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Reader Affirms Barbara Hartwell Is Not Truthful and Has Defamed Ted Gunderson
October 16, 2006

Reader Affirms Barbara Hartwell Is Not Truthful and Has Defamed Ted Gunderson (October 16, 2006)

(Former title: Assessing Barbara Hartwell & Ted Gunderson)


Subject: Hi
From: Becky
Date: Mon, October 16, 2006
To:   Ken Adachi, Editor

Well Ken,

It took me awhile, but I finally read through all the material you sent about Ted Gunderson vs. your arch enemy Hartwell. That was quite a reading task. However, I did reach the conclusion that neither you or Mr. Gunderson are the bad guys. If you are, I still would not be afraid to express my views. I don't think traps are needed these days to see how people think and feel. The net is loaded with sites full of people just like me who want the truth.

I have reached a point that I would rather die trying to do what is right and good than to live under bondage to a reprobate administration. What kind of life would that be? I am an ordinary person with an ordinary life. I want a safe and free world for my family. I don't like being lied to and expected to accept those lies. After reading everything about The Franklin Cover-up, I was just sick. People who can do such hideous things to a child are no longer human. They are the lowest form of life imaginable. I can't begin to express the anger I feel toward anyone who can do or even cover-up that type of outrage.

When someone covers-up for those things, they are just as guilty as the ones who are doing it. If actions such as that are what the 'elite' feel are justified due to their 'superiority' to us common folks, then I think padded rooms and strait-jackets are in order. They have no heart, no human compassion and apparently have slid to the bottom of depravity. Greed and power thirst is never satisfied. It is an evil in itself and what we are seeing today is just how far down into the abyss it will take you.

Satan is a liar and the father of all lies. I am afraid this country is being run by the offspring of the devil and they make little effort to conceal it. The bible declares that those who spread a net for the innocent will one day fall into their own net. They have gotten away with so much wickedness for so long, they now are getting more arrogant and brazen each passing day. I believe more and more people are beginning to wake up and see through the lies. Anyway, I wanted you to know I did read everything and think you are legit!



Hello Becky,

Nice to hear back from you. I realize that it's an effort to wade through the swamp bog of lies manufactured by Barbara Hartwell, an extremely tiring and venomous CIA character assassin.

It takes considerable time to read through her novels and then to read the rebuttal articles that I posted about her at my web site, and most people won't invest the time to positively determine that Hartwell is a constant liar. . .

Thankfully, her influence and credibility over the internet have diminished considerably since the 2000-2003 period when many popular web sites such as, or or used to carry her slam pieces about Ted, but no more. Do a search at those sites under the name Barbara Hartwell and see what comes up- nothing.

Why did they remove her articles? It's not because Ted or I complained to them because we never contacted them. They removed her garbage because they came to realize-quite on their own- that Hartwell cannot be trusted about anything. She turned on them -and betrayed them- in exactly the same way she turned on Ted and dozens of other people who have tried to help her in one way or another.

The reason she can't maintain her credibility with these and the other web sites that she has lost face with, is because her mendacity becomes apparent to even the most ardent of her supporters, so they begin to question  this or that. But Hartwell doesn't take kindly to being questioned about anything, and she will turn on a former supporter in a heartbeat. Just read her junk long enough and you'll see where the former supporter enters Hartwell's world and where he exists, based on her current 'assessment' of that former ally. .

Here's the search results I got at when I entered "Barbara Hartwell" . The editor, Kenn Thomas, used to have dozens of articles from the Venomous One posted at his site, but they are no longer to be found there.


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Her laundry list of 'Barbed' Lies arrayed against John DeCamp, author of The Franklin Cover-Up, is an even greater outrage than the mountain of slander she has heaped against Ted Gunderson. Imagine, accusing the author of one of the most damming books of government complicity in abduction, mind control, kidnapping, white slavery, child abuse, pedophilia, and sexual exploitation of children by well connected elites and national politicians, of committing the very same crimes himself!  Like Stew Webb, there is NOTHING that Barbara Hartwell will not accuse you of, if she has you centered in her Cobra beady eyes. The sky's the limit with this demon-possessed, lying snake.

Barbara Hartwell also ruthlessly defamed and smeared Fritz Springmeier ad nauseam before and after he was sent to prison by the feds on trumped up "bank robbery" charges, a conviction based solely on the "testimony" of two career criminals who were given immunity (and a fat pay check) at trial and originally planted on Springmeier by the FBI to set him up to be railroaded into prison.

But her Glory Days have passed and her Undoing Days are well under way. I hope that other people will take the time to find out the true facts about Barbara Hartwell and help deliver this woman to the ignoble anonymity that she so richly deserves.

Regards, Ken


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