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Gun Control
Dec. 8, 2003

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From: Ellie
To: <>
Sent: Monday, December 08, 2003 7:02 AM
Subject: gun control

Excuse me, but what the hell is so bad about denying people their supposed right to carry arms?

Did you watch 'Bowling for Columbine'? Or do you just think that Michael Moore is working for the Illuminati?? Don't get me wrong, a lot of the stuff on your website is interesting, and I do believe that Big Brother is a present danger, and that conditioning is one of the worst things ever invented- luckily I have fought my way past a lot of the 'slide' reactions you talk about (I am also not affiliated with ANY organisation whatsoever) and I have thought about what you are saying. I think you are right about the connections between governments(did you know that George Bush Jnr. is a distant cousin of Queen Elizabeth II of England) and also about them trying to take over the world- see Iraq, Kosovo, Bosnia, Afghanistan, etc- but your passages on gun control just make me think you are affiliated with the NRA. Or possibly just paid by Charlton Heston. Why should anyone have the right to threaten people with such dangerous weapons, even on their own land?

In England, we just make do with baseball bats by the door! At least the person has a chance of walking away from that! You are arguing, as far as I can see, for the right to kill people! NO-ONE should have that right. I certainly don't want it. And I would feel VERY unsafe if people in England all of a sudden had the RIGHT to walk around toting weapons! I cannot see what benefit it would have if people could kill each other that easily. Guns are for cowards, and I include the warmongering of various governments in that. Your police carry weapons all the time. Do you not think that is wrong? So why is it right that everyone else should? I cannot stress how wrong I think this is.

Websites like yours are just another method of making people do what the government wants. The governments want everybody afraid of their neighbours, and ready to pull a weapon at the slightest provocation. Can you not see that? Maybe you are being controlled as much as everyone else?

I would like to hear your answer. Email me. I hope I have given you food for thought. You cannot just say that anything you disagree with is a product of the Illuminati. This makes you as bad as them.

Yours sincerely, Ellie M , England.

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From: "Editor" <>
To: Ellie
Sent: Monday, December 08, 2003 3:41 PM
Subject: Re: gun control

Hi Ellie,

You're over reacting and simplying the problem down to the parameters that suit your emotional disposition.

First, I do not promote gun use or gun ownership at my web site. There are web sites devoted to both the pro and anti gun side of the argument, but I'm not one of them. It's a little odd for you to write me and rail on about gun rights when it is not something I focus on.

Two, I do believe in the right of people anywhere in this world to defend themselves against deadly force directed against them. If you don't feel that way, that's fine. That's your right to feel that way, but governments that rob a person of his right to defend himself, are much more interested in tyranny than safety. History has proven that to be the case over and over. Whenever there are societies that disallow guns for both the people and the police, then no problem. I'm all for that. In fact, people who live in those sort of non violent societies, don't even have police; just a chieftan or some sort of arbitor/leader. There are still such groups scattered around the world in remote communities, but that's not the reality of life in the USA. I very much wish that American police had followed the British example all along and not strapped on guns and do the work with night sticks and diplomacy, but that has never been the case in this country.

The advancing police state in America has now come to a point where the police are no longer policemen; instead they are an extention of the military. Look at the local news in America and then look at the report from Iraq and tell me what difference you see between the men holding the guns?

In most cases in America, the police will NOT protect you when you need them the most. They usually show up long after the fact and your body is already stone cold dead (Baseball bats don't work against a .357, trust me). If you depend on the police to protect you in this country, you'll probably have a lot of flowers at your funeral, as friends are always terribly sympathetic towards the defenseless victim.

Your presumption that you have provided me with 'food for thought' on the merits of being defenseless, betrays your own biased mindset. You PRESUME that people who wish to retain the right to defend themselves are brutish Neanderthals who haven't yet 'seen the light'. You are naive Ellie, and living in a dream world of your own creation. You have never faced a deadly threat on your own life because you wouldn't be writing such a letter as this if you had. There's an old joke about the most ardent gun advocates coming from the ranks of mugged liberals.

You also can't recognize the use of people like Moore to further the propaganda goals of the Illuminati. Wolves always come in sheep clothing, in case you hadn't noticed. The Illuminati will always covertly support a person who APPEARS to be anti-establishment and anti-government, as that person they will hold greater credibility with the masses, but what is the ultimate message? If it's gun control, then you have an Illuminati stooge . Notice that Michael Moore's movies have no problem being run in theaters around the world. He gets to make his anti-governemnt speeches during the Academy Awards on national TV and appears on dozens of TV and radio talk shows, etc. If he was TRULY the rebel you suppose him to be and doing great harm to the NWO crowd, do you really think he would have such easy access to the public?

David Icke is doing substantial damage in exposing the NWO agenda, but you'll never see his videos being shown in movie theaters, or on TV, or in the video rental stores. You'll never see him interviewed on mainstream TV talk shows either and very rarely a mainstream radio talk show. Why not? He has MUCH MORE to Show and Tell than a Michael Moore could ever dream of producing, yet Icke remains largely unknown and unseen by the general
public. That should tell you something about 'good guy' movies like Bowling for Columbine.

Don Croft and his wife are also doing great damage to the NWO agenda, yet you can only read about them on this little ole web site of mine. Why is that you suppose?

Nazi Germany and Stalin's Russia both stripped the people of the right to bear arms. Six million Europeans and 20+ million slaughtered Russians ought to teach you something about the wisdom of gun control.

I'm sure I won't change your mind about gun control and I don't have the time to get into a debate with you about it, so you'll have to continue this chat with someone else.

Good luck and God Bless, Ken

Reader Comments

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From: "Seth Burns" <>
To: <>
Sent: Thursday, April 01, 2004 6:11 PM
Subject: In resonse to Ellie M.'s letter on gun control

Guns or Baseball Bats?

Can someone protect their household belongings, family members, and their selves with a baseball bat? If some robber walked in the door and had a pistol or a shotgun, can a person use their superpowers to deflect the bullets? The answer is no. People need guns to protect what they care about. Usually a gun isn't needed to kill, but to scare away harmful people. Ellie M, of England, states in her letter that to protect themselves, Americans should replace their guns with less lethal weapons such as baseball bats. I think she needs to put herself in a few examples and then she may realize that a gun is a very handy tool. If a tall muscular man with a metal bat walked into a person's house and told his or her spouse to take all the valuable items in the house and give them to him, what would you do? If he was going to take their child as ransom and there was a pistol in the top drawer of their nightstand, wouldn't he or she threaten him with it? A gun is like looking at death, and that scares people. It scares them to the point that they will obey your every command. A gun can save lives, and rid of or imprison dangerous people.

I am not saying that I'm going to pump the next bad guy I see full of lead, but I might shoot him in the foot if he was a threat. Ellie M. may have some good points and I can see where she gets her ideas. The less guns, the less crime, right? Wrong, statistics from books, internet sites, and television all say that since guns were banned in Washington D.C., New York, and England, crime rates have skyrocketed up to 200% of that in 1996. Thieves aren't dumb. Thieves know that if the house they are going to rob doesn't have a gun, then he or she won't get shot. Guns scare people, as I stated previously in my letter, and that fear is what keeps peoples houses, belongings, and families safe. If the U.S. banned guns, then nobody would be safe. Thieves, rapists, molesters, and other sick-minded people would have a huge advantage.

He or she could break into a home, kidnap whomever they wanted to with a knife or even a black market gun, and do what ever came to do. Millions if not billions of dollars are lost each year to thieves of every kind. Imagine how much would be lost if there wasn't any protection to what people still have. Ellie M. also states that police shouldn't carry guns. "Your police carry weapons [such as guns] all the time. Do you not think that is wrong?" This is an issue that I cannot even imagine to argue. However, I partially agree with Ellie when she states that Americans should not have a license to carry a concealed weapon. If people really felt they needed to carry a weapon with them, he or she should write some kind of paper explaining why they need to carry a gun. In conclusion, guns aren't just a people killer. They protect families and keep law- breakers away from houses. Guns could keep crime rates from rising n cities such as Washington D.C., New York, and possibly keep rates from rising in England too. As a wise old sage once said, "Blaming guns for Columbine is like blaming spoons for Rosie O'Donnell's big, fat a_ _."

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