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Vitamin C & Lysine for Heart Disease
November 25, 2008

Vitamin C & Lysine for Heart Disease (Nov. 29, 2008)

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From: David Narayana Moreau Bastien
To: Editor
Sent: Tuesday, November 25, 2008
Subject: A cure for heart disease

Hi Ken

Browsing trough your site, I couldn't find info about curng heart clogging problems, maybe I just missed it, but anyway I found a very interesting piece of information that I thought you might find interesting, along with all the readers.

here is the link:

The cure discussed there is based on solid research as easy as large amounts of Vitamine C and lysine. Sounds crazy, but makes a lot of sense when you read into the details.

My father has been strugling with angina for years. Now he can only sleep in a chair, and has several attacks daily, and thus is movement is reduced to the extreme. He still manages to work and take care of himself, and in his present state i think this is a miracle. «»Anyway i found that and showed him and he started the terapy right away. This was yesterday, so we dont know yet if it trully works. Will keep you posted when there are signs of amelioration. In his case, any improvement is the space in his arteries will be very easy to notice since he's on the brink of being 100% clogued.

It would be interesting if people who have tried this method would comment about it.

Thank you
David Moreau Bastien

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Hi David,

Thanks. I'll post your note.

There are many books on overcoming heart disease. I always recommend the books of Dr Hulda Clark for any disease condition. Read her book the Cure for All Disease for many important findings.

Vit C and Lysine make perfect sense to me as the Vit C will improve the integrity of the blood vessels and the Lysine will have a cleaning action.

Hulda Clark found that certain parasites are always involved with heaert disease. Zapping daily will kill them, but you have to attend to those areas that allow re-infection to occur. Her book goes into greater detail.

Dick Quinn extended his life by 17 years after he was given a death sentence due to heart disease. He found that Ceyenne pepper taken in capsules cleared out his artieries and allowed him to live a much stronger and longer life. Look for his book at amazon. Dr John Christopher also had many good tips on clearing heart disease with certina herbs. Do a search under his name with curing heart disease.

Keep me posted on what you notice.


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