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Hal Turner's AMERO Coin Story

[Editor's Note: I posted a link sent to me of Hal Turner's article with pictures of the "AMERO" coin with a couple of video clips (at Turner's web site) confirming the formation of a North American Union.

Hal Turner Shows Photos of North American Union "AMERO" Coins & Offers Video Clips Announcing Tri Country Amalgamation (Sep. 7, 2007)

According to the e-mail re posted below, the person who designed this coin, Daniel Carr, says that Turner took the pictures off his web site without his permission. The apparent author of this forwarded e-mail, Paul, characterizes Turner's story as a hoax which obscures the 'waters of truth'. .

Hal Turner may have overstated his AMERO coin article in the interest of drawing readers to his web site, but the larger picture is this: the NWO traitors running the Executive Branch of the United States government are now OPENLY engaged in negotiations with NWO traitors running the Canadian government, along with NWO traitors running the Mexican government, to AMALGAMATE the three independent nations of Canada, The United States, and Mexico into a SINGLE European Union-style confederation called the North American Union. This plan was put into motion decades ago when arrangements were made in SECRET with the thoroughly compromised, blackmailed, and treasonous leaders of each country involved. If you read Brice Taylor's book, Thanks for the Memories, you will see the role that she played (as an unwitting mind control victim) in delivering messages and sex to the leaders of each country mentioned as they were being drawn into cooperation with this amalgamation plan.

The IMPORTANT propaganda that we need to concentrate on is the LIE being perpetuated by government propagandists that the North American Union is MERELY a trade enhancement arrangement. It is an AMALGAMATION scheme that is going to be implemented in gradual stages to dismantle the sovereignty and independence of the three nations involved. They are following the same amalgamation model being employed in Europe.

To dissolve European borders, NWO strategists have created a single new currency, the Euro, and have tried to get each European country to dump its own national currency in favor of the Euro. Some countries went along, some countries use both their national currency and the Euro and other countries (like England) really bristled at the idea of dumping their national currency and switching over to the Euro. But NWO planners are patient. They know that GRADUAL and continued PRESSURE to implement the full and (eventual) EXCLUSIVE use of the Euro will come about-given enough time and financial incentives.

The day will come when a currency will be introduced into North America that will act in the same role as the Euro. It will probably be called the "AMERO". The current introduction of a "commemorative" coin is merely Phase One of its introduction. In Phase Two or in Phase Three, we will be introduced to the paper AMERO fiat currency itself with all the fancy colors and the silvery magnetic strips. The AMERO paper currency will become more attractive for Americans and Canadians citizens because the NWO strategists will see to it that the American Federal Reserve dollar and the Canadian dollar will DECREASE  in buying power while the AMERO fiat paper currency will INCREASE in buying power.

The introduction of a unifying currency, the AMERO, is only ONE cog in the machinery to destroy the sovereignty, independence , and moral STRENGTH of America and Canada. The degree to which the Hal Turner article has drawn greater public attention to the North American amalgamation scheme is, in my opinion, more important and valuable than dumping on Turner for overstating the background info about the coin's genealogy.

The GOAL is a One World Government divided into THREE sectors: the European sector, the American sector (North and South America), and the Asian sector. THAT is the story that you muct keep uppermost in your mind...Ken]
September 7, 2007

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From: Jon
To: Editor
Sent: Friday, September 07, 2007
Subject: Re: Amero

Just passing a email I received - for what it is worth?

[Forwarded E-mail]

While it is true the elites plan the NAU, and to create the Amero, this whole coin thing is a hoax… Hal Turner is distorting the truth, and lying about where he got the coin… I emailed Daniel Carr (designer of the Amero coin) and this was his response…

"Hello Paul,

Yes, I'm familiar with the Turner site. They took my pictures without permission. I have already minted the 20 Amero (copper) and 100 Amero (silver) coins and sent some to collectors. So they are out there already. I'll be listing some on eBay tomorrow. Mr. Turner did not make the coin in his video. I made it. ... Daniel Carr"

Hal Turner claims Daniel Carr's website ( was put up only in the last 2 weeks, but a simple WHOIS on his DNS shows that the website has been around since Septembe 2005. There is also a TON of content of other coins he has designed. Simply put - Hal Turner is fearmongering with these genuine pictures of a FANTASY-MINTED coin. And sadly, a crapload of people are spreading the fear while doing absolutely NO DUE DILIGENCE…. Sloppy, real sloppy… -Paul

I have received over a dozen emails from people claiming "This is it! This is the Proof!" And, seriously, it would be great if this is the PROOF, but sadly, it appears not to be, and if anything, as the real truth comes out that this is a hoax, it discredits those of us who are genuine researchers.

Now, some might argue "Who cares if the coins are genuine? It's spreading the word about the North American Union!" That argument is true on one level, as I agree that the truth can be spread with lies (much as artists do), but at what cost?

No one seems to have done the 2 simple actions of due diligence to fact check Hal Turner's story... Email the creator of the coins, and check Hal's story of Daniel Carr's website going up only in the last 2 weeks as a RESPONSE to Hal's "exposure" of the Amero Coin.

Doing those 2 things which took me about 15 minutes, laid the story out for me as clear as day. Hal Turner is just another Alex Jones (fearmonger), and while he speaks maybe 90 % Truth, he speaks 10 % BULLSHIT, and its the Bullshit that will get you NOWHERE every time.

This whole thing has just been a lesson to me about how easily people are led by their idealism, and how even conspiritorial research can become a religion of rigid beliefs for some.

The sad thing is that Hal Turner is STICKING WITH HIS STORY that it was someone from the Treasury that sent him the coin! He is banking (literally - his donations went up 2500% after this "Story" broke) on the fact that people WON'T do ANY due diligence on this, and will just spread it around, which is what is happening... No wonder regular people are reticent to engage in conspiracy research, as there is SO MUCH total horseshit out there muddying the waters of truth.



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From: "Paul Verge" <>
To: Editor
Sent: Tuesday, September 11, 2007
Subject: Amero coin story of Hal Turner - I am Paul...

Hi Ken,

I'm a long time reader of your site..  My name is Paul Verge, living in Vancouver, BC... I'm a good friend of Stan Cayer, and Irene Gravenhorst, she being the one who forwarded my response to her about Hal Turner's story to a whole bunch of people on her mailing list.

I responded after she was the 6th person to send me the Hal Turner Amero coin story, and she was kind enough to send out my response to her many contacts... the funny thing being the negative feedback I've gotten, as if I'm trying to say the NAU or the Amero itself is a hoax, which is not the case...

Simply put, I KNOW that the plan for the North American Union and the Amero are TRUE, I know that the elites have planned this for  decades, and i've chased our politicians in Vancouver and elsewhere confronting them about this plan, with Camera in hand.  They have been very secretive, and I am working on a documentary called "Hijacking Humanity" which exposes this and many other conspiracies...

I've gotten on Camera interviews with Len Horowitz, Ted Gunderson, Henry Makow, Richard Grove, Dylan Avery and Jason Bermas,   Irene Gravenhorst, Robert Menard, Barrie Zwicker, and many others for this film, and I've been researching for about 4 years.  YOUR site was what introduced me to Orgone Generators, and Don Croft was kind enough to refer me to Stan Cayer who opened up my world a whole lot more than I had been concentrating on.  I am 28 years old, in case you are wondering.

My problem is not all with getting out the news of the NAU (people NEED to know about this heinous plan), and if this hoax Amero coin
story helps do that, then great.

My problem is that it seems Daniel Carr really did mint these as a sort of joke fantasy coin, and he is obviously aware of the NAU and
Amero plan as well.  But Hal Turner maintains that he was sent the coins by "some guy" in the Treasury.  The blatant LIE comes when Hal
Turner writes,

 "Within a couple days, a basic web site for AMERO "FANTASY COINS" was erected on the internet and word of that site was spread quickly. The site contained the same images as I had run on my front page, so clearly whatever "SPIN" was happening was being driven by others who also had the professional images."

THAT'S the part I checked into.  I am a Computer Network Engineer in my day job, and so I was easily able to do my due diligence and check if the Website had been setup anytime within the breaking of Hal's story.  The site has been around since 2005, and Google Cache confirms this.  Hal Turner, while perpetuating a version of the truth, is LYING about this story.

Does that diminish the importance of KNOWING abou the NAU, Amero, or any sinister Elite plan?  Not at all... And here lies the conflict. Should people perpetuate an exaggeration of the truth in order to spread the core truth?  If something is proven as hoax, even though it RELATES to the truth, will that discredit that truth by association?

That is all I meant in my letter to Irene...  I'm not trying to diminish people's focus in anyway, and I can appreciate what Hal Turner is TRYING to do, I just don't appreciate the WAY he's doing it, and now he's in too deep and can't admit he fabricated the source of
what he's reported.

Seriously, read through his story about contacting this "Treasury Person"... it reeks of Hal's Ego... and what form of contact was he
establishing with this person?  Phone?  Online Chat?  Email?  He is not clear, and the story feels like taking a grain of truth (The NAU
and Amero), and then building a fabrication around it.

Perhaps I am wrong, and Daniel Carr is lying, and he is a NWO stooge, and the ISP of his website fabricated the dates of his website's
inception, and then google somehow faked the Cache information, and within a week of Hal turner's story, a team fabricated the hundreds of designs that Daniel Carr has apparently done over the years.  Anything is possible, and I am prepared to admit I am wrong.

All I am doing is following my intuition, and I'd love to see real proof of the Amero, but I honestly think it's going to be an Electronic currency of some sort, and to my knowledge the NAU is planned for 2010, so why risk putting it out there so early?

Anyways, please post my response, if only to help clear up my intentions in writing my response which you posted on your website -
you can also post my email address if you'd like, so if anyone has any comments, I'd love to hear them.

Thanks so much for a great site which has been an amazing resource over the last several years... Keep up the great work!

Sincerely, and with Peace and Respect;

Paul Verge
Owner,  DivergentFilms


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From: Fredd Bergman <>
Sent: Tuesday, September 11, 2007
Subject:'s response to Hal Turner's lies

Find's response to Hal Turner's claims regarding U.S. Treasury ameros at



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