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Colloidal Silver versus Gold in the Body
December 4, 2008

Colloidal Silver versus Gold in the Body (Dec. 4, 2008)

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Hi Ken,

This is a personal query.

I was reading your site on mono-atomic gold and its implications in affecting one's DNA. As I am concerned about this, how could one reconcile colloidal silver from colloidal gold? Can silver also have the same effect as gold since both are metals? How will I recognise that gold is being used in our foods, medicines etc? Do you have any insights on this?

I suffer from a severe sinus condition and everytime I succumb to the flu, I also suffer from massive sinus headaches. Hence my interest in colloidal silver. Will there be any detrimental side-effects (short or long term) if I and my family took CS on a regular basis? I am sorry to trouble you with these questions.

Thanks and kind regards.



Hi Henry,

Gold is substantially heavier (79) than silver (47), has different properties, and behaves differently in the body. Gold has no germicidal properties while silver has incredible germicidal properties. Hulda Clark discovered that gold enables certain pathogenic organisms like salmonella to reproduce itself. Gold also allows prions to thrive in the body. Silver does not act as a co-enzyme to enable pathogenic growth. Quite the opposite.

I don't take CS unless I'm fighting an infection. When the infection is gone, I stop taking CS.

To boost immunity, I take natural substances like Vitamin C, Vitamin E, selenium, Vitamin A, etc, etc.; natural substances normally found in the body.

Sometimes gold foil is served with food, especially in Asian countries, but that's a huge mistake. I'm against ingesting any amount of gold. It does more harm than good. It's true that you might get a very tiny trace amount of gold in certain mineral supplements, but it's normally not found in food.

Silver is removed from the body by a protein complex called methalonine. It takes a couple of weeks to excrete, but it does come out. If used sensibly and only when needed, CS is a marvelous broad spectrum germ fighter that doesn't require a prescription, nor a visit to the doctor's office, nor a visit to those pharmaceutical rip-off centers we call the corner pharmacy. And of course, you can make it yourself for the cost of distilled water.

I used to have sinus headaches many years ago, but I haven't had them for a long, long time. I inhale a 50/50 mixture of colloidal silver and 3% hydrogen peroxide in the nose and spray in the ears whenever I feel a sinus infection coming on. It works really well and surprisingly fast.

Regards, Ken

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