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Only HAARP-icanes Can Be Predicted in Advance, Not Natural Hurricanes

From Ken Adachi, Editor
May 25, 2011

Only HAARP-icanes Can Be Predicted in Advance, Not Natural Hurricanes (M<ay 25, 2011)

I received the e-mail seen further below from Keith Howe a few days ago. I think this is the fifth year running in which mainstream media is predicting the number and intensity of "hurricanes,"months in advance of their appearance. For anyone who has a background in meteorology, you know that hurricanes and tornados cannot be predicted in advance. I don't care how advance your computer 'modeling' program is, the atmospheric conditions necessary to create a hurricane or tornado cannot be known and predicted in advance.

I answered a letter in September of 2006 in which I mentioned that the mainstream BS shovel-ers had dramatically forewarned of 15 killer hurricanes to occur in Summer and Fall of that year, predicted as early as February/March 2006. Here's part of that reply:

[Ken Adachi wrote on Sep 13, 2006:]

In February, March, and April of this year, I heard TV "news" segments which reported that blah, blah hurricane tracking center had forecasted that there would be 15 hurricanes in 2006 and at least six of them will be major ones and will cause a great deal of destruction to the U.S.

OK, for starters, you CAN'T predict even ONE hurricane three months before the fact, let alone 15 hurricanes! That's nonsense and every trained meteorologist or even a weather observer (if they still exist) knows that to be true. I don't care how advanced or sophisticated you claim your computer 'models' are, YOU CAN'T PREDICT A HURRICANE IN ADVANCE. No way!

But, when you have treasonous military/corporate manipulators manufacturing' 'Hurricanes,' then you can be rather 'precise', as it were, in your "predictions." However, our manipulative friends have run into a little "problem" this year with the hurricane manufacturing business, at least in the Atlantic Ocean.

ZS Livingstone reported in articles posted at this web site that hurricanes require something called "Aetheric Ice" in order to build up in ferocity and intensity. It seems that our weather manipulators had used up so much Atlantic Ocean "Aetheric Ice" in producing so many artificial hurricanes in 2005, that they don't have enough for a repeat performance in 2006! So they had to shift their manufacturing business to the Pacific Ocean this year, where presumably more etheric ice is "available".

Yes, we've had a tepid attempt at slamming Florida with almost-hurricane Ernesto, but ole Ernesto fizzled quite miserably didn't he?

Now, do you think there might be some connection with the fact that after posting Ledoux's dowse, which urged people to meditate on mitigating the storm so that it would die down, and the fact that the storm DID , in fact, fizzle out?

And now you see the reason for posting the dowses from Phil Ledoux. We're trying to prevent or mitigate the very thing that's he talking about (or predicting) in the dowse. If blowing the cover on a planned staged event prevents that operation from being carried out, then we have 'succeeded " in our endeavors. .

Regards, Ken


It's fairly obvious today with the splendid Youtube videos being posted by Dutchsinse, that all of our severe weather systems currently reported in the news are being manufactured with scalar technology. The bizarreness and strangeness of the weather alone should tell you that, even if you don't study radar weather maps and see the evidence yourself of scalar manipulation.

I think more and more people are now becoming aware that the government, the US Air Force specifically, is manufacturing the severe weather. We should now shift our attention and efforts to neutralizing these killer storms before they do their damage. In 2006, I wrote about the application of focused intent in conjunction with an SP Crystal to amplify your intentions and broadcast that intention to the universe via scalar waves using the SP Pulser and the mobius coil wrapped around the SP crystal.

Another technique is explained in an interesting article I posted a few days ago from Franz Erdl in which he discusses a technique for controlling the weather in your area using your mind alone.

Rain Making Experience, Stunning Revelations by Franz Erdl (May 19, 2011)

A third possibiity is to make or obtain a Genesa crystal which Al Durazzo recenlty mentioned to me will definitely cause a manifestation of your healing intent, including changing the weather in a desireable direction.

Another thought is to investigates the techniques used by Wilhelm Reich to make rain or stop rain using a simple device called the cloud buster. You have to study Reich's material carefully, because you can do damage if you don't know what you're doing, but the info is available on the internet ( is a good place to start hunting).

Ken Adachi


Subject: HAARP-icane Terrorists Give Heads Up for Their Summer Activities!
Date: Sat, May 21, 2011 10:16 pm
To: Ken Adachi

HAARP-icane Terrorists Give Heads Up for Their Summer Activities!

Hi Ken,
These eco-terrorists are announcing their plans for more weather wars this summer. They have already named their little hurricanes to be. They just can't wait for all the Death and Destruction to begin. Fire up HAARP, grab that toggle stick, and let her rip!

Have a nice summer.



The Joplin Tornado (May 26, 2011)

Subject: Interesting weather post about Joplin
From: Tony
Date: Thu, May 26, 2011
To: Ken Adachi

Hey Ken,

I wanted to bring something to your attention concerning the Joplin, Mo tornado the other day. I regularly read and sometimes post on internet weather forums, and I noted an interesting post from a comment about the Joplin tornado. (Of course, most people on these forums don't understand or even realize the manipulation occurring
through scalar weather modification). Anyway, here it is:

"I'm curious if anyone has seen a similar situation to the Joplin tornado. The tornado popped up right outside of Joplin and then grew into EF-4+ within 30 seconds. It then plowed completely through the city and lifted. When the warning was initially put out, I would never have thought that a monster tornado would have enough time to develop and hit Joplin. I always thought these kinds of deadly tornadoes were produced after a much longer time on the ground, and after much cycling. Plus the shear wasn't even overly outrageous. I guess it really shows that CAPE plays a big role."

The cycling he refers to is the natural life of a storm which weakens and strengthens gradually over time as it gets better organized and better warm moist inflow. He has pretty much summarized the artificiality of that storm without realizing it. And CAPE means Convective Available Potential Energy, which refers to the amount of energy a storm can capture due to surface heating/instability during the day. I personally don't think CAPE by itself could explain the oddness and ferocity of that tornado.Anyway, just though I would share that interesting tidbit regarding that event. Also, I'm glad you brought up the youtube blogger Dutchsinse, as his videos do a good job of showing the weather games in action.


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