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Barbara Hartwell

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From Ken Adachi, Editor
November 13, 2009

Barbara Hartwell (Nov. 13, 2009) (Updated, formerly titled: Hartwell)

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-----Original Message-----
From: Ross S
Sent: Nov 13, 2009
To: Ken Adachi
Subject: just wondering


I was just wondering about this site. It has a lot of really cool information that is worth checking out. I was surfing the net trying to learn more about Ken Adachi, when I found this thing about Barbara Hartwell. She was slamming Ken saying he was a gov't stooge, and he was working for the NWO. Also that she is ex-CIA, and that Ken is ex- CIA as well. It made me wonder, wow, what is this stuff, is there any truth to it, and which one of you is right? This site has a lot of amazing information, and I wanted to thank you for showing the public. So why is this woman trying to slam you? And, If the information is real on this site, how are you still alive?

Seriously and Sincerely,
Ross S


Hi Ross,

Hartwell is a waste of time. She doesn't like that I defended retired FBI Bureau Chief, Ted Gunderson and rebuked her lies about him in a number of articles I wrote in the past debunking her BS. That's why she slams me. I'm no more "ex-CIA" than you are. She just makes stuff up.

If you go to my Ted Gunderson files ( you will find lots of articles that I wrote about Barbara Hartwell between 2000 and 2005, in response to her unfounded slanders against Ted Gunderson. I defended Ted because he didn't know how to use the internet to respond to her attacks. He can't even type and still doesn't know how to send an e-mail to this day. He didn't ask me to do it, but I was fed up with reading Hartwell's made-up fantasies about Ted which she posted to Rumor Mill News, Conspiracy Planet, Steam Shovel Press, etc, etc, etc. Mind you, Ted Gunderson had given a great deal of his time, money, and assistance to help Hartwell around late 1998, early 1999, because Hartwell had ASKED for his help. His reward, was to get slammed by her. He's not the first person who's been victimized by Hartwell in this manner.

She has a habit of crying" "Poor me!" "I'm all alone!" "I'm a victim of CIA mind control and there's no one to help me" "Can you help me?" Then when the benefactor goes out of his way to help her, she'll usually stab that person in the back within a few months and betray that person in every way possible. She'll slander him and accuse him of everything under the sun and tell the whole internet world how she was "deceived" by that person into thinking he was a good person who was trying to help her, BUT she NOW comes to realize that her benefactor is really a "stooge" for Ted Gunderson, or ex-CIA, or Cointelpro or this or that. She's repeated the same pathology with a number of people. I doubt if she has many friends because she keeps betraying people who get involved with her. Her own family doesn't want to have anything to do with her! Ted Gunderson just had the bad luck of being one of her early victims when she was just coming out of the box somewhere around 1998 and squealing: "I'm a victim of CIA mind control programming, Help me, help me!."

She's truly a dispicable and vicious individual, lacking even a modicum of basic character, ethics, or morality. She has no scrupples or integrity. She does nothing but manufactures LIES about innocent people who she's been programmed to defame and smear. That's her "job". And then she'll turn around and claim that all of her long-winded vitriolic rants (novels really) are nothing but "facts." Right. She wouldn't recognize a "fact" if it had 18 wheels and ran her over on the turnpike.

She no longer gets the attention she used to get because everyone who knows anything about her knows that she's a pathological liar and they don't bother with her, so there's no need to write about her any more.

Like I said, a waste of time.

Regards, Ken


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