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Help Me Help Myself
July 26, 2008

Help Me Help Myself (July 26, 2008)


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From: James Schieber
To: Editor
Sent: Saturday, July 26, 2008
Subject: help me help myself

I am James Schieber Not JAMES SCHIEBER

In short; I need help.

I'm a passionate person with no real formal education (6th grade) I'm ok with that. My last full IQ test was combined two parts average 120 115 on one section and 125 on the other section this is after no less than 18 years of drug addicition ( by choice) addiction is the word people use. I was living the way I wanted to.

I was taking from life everything it had to offer with the hopes I would die young and not have to suffer the effects of growing old after I destroyed my body. Yet I live. I'm ok with that as well. Now I have no more distractions that I care to indulge and My girlfriend is having a child soon. I must protect my child at all costs ( 2 years she could not get have a baby we started taking bee pollen everyday and weeks later she is with child she continues to take it along with royal jelly and i'm still looking in to colloidal silver as a way to protect my childs health)

I know so much and I know so little.

When I fell into your site I could not believe someone had put all this information together I had been looking into half of the things you have in your web site It felt like a blessing to find it. Bottom line; I can no longer sit by and watch. My days as an observer are over, but I find myself at a loss as how to proceed I go through so many emotions during the days and nights it's hard to make an informed plan on what to do

Can I speak with you about things you do and how it works or doesn't work that help you deal with facts and educate others? I love my country and everything it stood for and the idea it was supposed to become.

What can I do to support the idea and help it grow in order to protect the children we leave behind? Sorry for the rambling. Trying to give you insight to my thinking process; just being able to talk to someone would be a great start.

Thanks for listening to a lost soul



Hi Jim,

I appreciate your note, but I can't take the time to chat with you. I don't even have time to talk on the phone with people who I know and want to talk with. It sucks up too much time and I can't get enough work done.

I often get letters from people who ask me what they can do to stop the NWO. I tell them that they have a computer with e-mail and can do a lot of damage if you organize yourself to INFORM OTHERS about the NWO takeover and then ORGANIZE with other interested people to take ACTION by focusing on your House Representative from your congressional district and the two US Senators who are selling you out into NWO enslavement (and all the time pretending to be "helping" you). There are state reps who are also selling you out to the NWO, but federal reps are doing more damage and they are the greater threat, so you need to concentrate on them.

First, find out what congressional district you live in and then find out the name of your congressman. Then find out the names of the two US Senators that represent your state. Once you know the names of those 3 people, then go to the government web sites and look at their VOTING RECORDS--and make NOTES. Most of the time, you will notice that your reps have voted in favor of bills that are robbing you of your constitutional liberties. The most recent constitutional sell-out is the FISA act that Obama and McCain voted in favor of about a week, ago along with most members of congress. These people are committing TREASON as they are voting in bills that VIOLATE the UNITED STATES CONSTITUTION which is there to PROTECT you from the government. These people VOWED to UPHOLD the constitution, not eviscerate it with Nazi-style, security state legislation supposedly aimed at foreign and DOMESTIC "terrorist" in a completely phony and contrived 'War on Terror'.

Certain NWO traitors like Kennedy or Byrd or Rockefeller will vote against something like the FISA act in order to give the appearance that they care about the Constitution and the people. This is a charade, of course, as they already know in advance which NWO bills are going to be swept through, so they put on a little show for the cameras and the yokels back home.

There is an election that is going to occur on the second Tuesday in November of this year and about half of congress will be up for re-election. If you really want to do something of value to save this country, then you need to organize with others and find an unsoiled, brand new, honest to goodness, genuine American PATRIOT whose first duty is to TRULY UPHOLD and defend the US Constitution and to PUBLICLY decry the NWO takeover of America and to denounce their minions in congress. This takes a person with guts. There's no longer time to pussy foot around and play it safe with innocuous speeches or vague rhetoric. We need people with heart, guts, and a clear understanding that this country is about to go down forever unless we rescue it from the New World Order collaborators who are occupying congress.

Anyone in congress who voted for the Patriot Act I, II , or III is a TRAITOR.

Anyone in congress who voted for the Military Commissions Act of 2006 is a TRAITOR.

Everyone in congress who voted for the recent FISA Enabling Act-- which makes a mockery of the Fourth Amendment--is a TRAITOR.


You aren't limited in your Presidential choice to vote for two treasonous NWO sell-outs, Obama or McCain. There will be loyal American constitutionalists like Cynthia McKinney on the ballot. You can still write-in a candidate as well.

Vote for ANYONE BUT THE TRAITORS if you want to try and save America.

Get involved in pressuring politicians by organizing against the traitors and get behind a populist candidate who declares up front that he's against the schemes of the NWO already implemented, will fight to stop the erosion of our liberties and will fight to repeal the NWO damage already done. This is the ONLY type of candidate you should be looking at.

If you meant even one word of what you wrote to me, then it's time to get snapping and DO SOMETHING along the lines that I've suggested. Anything else is a waste of time.

Sincerely, Ken

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