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The Problem Is Not Goverment Either
April 3, 2004

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Sent: Saturday, April 03, 2004 7:29 AM
Subject: Roots of Medical & Other Monopolies

Re: Roots of Medical & Other Monopolies

This is childlishly idealistic. It ignores the predator side of human nature. Presently the big corporations use government as simply one more tool in their array of resources, just as they use labor and materials. If there were no government, we would be back to the gangs or private armed forces system. It is always power that will prevail, in any form. This is until human nature evolves to a real cooperative spirit, based on the uderstanding that human beings are sacred to one another. So the problem is not goverment either. It is, as always, man.

Rolando Lequeux
Boca Raton, FL

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From: Editor
Sent: Saturday, April 10, 2004 1:53 PM
Subject: Re: Roots of Medical & Other Monopolies

Hi Rolando,

Not really. That may be your perception, but you don't recognize the hidden hand of the custodial, Brotherhood secret societies and the negative extraterrestrial behind them, who have dominated the affairs of 'normal' human beings since the days of Atlantis (and earlier).

These 'people' are the ones who covertly create strife, war, and discordance on this planet. The problem is not man's animal nature. Most men will lay claim to their higher spiritual nature if left alone to perceive and enjoy God's abundance. While there are always a couple of exceptions here and there, the vast majority of humanity would be sailing along very peacefully and very harmoniously if it were not for the Machiavellian plotting of the spiritually unevolved parasites that I mention above.

And what do you mean the problem is "not government either"?

The problem, is most definitely the government Rolando!

The parasites CONTROL all three branches of the government, with the Judicial being the most corrupted, if that's possible, considering the scum occupying the other two branches.

It is the Brotherhood minions in government who have brought about the destruction of the manufacturing industries in this country. After World War II, the USA was the world's leader in all areas of industrial manufacture.

Now we are equivalent to Bangladesh in this regard.

There is nearly NOTHING being manufactured in this country any longer! We are importing manufactured goods and exporting our RAW MATERIALS such as hay and lumber to places like China, who is supplying us with most of our manufactured goods (visit Walmart and tell me what the tags say on the products-hint: "Made in China") . This is what a third world country does!

When you have such a lopsided trade deficit, you allow the countries supplying the manufactured goods to devalue the US dollar internationally (as THEIR currency gains in international value) and they also acquire YOUR country's assets such as real estate, etc. The government was responsible for these changes!

The same Brotherhood minions in government led the way to the destruction of the nuclear family by inserting government bureaucrats into the lives of our children where only parents have proper dominion and rights. They gutted our spiritual awareness by making Sunday just another day for cash registers to ring across America, by forbidding prayer in school, by removing nativity scenes from school grounds, by changing the divorce laws (thanks to the feminists minions) to allow UNILATERAL divorce which in turn opened the flood gates of animosity and bitterness in custody battles, child support, etc.

More examples include the dumbing down of the American school system and school busing to create further havoc, etc, etc. Furthermore, the government attempts to harass and limit any growth of independence by American citizens in this country whether it be in home schooling, free energy development, freedom from pharmaceutical dominance in medicine, freedom from unlawful taxes, freedom from asset seizure, etc. The government is responsible for these changes and acts of tyranny!

The problems this country has suffered due to illegal drugs is principally due to government agencies which we now know, are THE major drug traffickers on the planet.

And I haven't even mentioned the treasonous Patriot Act.

You used the term "childishly idealistic" in referring to the other author.

Look who's calling the kettle black.

Regards, Ken


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