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HD TV Ads: Who's Paying?
November 19, 2008

HD TV Ads: Who's Paying? (Nov. 19, 2008)

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From: Greg
To: Editor
Sent: Wednesday, November 19, 2008
Subject: a question


Obama spent more money than any candidate ever had before on his campaign. What did he spend it all on? Tv ads. Could he spend all of that on Tv ads? Tv ads are very expensive. Our Minnesota Senate race was also the most expensive our history and I heard it was the most expensive race in the country. It all went to back and forth smear tv ads. Tv air time is the most expensive form of advertising there is.

Now, here's the question: WHO IS PAYING FOR ALL OF THE DIGITAL TV TV ADS?!

And why? We'll all have to figure it out eventually anyway. Who is to profit from us buying converter boxes? Radio Shack ain't paying for the ads. Is there some reason they don't want us to miss that first day of digital boob tube? Who are "they" exactly? Who would the money used to pay for the extremely expensive television air time be linked to? Could it be traced back to the Black budget? Am I missing something obvious? Perhaps a simple innocent explanation, but I can't for the life of me figure it out. I can only imagine how much money has been spent so far on this. I can't imagine why though. Am I the only one?



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From: Fran
To: Editor
Sent: Saturday, November 22, 2008
Subject: HD TV Ads: Who's Paying?

Dear Ken,

Just wanted to comment on the question asked in this Letter to the Editor -- HD TV Ads: Who's Paying? Good question. I read recently that $990 MILLION dollars (just short of ONE BILLION dollars) was authorized by Congress to pay for those $40 coupons to help us get those little boxes.

My, my, I think to myself, isn't it nice that the government wants us all to have a clearer, sharper, better TV picture? So much so that they will HELP us acquire it! This is such a stupid thing to help us do that it must have some really significant secret meaning. It would be far better if all the TVs stopped working and people started reading or talking to each other. But no, they won't let that happen. Hell, people might start having independent thoughts.

All I can figure is two things: One is that TPTB can't stand the thought of losing all those minds that they need to warp into unconsciousness. The other is that the military is behind the whole thing. They want the bandwidth, I'm not sure exactly why, except maybe for over-the-horizon-radar or something else new and wonderful that will torture whales and cause dolphins to beach themselves. Who else has the clout to force a whole nation to do something absurd like this -- for our entertainment! -- and give us money, help us, to accomplish it? When has our government ever HELPED us do anything?

This whole deal has never made any kind of sense by any of the reasons they have told us. But it does show that if somebody big enough wants something done, they will find a way to do it.

I wish they would do something like this to get gasoline-burning vehicles off the road, a program of some kind where they would give us one of those Tata air-powered cars in exchange for our gasoline burners. Cool huh? We'd clean up the environment real quick. But I guess they really don't want that, because nobody has come up with such a program. It's the only way all the poor people will be able to do it. Well, that I may live so long, hope springs eternal.

Best wishes to you!

Fran F.

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