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Steven Greer Fan Can't Recognize Tongue-in-cheek Reply
November 15, 2007

Steven Greer Fan Can't Recognize Tongue-in-cheek Reply (Nov. 15, 2007)

Subject: PROOF
Date: Thu, November 15, 2007
To: Editor

John Dickson

Dear Sir

Having read some of your articles on your website I find it very disturbing.Not that it may be true but how you can weave half truths with serious subject matter that may be very true like 9/11 being an inside job.This Project blue beam and untimely deaths of the the investigators has no facts attached to it,just a load of science fiction mixed with half truths and sensationalism.These subject matters and the good people who are doing excellent work to bring these matters out,have enough trouble getting main stream media on board.When you come out with reports of this nature that are even more incredible with no proof to back it up makes their work much harder.

You have ago at just about everyone that your not involved with in ufology,calling them disinformation agents or alike.One of these is Steven Greer who has done some great work in bringing people together and focusing on how to get full disclosure.Some people Mr Greer has worked with have indeed already been known to the general ufology circle,but this is not the point as nobody has tried to bring all these people together and focus in one direction. He should be commended for the publicity he has brought to the subject and not just confined to short videos and hard to find websites.All serious minded people involved in these subjects should be working together and not splitting into groups and lambasting each other with no hard facts or PROOF of their acquisations.I am not a member of any ufolgy group and have no axe to grind with anyone except people who spin stories that promote fear,lies,disinformation and to discredit others for no good reason except personal, gain.Truth is talked about a lot in ufology but if the people demanding truth from the government cant exercise that truth then what hope have we got.

best regards


Dear John Dickson,

I feel like such a heel! Thanks for your well-deserved slap in the face; I guess I needed that.

Here I am, a powerful, widely read and widely distributed "attack" journalist called Ken Adachi, sacking the wonderful and maligned Dr. Steven Greer who " has done some great work in bringing people together and focusing on how to get full disclosure." 

How dare I call into question this great and beneficent worker with my zero PROOF and unfounded allegations leaving poor Dr. Greer to gather a few crumbs of public exposure from a few " short videos and hard to find web sites" .

I can't tell tell you how ashamed I feel.

After hosting all of those Washington congressional committee hearings since the late 1990s, appearing on the Art Bell and George Noory Coast to Coast radio show 18 or 20 times, putting out my DVDs, and at least 200 mainstream magazine and newspaper articles telling the whole world what a phony Greer is and how he's a front for a totally UNPROVABLE fantasy called Project Blue Beam, I realize now that I've taken advantage of my tremendous clout and influence in the media and have unfairly besmirched the reputation of a man who has only " tried to bring all these people together and focus in one direction."

How low of me.

I'm truly sorry and I hope you can forgive me.

Best Regards, Ken Adachi


Subject: Re: PROOF
From: "John Dickson" <>
Date: Thu, November 15, 2007
To: Editor

Dear Ken Adachi

Thanks for your response re: proof; just to clarify 1 or 2 points in my email I never at any time called Dr Greer wonderful. I said he is doing some great work focusing attention of main stream media on ufology subject which is undeniable. Yes Mr Greer has his faults and has gone about some of his business in an unusual manner to say the least. My point is to focus on the positive side of his activities. Sarcasim in my book is the lowest form of wit, you remind me of news show hosts on cnn or nbc talking over or shouting down people trying to divulge truth to an uninformed public. As human beings its important we question what people in Government or the media are telling us,that includes people such as yourself or Dr Greer who are sympathetic to our cause of TRUTH. Its good you have hosted congressional committe hearings and I hope more to come, and that your backed by other people who can shed further light on these matters and submit some tangible proof.

Im also happy for you that you have been on coast to coast and the Art Bell show as you say "putting out my cd"s", well I hope you made some good money from those promotions. The ufology community is full of people claiming to be speakers of truth and light and plugging dvd"s or books at the same time. The subjects of ufology,free energy,corruption and new world order information should be made available to the public FREE and not at a price,this goes against all that you preach.You cant condemn high government and corporations for greed and power then say ok for a price I will tell you all I know about these corrupt people.

This is why all of ufology investigators should be united and focus on one objective to bring about full disclosure.To bring all their resources together and channel them so to reduce costs in producing these dvd's and also the credibility factor would be increased dramaticaly together with the content of these videos and books.These books and videos do cost money to produce and distribute and that makes it more sensible to combine resources and form a charitable organisation under one banner to help achieve this.Also any concerns that people have in relation to the involvement by certain members and the imput they want to have can be scrutinised by other members and their intentions be brought out in the open without the sniping which does more harm than good.

Best regards
John Dickson


Dear John,

I understand where you are coming from and I'm sure your heart's in the right place, but you are slow John, very, very slow. Most of it is going right over your head.

Good luck and enjoy the journey, Ken


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