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"Good News"
December 21, 2009

"Good News" (Dec. 21, 2009)

Subject: Some news you might be interested in
Date: Sat, December 19, 2009 12:19 pm
To: Editor

Dear Ken,

I thank you for the effort you have put forth in creating and maitaining this site. It has been an invaluable resource of information to me for several years now. A close personal friend who sent me a letter he recieved from a retired judge who is his friend and it outlined some interesting things to come from our Chinese neighbors. The letter is as follows:

December 12, 2009

I received a telephone call yesterday evening from a close friend of mine who has friends in high places, internationally. The details of our conversation provided promising news for America.


Ever since 1933, President Roosevelt removed America from the gold standard under the “Emergency Banking Act” and replaced the American dollar with Federal Reserve Notes, which are “Negotiable Debt Instruments” or monopoly money. To back up the American dollar, our government forced the registration of births upon the public and converted them into International Securities. Is this slavery you ask? Yes-it certainly is! Those securities are marketed exclusively by Fidelity Mutual Insurance Company as Mutual Fund Investments and the money earned for each birth certificate was placed into a separate trust in the United States Treasury under the name of each birth child. That Trust is called a, “Foreign situs Trust.” A second trust was created by your application to join the Social Security Administration. That trust is titled a, “Cestui que Trust.” This Trust process was designed to provide consideration in all written contracts. The recording of individual Trust accounts is an attempt by our government leaders to create [a deniability defense] for themselves in the event the America public suddenly got smart and demanded their arrest for Treason and theft.

During the Reagan administration; China began fortifying the American dollar with their gold reserves issued under certain contract conditions. Each administration since Reagan, has contracted with China and ignored the contract conditions. China issued an ultimatum in July 2009 to America’s present unconstitutional military government, against their plan to declare a "Bank Holiday" [a complete banking failure] and regarding their contract compliance, which called for the rebuilding of the American economy and not the dismantling of it! [Do you remember seeing pictures of President Obama bowing to Chinese President Hu? Well, now you know why]!

The United Kingdom; The Federal Reserve Board of Governors and the Vatican have been runnng America through their figureheads [the congress and the office of the president] and instead of complying with the Chinese contracts, they planned on creating a second, "Great Depression," starting about the middle of this month! The top ranking officials in England and of the Federal Reserve and the individuals we elected to serve in federal and state government positions; are all members of a secret society called: “The Illuminati.” Their goal is to establish a one world government with New York City being selected as the seat of government for, “The New World Order!”

There is about 12 metric tons of gold in the world. The Nation of China retains 6 metric tons and the Vatican owns about 5 metric tons. The rest can be found in possession of numismatists (coin collectors); the American upper class; in jewelry and in other various independent Nations of the world. The American upper class, which includes all state and federal elected officials; have been exchanging their excess federal reserve notes for gold coins called Amero’s, at the US Mint, during the last four to five years, in expectation of a planned total economic Depression. In expectation of an American civil revolt; President Obama escalated the military involvement in Afghanistan, which was a diversion to increase the number of troops
on American soil, intended to combat a predicted American civil revolt.


China has foreclosed on the acting American government of the United States. China will become the secret administrators of America, acting through the Office of the President and the Congress; replacing the former administrators from the United Kingdom; the Board of Governors and the Vatican!

China has agreed to honor the American peoples individual sovereignty; they are calling for a stop of the military conflict in the mid-East; they are calling for a stop of the governments involvement in committing genocide; they are calling a stop to the planned economic depression for America; they are calling for a new currency to be issued in America backed by their gold reserves; the exchange rate will be about 10 to 1 and they are planning a return of America’s industry and labor workforce as a part of their economic program.

The government of China is calling for the arrest and prosecution of all business leaders; past and current government officials who were involved in the planned economic Depression of America, which includes President Clinton; both President Bush’s; Dick Cheney; The Board of Governors; Rothschild; Rockefeller and a number of high ranking corporate business Executives.

China does not wish to contend with a civil revolt either and desires to retain its anonymity. You will not see this information advertised in the media and the reasons to be given for the various arrests will be whitewashed to prevent hysteria. The trials for these criminals will be held before military courts of justice and unpublicized. All of the changes demanded by China will appear as though many of our elected officials suddenly suffered an attack of conscience however, I don’t know what they have planned for the restructuring of the American government. We will all just have to wait and see!



Very interesting don't you think.

Thanks again for all you do Ken.



Hello Bryan-Keith,

I would like to know more about the person who wrote this letter and the relationship of the man who sent you this e-mail.

The China regime is run by a repressive, brutal, and extremely corrupt communist party who aren't really into liberation and personal sovereignty. It's a little too much to think that they plan on "saving" us from our own corrupt officials.

Why this UN-NAMED judge is using the words "good news" to describe the usurpation of America by the Chinese government is more than strange. It's TREASONOUS. Don't you understand that the Illuminati game plan is to have China take over America and become the dominant power in the world? What would serve the Illuminati's interest better than to have Americans WELCOME the communist Chinese on the basis of "saving" us as outlined in the judge's letter?

If anyone is going to save America from its Illuminated criminals, it's going to be done by American citizens, the rightful occupants and owners of American soil, and not communist Chinese "saviors".

Tens of thousands of innocent Chinese people have been murdered by the Chinese government for the "crime" of doing meditation or yoga or exercise as part of Falun Gong. They have been killing innocent people for no other reason than to take their body organs and sell them to the highest bidder. They have enslaved MILLIONS of their own people to work for NOTHING in labor camps so you can buy crap at Wal-Mart for very low prices. These are the people who are going to round up and prosecute "our" Illuminated criminals?

This letter strikes me as TOTAL HORSE MANURE. The author of this letter possess the demented mentality of a COLLABORATOR and TRAITOR to the American people. Something is VERY twisted in the mind of the person who wrote this letter. We're suppose to celebrate the takeover of America by Communist China? This is "good news"?

Come on, wake up.

Regards, Ken

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