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Gypsy Moth Spraying & Increased Chemtrails in Southern California

Nov. 22, 2008 Irvine California[Editor's Note: As accurately predicted below, I have observed and photographed in the past 3 days in this area, the heaviest chemtrail activity that I've seen in YEARS. I thought those extreme chemtrail 'white outs' days were a thing of the past, but yesterday was as heavy as I've ever seen it. People are also reporting getting sick with unusual symptoms from the latest step-up in chemtrail spryaings here in California. I'll post a separate article on how to fight the latest stealth viruses they are spraying us with. I talked to one fellow in Arizona the other day and he said he had a friend collect and analyse a chemtrail fallout sample and found 21 (twenty one) different metals in the fallout sample with barium and ARSENIC being at the top of the list.

Following the set "wild fires" of a week ago, we will now likely be treated to a week of rain, courtesy of HARP, which will cause mud slides and more 'emergency' evacuations, etc. All prepatory practice, I suppose, for the big San Andreas Fault Earthquake that will spring on us in the not-to-distant future....Ken]                  Heavy chemtrail spraying on Nov. 22, 2008 obscures the sun ~Irvine, California
November 23, 2008

Gypsy Moth Spraying & Increased Chemtrails in Southern California (Nov. 23, 2008)

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From: Keith Howe
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Sent: Sunday, November 23, 2008
Subject: Los Angeles Gypsy Moth Spraying Plans

Los Angeles Gypsy Moth Spraying Plans

Hi Ken,

It’s Sunday afternoon and I just saw on a News report that seven ( 7 ) gypsy moths have been identified in Southern California, and once again it is time to call out the exterminators (of mankind that is!)

Here we go again, poisoning the environment and all living creatures for another booga-booga-bug!

The News broadcast also revealed that weather modification will be orchestrating heavy rains in the areas that just burned in Southern California as residents are beginning to sandbag the area to protect flash floods and erosion. Expect heavy chemtrails this week :-)

Ordo ab chaos!

Will send more as it is revealed.

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