeitgeist Addendum.

The Illuminati are MASTERS of deception, that's why most people are sucked in by the Zeitgeist moves and why you think so highly of George Orwell, who was an insider and Illumantus of the first rank.

The books by David Icke and Dr John Coleman tell the story as well as any.

Regards, Ken

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